Witches Lust - S01 E37

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Christen couldn’t believe it when she saw Lucas… She couldn’t understand what was happening, she had buried him alive and in a place no one would find him…and had blocked his magic and yet here he is standing before her, there is no way he could have escaped unless someone had freed him from her spell, she thought. . Lucas Surprised to see me darling? . Christen You’re supposed to be dead? And how are you using magic…

. Lucas Well, I was and my power are no longer active thanks to you but your sister Rose freed me.. She did that after she found out your love affair with this human… We were going to work together and kill every human alive starting with Ibadan but now.. She’s betrayed me.. So now I’m alone. And for my powers, they’re still inactive so now I’m using the totems power… Right now I’m using Ogun’s totem… That is the god of war, iron and fire…. So now Christen… This is your final chance.. Be mine.. And we shall rule this world like gods. . Christen And my answer is still.. NO! . Lucas That’s too bad… You’ve made a wrong decision… So now… I have no other option than to kill you if I can’t have you.. No one will….. DIE!!! . Lucas blasted another huge ball of fire at both of Christen and Riley. She quickly casted a spell on the ground making a huge wall of stone around them ..Lucas continues throwing the fire balls at them determine to crush the wall.. Christen realizes that Lucas was too focused on them, so she casts a spell on the trees around them, She manipulates and controls the roots of the tree making them burst out of the ground.. She hurls the roots at Lucas hoping to pierce him with it.. But Lucas quickly dodges out of harms way…

Christen rushes at him trying to get close to him and knock him out but Lucas smacks her hard with his fists making her fly in mid air as she crashes against tree after tree. Riley tries to run after her but he’s grabbed and thrown away by Lucas.. Riley hits the ground hard but quickly stands up as he sees Lucas coming after him.. He runs as far as he can keeping a safe distance away from his pursuer… Lucas seeing he won’t catch up to Riley starts blasting fire balls at Riley.. Thanks to the necklace.. Riley is safe from Lucas assaults.. Seeing his attacks aren’t working on Riley, he decides to use another strategy… . Lucas Coward.. You can’t even fight. Your woman is hurt and all you do is run like a monkey… You don’t deserve her… Keep running. I’ll go back to where she is and ravish her unstop.. I’ll make her mine.. My woman and if she refuses.. I’ll kill her. . Riley felt stung by Lucas’s words and then stops running.. He turns around and rushes at Lucas blindly with giving a second thought.. Immediately he comes in contact with Lucas, the wily wizard punches him hard on his chest.. Sending Riley to fly backwards.. Riley’s back hits the ground as he rolls about clutching his chest, shortly after that, he vomits blood..

Lucas laughs at him and heads towards him.. He grabs a branch and breaks it from its stem, He stands over Riley holding the pointy edge of the branch over his head as he’s about to stab Riley. . Lucas Any last words before I send you to that afterlife? . Riley Go to hell.. . Lucas I will but not now… DIE!!! . Lucas brings down the branch with all his might on Riley.. Before he could pierce Riley.. His left arm falls on the ground after being struck by a unexpected lightening blast. Lucas shouts in pain as he turns around to see who attacked him. To his surprise he sees Rose. . Lucas You!!!!? Why? Are you here? Why are you helping this human? I thought you hated humans.. . Rose Oh, I still do… And I’m not helping him.. I’m just teaching you a lesson for putting a hand on Christen… Big mistake. . Rose blasts another powerful lightning blast at Lucas sending him to fly backwards and crashing heavily on a nearby tree.. Rose walks up to Riley and looks at him in disgust.. . Rose What a pity… I wonder what Christen sees in you.. . Riley Where…. is.. she? .

Rose Where you left her… Now stay down and let me rectify my mistake.. . Before She could take any step.. Lucas rushes at her blasting a big fire ball at her.. Rose throw a small shade of shadow into the fire.. The shadow absorbs and contains the fire inside it.. After that Rose hurls the shadow back at Lucas hitting him with it as soon as the shadow touches Lucas, it explodes.. BOOM!!!!!!! The impact was so devastating that it shooks the surrounding like an earthquake.. After the smoke clears, Lucas’s body is seen a few meters away.. His body is terribly burnt and he’s in pain. But Despite that, Lucas gets on his feet slowly and tries to escape… Before Rose could reach him… Giant tree roots burst out of the ground grabbing hold of Lucas.. They tighten his body crushing his bones… Lucas shouts in agony trying to break free.. The Roots begin to swing him around so fast, hitting him hard on the ground and trees.. Lucas continues shouting in pain as he’s being slammed to the ground like a rat.. Rose who’s watching the turn of events beginning to laugh cynically..

She keeps shouting and laughing enjoying the mayhem that Lucas is getting. After that the roots stop slamming Lucas who’s body is disfigured and out of shape.. Out of nowhere, Christen appears.. Her face is covered in blinding rage and death is written all over her face… She walks over to Lucas ripping out the totems from his neck.. She then stands over him and smiles with evil intent. Riley who sees his lady in a different perspective, fears what she’s about to do… Christen kicks Lucas so hard, he rolls over and over like a ball.. She then summons a huge tree out of the ground.. The tree looks terrifying, cause it had big thorns that looked like javelin spears.. She then snaps her fingers making the thorns descend on Lucas like a shower of arrows, Lucas groans in pain as the thorns pierces his body like skewers….. After That, Christen makes one big thorn out of the tree that looked like a pole.. Riley sensing what she’s about to do next, runs towards her and stops her. .. Riley Christen! Stop! . Christen MOVE!! . Riley No.. This isn’t you. . Christen Didn’t you hear me.. I said MOVE!!!! . Riley No… Don’t be like him… Don’t let him turn you into something you’re not.. . Christen and what’s that? . Riley A heartless, merciless, cold blooded killer. You’re better than this.. Don’t stoop to his level… Let the council deal with him. . Rose What nonsense.. Cut the inspirational stupidity and let her do her kill the dog. . Riley No… I won’t let her become like you… Never.. Christen listen to me.. Stop this now. . After that Christen calms down and dispels all her spell to the amazement and astonishment of Rose.. She couldn’t believe her sister was being persuaded by Riley. After that, Christen confronts Rose about freeing Lucas from his fate. . Christen Rose how could you!? Why did you free Lucas? . Rose Okay.. I accept the blame but I didn’t know what I was doing then.. I was blinded by rage when I found out you were with this.. this.. Trash. . Christen I can’t believe you… Besides how do you know we were here?.. . Rose … Trust me.. You don’t want to know.. So what now? . Christen Now.. We put Lucas back wherr he belongs.. . Riley Uh.. Christen, Lucas is gone.. . Christen What? Where? . Rose He must have escaped… While we were talking.. Anyways.. I’m going.. I have something to attend to. . After Rose disappears… Riley falls on his knees clutching to his chest.. He coughs so hard, blood could be seen on his lips.. Christen seeing his condition helps him up and teleports him back to his house. As soon as they reached Riley’s bedroom.

Christen rips off his clothes and checks on him.. She sees a red mark on his chest, She quickly disappears and soon returns to the room with some herbs… She plucks the leaves and crushes them between her hands after that she said some magic words and then her hands bursts into green flames.. Riley who sees this begins to get scared about the situation wondering why Christen’s hands was on fire. . Riley Jesus… Your hands.. They’re on fire.. . Christen Don’t worry, it’s not painful.. . Riley So what did you do? . Christen This is a healing spell.. It quite painful but you’ll be okay in no time. . Riley I’m not that hurt.. I’ll be fine. . Christen No you won’t… The bone close to your heart is cracked if it breaks off, you’ll die.. So brace yourself. . Christen mounts on Riley stomach and then she places her flamy hands on his chest.. Riley bites his lips to suppress his scream.. Whatever Christen was doing was definitely painful… It was has if his heart was being roasted on fire… Seconds later, Christen removes her hand and the mark on Riley’s chest disappears. She sits on him staring directly into his eyes.. Riley too looks at her, there was no communication between them just eye contact.. Sooner afterwards.. Riley reaches up to christen and starts to kiss her.. She accepts his kiss as she wraps her hands all over him.. Riley’s hands reaches down to her a** and begins to press it fondly.. Gradually he puts his hands inside her trousers and slowly pulls it off her.. Christen too reaches for Riley’s trouser and removes it.. Finally, both of them were without their under wears.. Riley turns Christen around and lies her down on the bed.. He inserts his hands in her c*nt fingering her slowly..

Christen moans softly and seductively.. Riley continues to push his thumbs deep into her c--t making her body to twitch in pleasure.. Seconds later, Christens moans louder in pleasure, tightening her c*nt around Riley’s finger as she cums.. Shortly after she has an o----m.. Riley plants his d*ck inside her making her moan even louder. Riley rams his d*ck deep into her as he ravishes her, Christen grabs hold of Riley head, moaning and staring into his eyes as he thrusts his p*nis into her.. Riley grunts as he hammers her c*nt which was getting tighter and tighter around his d*ck, Christen’s honey nest was driving him crazy and her moans were urging him to ram her harder.. He balances her legs on his shoulders and pounds her harder than ever.. Christen’s moans gets louder after that.. She grabs Riley’s pillow turning her head left and right with her eyes closed, moaning and enjoying Riley’s d*cm inside her.. She could feel the tip of his p*nis hitting her womb.. She wraps her legs around Riley as she tightens her c*nt even more.. The room was soon filled with their moans and smacking sounds of their flesh as Riley’s d*ck collides with pu**y.. Riley continues to slam her harder and soon their bodies was covered in sweat.. Christen’s body was twitching rapidly with each t----t of Riley’s d*ck into her.. Her bre*sts bounced wildly all over making fapping sounds.. Riley leans down and sucks on her brea*sts hard biting her nipples, Christen reacts as she feel Riley’s teeth on her sensitive nipples.. Seconds later, she cums hard again on Riley’s d*ck… Riley continues hammering her unstop.. He was determine to release as well.. Sooner afterwards.. His d*ck twitches inside Christen’s c*nt and after a few hard thrusts… Riley cums to her. . #CHRISTEN After Riley and I had that intense wild s*x, we slept in each others arms.. Shortly after that I was woke up after having a dream about that Lucas.. He was badly injured and out od shape but as long as he’s alive.. He poses a threat to the lives of people especially Riley.. I had to finish what I started.. So I quickly wore my dress and took the totems with me, as I was about to leave.. I remembered that I gave Riley, a totem to keep it safe for me.. Before I could search for it.. Riley woke up looking at me with a surprised look on his face. . Riley Christen.. Where are you going? . Christen Somewhere.. Where’s the totem, I gave you? . Riley It’s safe, what are you going to so with it.. . Christen Uh… Nothing.. I want it back. . Riley you’re lying… Tell me what’s going on? What are you going to do with it. . Christen Okay, okay,… I’m going to use it to kill Lucas once and for all. .

Riley Not this again.. Why do you want to kill him so badly.. . Christen As long as he’s alive.. No human is safe.. He’ll find another way to get rid of them..and now that he has seen us together, he won’t rest until he kills you. . Riley sighed and got out of the bed.. He brought out the totem from his bookshelf and have it to me.. . Riley In that case, I’m coming with you. . Christen No you have to say here.. . Riley I can help. . Christen I can’t allow that.. Something might happen.. Its better if you stay here. . Riley In that cases, you’re not leaving here as well. . To my surprise, Riley grabs hold of my waist holding me tight.. I could easily break free and go out but he would still follow me and I don’t want that.. So I decided to use the commandment spell on him.. So while his arms was around my waist, I gave him and kiss and whispered into his eyes to go to sleep and immediately after that, Riley fell on the bed. After that, I quickly went out and headed straight into the forest.. As I got there, I placed my hands on the ground to know where Lucas is.. Seconds later, I could feel his life force up heading straight up the hills.. As soon as I knew his location, I teleported there in an instant.. As I got there.. I saw the bastard dragging himself on the ground.. I struck him hard with lightening on his back… He yelled in pain as he rolled on the floor.. I urged him to get up and fight but he was whimpering in pain. I continued striking him with lightening blast until I severed on of his legs.. Lucas was barely moving and he was at the edge of the hill,.. This was the moment I wanted where I could finish him off once and for all… Just as I was about strike him off the hill with a lightening blast..

Lucas hurried jumped off the hill.. I was surprised because he wasn’t suicidal type.. Without bothering about whether he survived the fall or not, i turned around to go.. As I turned around, I saw some people I wasn’t expecting to see… They were the ones Oliver warned me about.. They were the ones tasked with the hunting of whoever was behind the mysterious death of the humans and what’s worst I had the totem in my hands.. No wonder that bastard, Lucas jumped off.. He had set me up at the risk of his own life..Before I could even move a muscle.. The wizards surrounded me and casted a powerful high class binding spell on me.. I didn’t resist cause if I did, it would be worst. So I tried to convince them, I wasn’t the culprit. But they wouldn’t listen to me. After that, I was carried away back to the witches world to face the council for trial. My only regret was not listening to Riley I should have stayed in bed with Riley to avoid this cruel twist of faith. .

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