The Mafia Lord

10 months ago



June Kansas


. I sat in the sitting room watching my mother scold at my sister

“ you are a shame to this family”.

my mom said in disgust

“ Mummy I am sorry”. My sister pleaded

“ how can you lose your virginity before marriage?”. My mum asked her

“I am really sorry”. She pleaded

“ sorry”. My mom scoffed, I will let your father know about it”. She said and stormed out of the sitting room

I looked at my sister and immediately felt sorry for her .

I am June Kansas, an 18 years old girl, my parent are religious fanatics who believes in staying pure before marriage.

My mom just found out my elder sister Mary was no longer a virgin, don’t ask me how … and she really got upset

Mary is surely in for a lot of trouble


The Mafia Lord - S01

The Mafia Lord - S01

10 months ago