The hybrid

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The hybrid (vampires vs werewolves)


This stori is about a vampire and a werewolf loving a human lady, this brought a war between the two but eventually the human lady love the vampire

the vampire and human lady born a daughter, who is half human half vampire, who can walk in ice and sun, which no other vampire has done, so the other vampires are at look to use her blood to be able to walk in the sun

at the werewolves pack, the alpha told the werewolf (that love the human lady), that he should kill the baby but instead he imprinted on her (imprinted means a protector, brother and sister no harm could come on her)

let begin the story!!!

No part of this story should be republished either by electronics or writing without the prior permission from the author (Daniel Wire)

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The hybrid - S01

The hybrid - S01

1 day ago