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I was still in bed but half asleep when Sofia came in without knocking. She laid behind me and held me from behind.

“Good morning”. She whispered into my ear.

I didn’t bother to bother because I had already perceived her perfume earlier, and feeling her full boobs on my back, I needed no soothsayer to tell me who it was.

“Good morning”. I replied still lying on my side.

“I couldn’t get you off my mind all through the night. Am glad I had you all to myself”. She said, holding me closely to herself.

I was worried that morning about Ruth and didn’t know why. If Ruth was set free, that means I wouldn’t be hiding anymore, the more I tried to wave it off my mind the more it drained me.

“Can you visit me later today?”. Sofia whispered, interrupting my thinking.

I turned to her and said.

“am I not your friends boyfriend?”.

She giggled and held me even tighter.

“Who are you guys deceiving? You are not her boyfriend, I know. So stop lying to me. I may not have much like Esther does, but I know how to love more than she can ever do”. Sofia said.

She knows nothing about my plans to relocate and I couldn’t tell her. So I turned to face her and she cuddled and lean on my chest. This scared me; she may already have been in lust, or perhaps in love with my bleeping rod.

“Did you sleep well?”. I asked, not knowing what to say.

“How could i? When I was thinking of you all through the night”. Sofia said, and held me even tighter.

“Ruth you are so funny”. I said, and realized my mistake late.

She paused, then looked me in the face and asked in a frown.

“who is Ruth, your girlfriend?”.

‘’Am sorry, she’s my sister, was thinking of her this morning”. I found myself saying.

She looked at me suspiciously for awhile, then started leaving the bed and said .

“I have to help Esther in the kitchen before she meets us here”.

“are you angry?”. I said.

She turned to me, shrugged and said.

“I don’t care if you have a million girlfriends. I wouldn’t believe you if you said you’re single. Are you coming to visit?”. She said, standing at the door.

“I don’t know, I have plans for today”. I said, just because I couldn’t tell her I couldn’t come out freely.

She then moved to the bed cabinet, took a jotter and asked.

“Can I have a pen?”.

I stretched my hand towards a note on a side stool, opened a book I was reading earlier, retrieved a pen in-between and handed it over to her. She took it and penned down her number and said.

“Call me”. And she walked away.

I needed to know what was going on about me and Ruth with the police. Esther had already gone out with her friends and I was alone thinking. I had no phone and there was none in the house. So I made up my mind to visit Ruth.

I took a face cap and made sure my face was completely covered and I stepped out. First I bought a phone, and registered a new sim before going to Ruths place.

Candy was the one who opened the door, and she was so happy to see me. She offered me a cold soft drink even before I sat and took the space beside me.

“where have you been? We have been searching allover for you”. Candy said.

‘’WHERE’S RUTH?”. I asked.

“She went out with Sam”. Candy replied uncomfortably, knowing my history with her sister.

I wasn’t so happy with the news of her and Sam still, but I waved it aside and asked.

“How was she set off the leach?”

“She reported herself with a lawyer, and Sam pushed her case to be investigated. It was later found out that the bullet which killed Sandra was not the same with the one in the gun they found with Ruth. Now the murder case has been lifted, but inspector John still insists on finding you to come and answer for gun. I think you should turn yourself in Mike, let them end this once’’. Candy said with concern in her voice.

“I can’t “. I said, Knowing who the gun belongs to, and that will defiantly resurrect a dead case”.

“Why?’’. Candy asked in shock.

“you won’t understand”. I said.

“Please make me”. She asked holding my hands.

“Candy, I sincerely can’t explain either. Please try and understand”. I said.

She took her hands off mine, turned to the TV in front of her and said.

“Then keep running”.

I looked at her face and it was a sad one. I know she really cares but I couldn’t bring myself to telling her that the gun belongs to Thomas’s police boyfriend, which will implicate Thomas, and the police officer. And Thomas won’t hesitate to bring me in. so I changed the topic by saying.

“Does Sam know about the pregnancy?”.

Candy turned abruptly towards me and kept a stern stare for awhile until I was forced to rephrase my question.

“Has she told him?”.

“she told me, you clearly don’t want to have anything to do with her. Why bothering now?’’.

Candy’s statement sounded so stupid to me. I tried to yell.

“why are you talking like this. You know am responsible for the pregnancy, shouldn’t I be concerned about it?”.

“you’re not concerned about the pregnancy. You want to stop her relationship with Sam”. Candy retorted.

‘’HEY! Who am I taking with? Where’s Candy, is she home?”. I said smiling, looking around, trying very hard to hold back anger.

Candy laughed and said.

“Mike, Sam knows about the pregnancy. He is also aware that it’s yours, yet he’s ready to date her. That’s what love really is Mike. Leave her alone to happiness. She really loved you Mike, and she still does”.

I couldn’t say much after that. Now I have two babies with two ladies, and none want me to father my baby. Anyways, my life was still a mess.

I left Ruth’s place and was heading back to Esther’s place when we met a road block in front. I asked the bike man to reverse, but he refused saying that they will chase after us and that if I had any exhibit, I should dispose it. I told him that I am the exhibit, then the bike man asked me to step down from his bike. I was still arguing with him when a police officer spotted us and ordered the bike man over.

“You see what you’ve caused?”. The bike man said.

“Don’t say anything, I promise to double your price”. I said in panic.

He turned to me and said.


“2000 it is”. I replied.

The police man searched us and when he found nothing, he asked the Mike man.

“what were you people arguing about?”.

“Nothing sir, I dropped my wallet and I was accusing him, but found it”. The bike man said.

The police officer looked at me suspiciously, my tummy knotted in fear. He came closer and removed my cap, looked at me in the eye while I tried to avoid his.

“can I have your ID?’’. THE POLICE MAN ASKED.

I searched my pocket and said.

“I don’t have it sir”.

The police man looked at me suspiciously for a while, then turned to the bike man and said.

“you can go”.

I was so relieved and when the bike man stopped me in front of Esther’s house, I gave him 3000. And he was so happy and gave me his number to call him anytime for any kind of deal or thing. I knew what he meant and I agreed. And so I rode off.

I went in and met Esther with two other guys in the sitting room. They turned to me when I approached.

“where have you been?”. Esther asked.

I shrugged and sat on a chair at the dinning.

“anyways, this is Jaz and Sly. This is Mike”. Esther introduced us. And continued. “Mike, you’ll be leaving with them tomorrow”.

I was surprised at the sudden change of date, but I said nothing because I know I wont get any positive response. So I nodded.

“You’re from henceforth called Frozen”. Esther said.

“Frozen?”. I repeated.

“that’s what you’re going to be addressed as. When you get to the other side, you’ll be baptized. I’ll be there at your baptism. Do you understand Frozen?”. Esther asked.

I nodded.

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