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Two Star Battlefield

Two months later, in the limitless ocean.


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship passed through the ocean at a speed almost as fast as a Great Origin Core Realm.

The journey over the last two months was extremely smooth, and after the heart blood essence was merged into the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, its aura caused nearby beasts to avoid it.

On top of that, pirates couldn’t do anything to Zhao Feng and company either because their ships were too slow in comparison to the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, and they didn’t dare to attack a ship of such quality anyway.

Inside the ship:

“Captain, after two months, we’ve finally reached the edge of the Thousand Flowing Islands Zone. We’re about to enter the next island zone.”

Loulan Zhishui reported.

The sailors had all improved after two months’ time. With the cleansing of the heart blood essence, their states of existence and their foundations were stronger, and their cultivations were all mainly at the late-stage True Lord Rank.

The states of existence of a small number of the sailors were even closing in on the half-step Origin Core Realm.

“The next destination – True Martial Sacred Land.”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded throughout the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

True Martial Sacred Land.

The hearts of the sailors shook, and they were filled with excitement. The True Martial Sacred Land was one of the three Spiritual Sacred Lands within the Cang Ocean.

One had to know that every Spiritual Sacred Land was in control of several hundred island zones.

“I didn’t think that the captain’s destination would be the True Martial Sacred Land.”

“With the captain’s abilities, we might be able to live in the Sacred Land. At that time, we’ll be able to soar as well.”

The sailors discussed.

“True Martial Sacred Land.”

Loulan Zhishui took a deep breath, and various colors flashed through her eyes.

Zhao Feng and Loulan Zhishui then started to inspect the map.

“The True Martial Sacred Land is in the middle of that area. We still need to pass through dozens of island zones to reach it.”

Loulan Zhishui said.

Dozens of island zones; it was extremely far. If it weren’t for the fact that they had the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, they wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

For normal Sovereigns, the distance between two island zones was already extremely far.

Azure Islands Zone… Tianlu Islands Zone… Thousand Flowing Islands Zone… and we’re about to enter a new island zone.

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

Unknowingly, he was getting further and further away from the Azure Flower Continent. He still remembered how the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was starting to become active again before he left.

Right at this moment:

“Zhe zhe zhe….”

A surge of Death air came from within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, and it was enough to shock normal Sovereigns.

“Skeletal Division Leader, you’ve succeeded.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he put his Spiritual Sense into the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

Over the past couple months, the skeletal Division Leader was in seclusion as it absorbed the heart blood essence and the Mystic Dark Crystal Bone, trying to break through to the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

“I didn’t think that I would break through amidst being enslaved.”

The skeletal Division Leader sighed.

If it was still in the Azure Flower Continent or any other normal place, who knew how long it would take it to break through to the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm?

“Hehe, enslaved? Skeletal Division Leader, you make it sound like you aren’t very willing.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly.


The skeletal Division Leader appeared in front of Zhao Feng, and its late-stage Small Origin Core Realm aura even was stronger than others of the same cultivation.

After all, the skeletal Division Leader had absorbed two barrels of heart blood essence and merged with the Mystic Dark Crystal Bone. His defense was far stronger than others at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

Now, any attack from someone below the Great Origin Core Realm would be unlikely to harm the skeletal Division Leader at all.

“I can even fight against those at the Great Origin Core Realm without being utterly crushed. If I have the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, my chances of actually winning are even higher.”

The skeletal Division Leader felt more confident, and it wasn’t as wary as it faced Zhao Feng.

The skeletal Division Leader instinctively inspected Zhao Feng, and it jumped up in fright by what it saw. The aura of Zhao Feng’s state of existence was like a beast, and the skeletal Division Leader felt as if it was facing a limitless ocean whale.

“This… how is this possible?”

The skeletal Division Leader’s expression turned to one disbelief. According to its guesses, Zhao Feng’s state of existence was already approaching the peak stage Great Origin Core Realm.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t actually have the cultivation of a Great Origin Core Realm, his state of existence had already surpassed most cultivators.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng’s bloodline power was also much stronger than before.

“Even if he used a large amount of heart blood essence, he shouldn’t be able to progress so quickly.”

The skeletal Division Leader couldn’t accept this reality. With such a strong foundation, Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan exceeded others’ that had the same cultivation, in terms of both quality and quantity.

“Skeletal Division Leader, do you have something to say?”

Zhao Feng smiled. His state of existence was much stronger than the skeletal Division Leader’s, therefore the latter’s pressure had no effect on him.

“Something to say…? Of course not!”

The skeletal Division Leader shook its head.

He was just about to tell Zhao Feng to change its status as a slave and maybe revise the number of years it had to follow Zhao Feng.

However, it suddenly realized that its aura wasn’t pressuring Zhao Feng at all. His bloodline and body had strengthened by far too much.

“Skeletal Division Leader, the strengthening of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array will be left to you.”

Zhao Feng didn’t mind squeezing every ounce of the skeletal Division Leader’s value.


The skeletal Division Leader’s returned to the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl with a crying expression.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng let out a long breath. He was able to stop the skeletal Division Leader for now.

Everything was because of the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

Over the last two months, Zhao Feng had repeatedly entered the Ancient Dream Realm, and he was now able to last forty or fifty breaths inside.

“The moment I reach a hundred breaths, I’ll try walking around….”

Zhao Feng had a goal.

With the strengthening of his body and bloodline, he realized that the effect of the Ancient Dream Realm aura was decreasing.

In the past, every single wisp of the aura would make him feel as if he was getting stronger, but now he needed to absorb at least a dozen wisps to feel like he was making any progress.

He could only use quantity to make up for it. This was the same with the heart blood essence.

However, if news of someone’s state of existence almost reaching the peak Great Origin Core Realm from the peak True Lord Rank in just half a year, it would stun the world.

Several days later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship entered the next island zone.

When the ship passed through one of the islands, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was shaking, and the sounds of battle spread across the sky.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone within the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship felt something was amiss. The disturbance was far too great; it was as if there was a massive battle going on.

“It’s probably a battle between two-star sects.”

An old sailor said.

A battle between two-star sects?

None of them could imagine the situation within the island.


Zhao Feng leapt into the air and opened his God’s Spiritual Eye to look into the distance. The God’s Spiritual Eye allowed his senses to heighten.


The battlefield made Zhao Feng’s heart shake.

Experts from two-star sects shattered mountains and created tidal waves in the sea.

What was even scarier was that he sensed the magnificent power of Void God Realm Kings. They were like Gods as they shook the battlefield.

Zhao Feng didn’t even dare to use his God’s Spiritual Eye to look too closely in case he was sensed by the Void God Realm Kings.

“Let’s quickly go around this island.”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed as he ordered. He didn’t mind taking the long way in order to avoid this battle between two-star sects.

The power a two-star sect had was too terrifying. They could rule a dozen Azure Flower Continents.


The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship tried its best to go around the island.

“That island is about the same size as the Azure Flower Continent, and now it has become a battlefield for two-star sects.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

The appearance of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was technically a clash between two-star sects as well.

“Captain, there’s a group approaching from ahead!”

Loulan Zhishui suddenly exclaimed.

Zhao Feng looked closely and saw more than a dozen ships fly out from ahead. The biggest ship was even slightly better than the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

There were several hundred experts, all at least at the True Lord Rank; this was probably the reinforcements of one of the two-star sects.

“Quickly go around them!”

“It’s too late.”

Loulan Zhishui’s voice was full of panic.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

More than a dozen figures flew out from the ship ahead, each at the Origin Core Realm, and two of them were Sovereign Lords.

“Late-stage Great Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed.

One had to know that Lord Hu Suo was only at the early-stage Great Origin Core Realm, possibly approaching the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm at the most, whereas these two newcomers were at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm and late-stage Great Origin Core Realm respectively.


Zhao Feng felt another terrifying aura from within the biggest ship and estimated that the owner of this aura was at least at the half-step Void God Realm.

“Who’s there!?”

A group from the two-star sect surrounded the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

“Captain, what should we do?”

Loulan Zhishui’s expression changed dramatically. She had never seen such a scene before.

Zhao Feng’s heart was full of bitterness. He didn’t think that they would still fall into the battle between two-star sects at the end.

“Let’s just surrender.”

Zhao Feng said as he concealed his aura and made himself look like a normal half-step Origin Core Realm.

Everyone within the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship held their breaths.

“Seniors, we’re just businessmen passing by, we don’t want to enter the fight between the sects.”

Loulan Zhishui, who was more charming, went to discuss.

“Hahaha, businessmen? The Five Mountain Islands Zone has been in chaos for several hundred years and all the islands nearby are battlefields. Never have any businessmen dared to pass through here.”

The black-skinned late-stage Great Origin Core Realm mocked.

“We’re from the Thousand Flowing Islands Zone, we didn’t know the situation here.”

Loulan Zhishui explained.

“Shut up. Take them down.”

The black-skinned elder snickered and waved his hand, and some experts stopped the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship. However, the black-skinned elder was surprised when he saw that the person with the highest cultivation was Zhao Feng, only a half-step Origin Core Realm. Therefore, he only stopped the ship and put Zhao Feng and company into a small hall within their ship.

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