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Kate's POV

I could tell he really want to sleep with me and he may really take it hard on me if I don’t agree.

Arrhhh! What should I do? Haven’t I put myself into trouble?

I glanced at his hand and gulped. “Sir, maybe next time. My body is aching me” I replied and jerked off my hand from him.

He scoffed and face me. “Really? Does a prostitute gets tired when it comes to s*x? What’s the work of a prostitute b---h?”

I wanted to shout “Am not a b---h!!” But I composed myself.

“I’d like to be going now, am running late” I answered and turned. I walk briskly out of the club.

Thank God he didn’t call me back. Truthfully, he’s handsome, his red lips, and gorgeous eyes are killing even if I didn’t see his face clearly.

I can’t believe myself staring at him the other time. I felt a tap in my shoulder and I turned fearfully.

The other guy who came with Mr handsome stretched his hand and gave me a card.

“Expect his call soon” He said and turned to go.

I read what was in the card and gasped. Wait! This is E.D company! One of the best company in Russia.

And Mr handsome is the CEO, this is Eric Darwin for crying out loud.

It was Eric that approached me the other. Gosh Kate you are a goner.

This guy is a f-----g trillionaire! I heard he’s arrogant, rude and a sex freak.

I got home after much stress. I ate my dinner and lay on my bed. My sister had gone to sleep.

My eyes went to the card and I sighed. Wait! The guy said I should be expecting Eric’s call. Where the hell did he get my number?

Next Day.

I had been thinking if I should have another job apart from this robbery prostitution. But my sister won’t allow that.

Saying, Prostitution fits me well cause if this sexy and perfect body if mine. Sometimes I wish I was really ugly with no shape.

I remembered my parents, they are dead now. I was left alone in Nigeria until she came to pick.

If I had know I would have stayed in Nigeria in fact forever than to stay with my sister who wanted me to become a prostitute.

The Rohypnol is about to finish and I need to get another one. I took my bath and wore a blue trouser and White turtle neck sweater.

I wore my sandals and walk out of my room. I got downstairs and saw my sister dancing and twisting her waist.

She’s no match with me when it comes to dancing. She knew that very well.

She paused the music and turned to me. “Where are you going Kate?” She asked arching her brow.

She knew I don’t go out at this time. I only go out whenever I want to buy the drug but I would lie that I have to see someone important.

“I need to get something outside. Am gonna come back soon ” I replied and took my step forward to the exit.

Am sure she would want to ask what’s the thing I was gonna buy but I won’t allow her question me.


I got to the pharmacy, greeted him and asked for my usual drug. He nodded and gave me. I gave him the money and left the place.

The guy had known me as his regular customer. He once asked what I do use it and I told him I use it for some purpose.

On my way, my phone rang and I checked the caller but it was an unknown number. I reluctantly picked it.

“Hello, who is this? ” I said, as I keep walking.

Eric's POV

“Eric b---h! Don’t tell me you don’t remember in the club yesterday right? Gosh you such a fool” I yelled as I glanced at the mirror in my car.

I got her number from one of the bartenders. I never stop thinking of that prostitute since she ran away coolval stories.

What’s wring with you Eric? I only need her in bed but she’s proving stubborn as if she isn’t a s--t.


“Sir please next time you want to talk, you should talk with respect okay? Yeah am a prostitute and you want my service.

Fine! You should tell me that and stop saying gibberish over the phone excuse me” She fired back and I opened my mouth slightly.

What the heck! Now one has never speak to me like that before but this prostitute here just opened her mouth and insult me.

Gosh! Eric you are a goner.

“Since you aren’t saying anything, I guess I have to go. I have something important to do ” She said.

“Don’t you dare cut that call, come tomorrow night in Treasure Hotel by 9pm. If you don’t am gonna kidnap you and do anything with you.

Am gonna use you till you die. You know who I’m right? Eric Darwin. Just give in and sleep with me.

God! I don’t know why you don’t want to do this, it not like it gonna be your first time. I heard you have good qualities a prostitute posses and I would like to have a taste of you” I stated and rested my head in the chair.

She laughed hysterically. “Kidnap me? Do you even know where I live? And I was about asking this, who gave you my number? ” She asked and I laughed too.

“I am Eric Darwin dear, how about I say you are wearing a blue trouser and a white turtle neck sweater. ” I replied and smiled as I watched her gasped from afar.

Henry did a great job in tracing her down to her house.

“How did you know where I was leaving? And where are you know? ” She asked and was turning her neck around.

I smiled and came out of the car. “How about you face front, you will see a black car ” I replied and she did that.


She frowned her face and glared at me.

“Why did you come here? Must you sleep with me at all cost Huh? Am I the only prostitute in this place? Arrgh… You are just annoying” She said, angrily tapping her feet.

I stared at her plump pink lips moving gently as she talks. I feel like kissing those lips now.

” I don’t have time to answer that, just a kiss will do. I have to go somewhere just need to check on my crazy s--t ” I winked and placed my lips on hers.

My body felt something strange, a new feeling. The kiss was hot and I felt like taking her right there but this is public.

Her lips were sweet and soft, arrgh I don’t know why she’s different from another sluts even if I haven’t sleep with her yet.

Am gonna keep her. She’s my regular s--t now.

Jane's POV

Isn’t that Eric Darwin? Gosh I can’t believe Kate Katherine kissing him now. Are they dating or what?

She better not cause am gonna destroy her relationship. She works for me. She’s a prostitute so I am but I don’t have many clients than Kate’s.

Everyone loves her than me and she’s always ahead of me that’s why I hate her.

Total hatred.

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