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Terrifying Figure of Death


The expression of the black-skinned elder changed dramatically as he sensed something.


A beam of dark light was speeding toward their direction.

He believed 70-80% of what Zhao Feng said, mainly because Zhao Feng kept paying attention to that direction for a while now and obviously knew about the existence of the “reinforcement.”

“What a terrifying aura of Death! This newcomer’s cultivation is at least at the peak stage Great Origin Core Realm.”

The black-skinned elder was shocked. He seemed to think of the figure as a great foe, but he showed no signs of retreating.


The black-skinned elder left his current fight and shot into the sky. He released his aura of Fire as he headed toward the figure of Death.


Zhao Feng and company felt their bodies become hot and their mouths go dry.

“Scarlet Cloud Sky Explosion!”

The black-skinned elder released waves of scarlet-red flaming clouds, which scorched everything within dozens of miles into nothing. The black-skinned elder’s magnificent power even shocked the faraway battlefield.

“What a scary Fire bloodline!”

Zhao Feng and company on the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship were stunned. He felt that, even if he used the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and teamed up with the skeletal Division Leader, they still wouldn’t be able to block that attack.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but admire the black-skinned elder’s decisiveness in immediately attacking the unknown figure to seize the initiative.

“Scarlet Cloud Sky Explosion~~~~~!”

The scarlet sun exploded, and it seemed to devour the earth as it smashed toward the figure of Death.

“Hmph! How dare this old man attack the Representative of Death?”

The tall figure snickered and became even faster.

Whoosh! Boom~~~~

The scarlet-red and the black figures clashed. The heavens and earth twinkled with light as darkness, the air of Death, and the flames scattered everywhere. The sound of the explosion surpassed the limit of the human ear.

Just the shockwave alone melted the mountains and rivers below.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array around the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship started to dissipate, and the shockwave caused the ship to sway.


Li Yunya spat out a mouthful of blood, and that was after the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array decreased the power of the attack by 30-40%.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader both panicked.


A ripple of water flowed over Zhao Feng, which tried to weaken the shockwave.

“This black-skinned elder’s strength is probably among the peak of Great Origin Core Realms….”

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and inspected the fight from afar.

“Scarlet Cloud Sky Explosion? Not good! Elder Wei’s probably met a strong foe or else he wouldn’t use that secret technique.”

Experts from the Six Ring Palace sensed from afar.

Ding! Ding! Boom!

The black-skinned elder and the figure of Death clashed again. The black-skinned elder’s attacks were like a volcano obliterating everything in its path, whereas the figure of Death fought in a mysterious manner.

“Old man, your strength is okay, but you’re interfering with my mission.”

A faint, transparent-black blade suddenly appeared in the figure of Death’s hand, and it was surrounded by black mist.


The faint, transparent-black blade flashed through the air and sliced straight through the scarlet-red flames into the black-skinned elder.


The black-skinned elder’s body froze. Even though he tried to dodge, the faint, black blade still stabbed into his right shoulder.

The cold intent of Death instantly spread throughout his body. It was enough to instantly kill normal Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords, but the black-skinned elder wasn’t simple either. The rank of his bloodline was comparable to Zhao Feng’s.


The black-skinned elder circulated his bloodline power forcefully and cut off his right arm with a flash of scarlet flames.

He managed to save his life at the cost of his arm.


The figure of Death’s voice was full of coldness as he charged toward the black-skinned elder.

“My life ends here….”

The black-skinned elder’s heart shook. The opponent’s speed was way faster than his.

In terms of offense, he had a powerful Fire bloodline that specialized in attacking, and it wasn’t much weaker than the enemy, but the opponent had that faint, transparent-black blade that contained the intent of Death. It had surpassed the limits of the Origin Core Realm and could even threaten Void God Realms.

Why did such a terrifying enemy appear at a mere two-star battlefield?

“Your reinforcement is far too monstrous. The overseer wasn’t even able to withstand two blows from him.”

Li Yunya took in a cold breath. This expert was unparalleled against those under the Void God Realm.

“Eye of Ice Soul!”

Zhao Feng roared as his left eye turned into a freezing pond.

A weird, frosty aura locked on to the figure of Death.

Only Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could manage something like locking on to the figure of Death’s movements, and just barely at that.

Over the last half a year, his state of existence and cultivation had both dramatically increased, and the lake in his God’s Spiritual Eye had expanded to more than thirty yards.


The figure of Death’s speed only decreased by 10-20% under the lockdown of the Eye of Ice Soul.

“My eye-bloodline and God’s Spiritual Eye could only decrease his speed by that much?”

Zhao Feng’s heart dropped.

The Eye of Ice Soul was his strongest controlling technique, and it could slow the speed of normal Sovereigns to a turtle’s pace. Even the speed of normal Great Origin Core Realms would be decreased by at least half.

Luckily, the 10-20% decrease in speed was enough to slow down the figure of Death’s killing move.


A bloody gash was left on the black-skinned elder’s back, which caused him to groan.

“What’s going on?”

The black-skinned elder found that the person who saved him was Zhao Feng.

“Isn’t he your reinforcement?”

Li Yunya was puzzled.


However, at this critical moment of life-or-death, the black-skinned elder circulated his True Yuan and bloodline power. He released terrifying clouds of fire as he charged toward the figure of Death.

“The opponent’s speed is too fast. I will die if I run, but if I give it my all, I might be able to stall until reinforcements arrive.”

The black-skinned elder’s mind was clear and calm.

The two combatants weren’t even at the same level even though the black-skinned elder’s strength was amongst the best of the Great Origin Core Realm.

“Death will always come, no matter what you do.”

The figure of Death’s faint, transparent-black blade flashed across the sky and released an aura of Death.


The black-skinned elder screamed once again. Blood splattered as he was sent flying dozens of yards.

If it weren’t for Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul that was restricting the figure of Death’s speed and agility, that blade might have killed him.

“I can only use my Void Space Eye Slash three or four more times.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was gathering power as it locked on to the figure of Death.

The figure’s movements were too fast and weird. The chances of the Void Space Eye Slash succeeding were much lower than usual.

The reason why he could kill the black-armored Sovereign Lord so easily earlier was because he was already injured.


The figure of Death flew closer and slashed out a third blade.

The aura of Death had already seeped into the black-skinned elder’s body, and he was heavily injured – he would not be able to survive the third blade.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s heartrate sped up. He would be next after the black-skinned elder.


A voice that shook the soul seemed to come from hell itself, and it had an unwavering intent. In that instant, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to freeze, and a power pressured everyone’s soul.

“Half-step Void God Realm…. Void God intent….”

The figure of Death’s attack paused.

The half-step Void God Realm was still several hundred miles away as he emitted his Void God intent toward the figure of Death.

A normal Sovereign would probably have already been killed by such an intent, and even normal Great Origin Core Realms would be injured and panic.


The black-skinned elder was able to escape the jaws of death once again, and he glared at Zhao Feng.

He felt both angry and fortunate. If it weren’t for Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul and the Void God intent, he wouldn’t have been able to survive.

“Hmph! You think the intent of a measly half-step Void God Realm is enough to stop me?”

The figure of Death smiled as the faint, black blade in his hand released an intent of Death that clashed with the intent of the half-step Void God Realm.


The power of their souls clashed, and the weaker beings within a thousand-mile radius were killed.

Loulan Zhishui and the sailors within the ship immediately fainted.

“The intent of a Void God Realm is unstoppable. The mere thought of a Void God Realm King is enough to decide the life or death of all those at the True Spirit Realm and Origin Core Realm. Everyone below Kings are ants.”

A ripple blew over the lake in Zhao Feng’s left eye. Luckily, his soul was strong, and his God’s Spiritual Eye was resilient against mental energy.

Zhao Feng was the luckiest one in the range of the clash between intents.

“The intent of Death…. Who are you!?”

The expression of the half-step Void God Realm from the Six Ring Palace changed dramatically.

His intent was blocked just by the intent of a weapon. On top of that, the intent of Death from the weapon was slowly eroding into his soul.

“Not good! My Void God intent!”

The half-step Void God Realm from the Six Ring Palace felt the aura start to enter his mental energy, and his expression changed drastically.

Right as he was thinking about whether to retreat or attack:


A blade suddenly pierced through the body of the figure of Death.


The figure of Death shook slightly, and it glanced at the blade releasing an aura of Destruction with shock and disbelief.

Void Space Eye Slash! Zhao Feng’s strongest eye-bloodline technique was used at the critical moment, and it successfully injured the enemy.


Black smoke came from the figure of Death’s chest. That was where the aura of Destruction was located. Even though the figure had a body of Death, it was still troublesome.

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