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Death Shadow Body

“Void Space Eye Slash!”

While the two intents were clashing with each other, a short blade appeared out of thin air and pierced through the figure of Death’s body, and an aura of Destruction spread across his chest.

Both friend and foe alike were stunned.

“Could that brat have been…?”

At this moment, the black-skinned Elder understood the truth. On one hand, he was in awe of Zhao Feng’s terrifying eye-bloodline, and on the other hand, he felt humiliated that he was used by Zhao Feng.


A cold, mocking smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Both the black-skinned Elder and the figure of Death were people who had surpassed the limit of what he could fight.

Things already exceeded his expectations that even the half-step Void God Realm attacked.

“The subordinates of the Emperor of Death are already so terrifying even when they aren’t at the Void God Realm yet….”

Zhao Feng’s left eye locked on to the figure of Death.


Wisps of black smoke appeared from the figure of Death’s chest as the aura of Destruction spread across his body. At the same time, the blade started to fade and disappear.

“Looks like the target of this Pursuit of Death isn’t simple indeed….”

The figure of Death groaned. The Void Space Eye Slash hit his heart and released its aura of Destruction there. Under normal circumstances, anyone under the Void God Realm would have died already.


The figure of Death’s body started to blink, and it seemed to duplicate.

As the body blinked, the injury also seemed to heal.

Near the other side of the fighting:

“Death Shadow Body? According to the records, the thirty-six guards of the Emperor of Death have that unique attribute.”

The expression of the black-skinned Elder started to change. He finally realized how strong of a background this figure of Death had.

If it really was the Death Shadow Body, then it wouldn’t be weird for the Elder to have lost. In fact, it would be a miracle that he was even able to survive. If it wasn’t for Zhao Feng and the half-step Void God Realm, he would have died several times already.

Death Guard? Representing the intent of Death and has an almost immortal body, with speed that surpasses anyone at the Origin Core Realm….

Thoughts started to spin through Zhao Feng’s mind.

The God’s Spiritual Eye’s calculations came to a shocking result; even if ten or a dozen Great Origin Core Realms teamed up, they would find it hard to defeat a Death Guard.

Even his Void Space Eye Slash that pierced through the Death Guard’s vital organ didn’t seem to severely damage him.

“Hmm? The aura of Destruction?”

The figure of Death was about to attack again when his body froze.


He put one of his hands on his chest that was starting to heal, and pain appeared on his face.

What’s going on?

The black-skinned Elder sweated coldly as he was able to avoid another potential death.

“It’s… the power of Destruction. Even the immortal attribute’s recovery power is restricted.”

The heart of the half-step Void God Realm jumped.

The power of Death and the power of Destruction had both appeared on this small island at the same time.

“So that’s how it is. My purple lightning’s aura of Destruction can stop his recovery speed.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved.

He already knew about the aura of Destruction when he first started to cultivate the purple lightning.

Now that the Ancient Dream Realm aura had merged into his Purple Destruction Lightning, the aura of Destruction was even closer to its origin than when the Wind Lightning Emperor was alive.

Therefore, the damage to the figure of Death’s Death Shadow Body was even bigger than imagined.

The immortal attribute’s specialty was its recovery speed, but when that recovery was restricted, the damage would eventually start to pile up.

“Whatever…. Even though I can only use 60-70% of my battle-power, these little troubles are nothing.”

The figure of Death snickered.

Shua! Shua!

The figure of Death flashed through the air and radiated a cold intent of death.

“Not good!”

The heart of the black-skinned Elder shook. He was unable to see how the Death Guard moved, but the cold intent of death instantly passed through his soul.


The Void God intent pressured the soul-dimension and froze the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby.

However, this time:

“Hmph, I have the Emperor of Death’s intent protecting me. Only someone actually at the Void God Realm can threaten me.”

The figure of Death was unmoved as he took the intent of the half-step Void God Realm head-on.

“He can still move so easily under my intent.”

The half-step Void God Realm was unable to stop the figure of Death.

In the area, only Zhao Feng and the half-step Void God Realm were able to see how the figure of Death moved and attacked.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye saw two figures of Death. One of them was heading toward him while the other went toward the black-skinned Elder.


The black-skinned Elder screamed as one of the figures of Death passed through his body.


A cold glint of light ripped the black-skinned Elder’s body to shreds.

“No! Sixth Junior Martial Brother…!”

The half-step Void God Realm screamed in sadness.

The overseer of the death squads died just like that…?

Li Yunya on the ship took in a cold breath.

He came from the Six Ring Palace, and the black-skinned Elder was a nightmare there. Everyone was scared of him.


At the same time, the other figure of Death approached the ship.

“Watch out!”

Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader exclaimed.

The one that killed the black-skinned Elder was just the Death Guard’s doppelganger; his true body was approaching the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

A terrifying coldness of Death enveloped the ship.

Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader, who were both at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, were frozen and unable to move. They weren’t even able think of fighting back.

“Eye of Ice Soul!”

Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to barely lock on to the figure of Death, but his speed was too fast, and he had the protection of the intent of Death. The effect of his Eye of Ice Soul dramatically decreased.

“Hehe, target of the Pursuit of Death, do you really think I didn’t know that person was your enemy?”

A blurry figure appeared on the ship.

Hearing that, waves raged in the hearts of Zhao Feng, Li Yunya, and the skeletal Division Leader.

The figure of Death came from the direction of the limitless ocean, but it wasn’t hard for him to see that Zhao Feng was enemies with the black-skinned Elder.

He even knew that the black-skinned Elder would’ve won.

If this Death Guard knew the black-skinned Elder was my enemy, then why did he still kill him?

Zhao Feng felt puzzled.

“Hmph, I’ll clear out all the third parties first.”

The figure of Death laughed coldly. After saying that, he slowly extended his hand, which was wrapped in black smoke, and formed a palm that radiated a cold intent of Death that descended from the sky and pressured Zhao Feng.


The hearts of Zhao Feng and company shook as they seemed to fight against an icy mountain.


Li Yunya spat out a mouthful of blood as he half-kneeled on the ground and fainted.

The skeletal Division Leader was barely able to withstand it. Its bones were extremely strong, but the pressure on its soul made it tremble.

Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader were both injured, and that was just from the shockwave.

The true target was Zhao Feng.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye became as deep as the ocean and water seemed to start spinning within.

The God’s Spiritual Eye released an ancient aura that scared gods and demons alike. His blue hair blew wildly, and his left eye seemed to have the power to control everything in the world.

“Hmm? I can’t suppress his soul?”

The figure of Death was shocked. One had to know that his palm contained a faint intent of Death that even those at the Great Origin Core Realm couldn’t block.

The God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient toward soul attacks, so Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised.

“Why isn’t he attacking like how he did against the black-skinned Elder? If he did, then I wouldn’t be able to block it even with my God’s Spiritual Eye.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. Although the Death Guard released an intent of Death, there was no killing intent.

“Void Space Eye Slash!”


A faint ripple extended where the figure of Death was at, and a whirlpool started to appear.


A thin blade pierced through the figure of Death’s chest.


The hearts of everyone on the ship leapt. If two Void Space Eye Slashes were able to land on the same vital point, it would cause critical damage even if the figure of Death had an almost immortal body.

“Hehe, how could the same technique work twice?”

A laugh came from the side.


The figure that had been pierced started to fade; it was just an afterimage.


The skeletal Division Leader screamed. The source of the voice came from right beside him. More precisely, from right behind Zhao Feng.

“Zhe zhe, the mission was accomplished so easily.”

A hand covered in black smoke was about to clasp onto Zhao Feng’s neck.

The coldness of Death froze Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan and bloodline power.

Before he had even finished the Void Space Eye Slash, the Death Guard had already moved.

Zhao Feng had no time to evade, and he was restricted by the Death Guard’s terrifying power.

At the critical moment:


A transparent dagger flashed and collided with the figure of Death’s hand, creating a sound of two metal objects hitting each other.

“Who’s there?”

The figure of Death froze.


Two fingers that were about to touch Zhao Feng were sliced off.

Miao miao!

A gray-silver streak flashed, and a little thieving cat slightly bigger than a palm landed onto the figure of Death’s shoulder. Its eyes were sharp and full of power.

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