When I met you

3 weeks ago

When I met you

Written By: Princess Juliet


“ Take it off completely”. He instructed

I swallowed hard and I pulled the underpants down and I gasped in shock at what I saw

“ a tiny thing in between his legs”

“ what”. I exclaimed

He looked at me and smiled faintly

“ I am impotent”. He blurted out , I just need a hot romance and not sex. He explained

I felt a bit relieved

“ I won’t loose my virginity”

I gave him a small smile and immediately he started fondling my body. I closed my eyes as tears streak down

“ I just need the money to save my sister”

“S--k my d--k”. He groaned

I kneeled as I took his d--k into my mouth and started s-----g as he gave a monstrous moan

“ I am doing things I have never done before because I need to save my sister”

He soon gave a loud moan and fell on the bed panting

I stared at the man and I knew I hated him so much

“ you are so good baby”. He said

I nodded


When I met you - S01

When I met you - S01

3 weeks ago