The reincarnation

2 weeks ago


Dinta sat under a tree, thinking and asking rhetorical questions to himself.

“If there was any offense committed by my fathers that I know nothing about, would Oshimiri not have told me? He is the eyes of the gods and should be able to have something to say. Why have the gods decided to visit me with pains? I have not done any evil to deserve this evil child, this time, she will get the treatment she deserves from me”. He said in anger and leaned on the tree to rest. His eyes were closed, lost in deep thought as he ruminated over everything.

He slept off while thinking, then he heard a baby’s voice calling his name.

” Dinta, Dinta, Dinta”. He jerked up and quickly made for his gun.

“If I had wanted to kill you, I would have done that long before now. You must accept my return back to your family, you have no choice. Every family has a price to pay for sins they committed directly or indirectly, yours will not be an exception. Treat me well, take whatever evil you habour against me from your heart. I have returned and must be given the name Olamma, how I cherish that name. Treat me well, pamper me and do not invite Oshimiri to treat me whenever I’m sick, I shall choose whether to return again or not”. The voice echoed

“You evil child, go somewhere else and leave my wife and I alone. We are peace loving people and do not deserve the punishment you are metting out on us. Go away, leave our lives alone, we don’t want you Ola, you are evil. Whatever sins committed in the past I know nothing about, leave my life alone”. Dinta replied in a loud voice.

“I should have killed you, but I won’t. I spoke to you calmly like a father, but you chose to toe the path of violence, we shall see”. The voice sounded again and vanished.

“Go, evil child. I do not want to have anything to do with you. Leave me alone”. He said again in a loud voice.

He quickly took his gun and cutlass and left for the hill of Agbalanze, the hill of Agbalanze is where the most powerful medicine man resides. Not everyone visits Agbalanze, you must be brave before you could see Agbalanze.

Written By: Alfred Wysdom (Mr Suspense)

The reincarnation - S01

The reincarnation - S01

2 weeks ago