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Repairing the Ship

Zhao Feng, Jiang Fan, and Chen Yilin walked together and chatted.

The two Sacred Land geniuses were more interested in Zhao Feng’s bloodline and talent. As for his strength, the two didn’t take it into consideration.

“Brother Zhao isn’t a disciple of a two-star sect or a Void God Realm?”

The tall, skinny youth, Chen Yilin, was slightly surprised.

Zhao Feng didn’t really say anything about his background. He wasn’t scared of offending anyone in the outside world, but he didn’t want to affect his homeland, especially the Iron Blood Religion and the Broken Moon Clan.

While they were chatting, the two geniuses from the Sacred Lands didn’t reveal any signs of arrogance, but Zhao Feng could still tell that the two didn’t put him on the same level.

Previously, Jiang Fan sensed Zhao Feng’s bloodline aura and revealed some battle-intent, but when he found out Zhao Feng was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm and didn’t come from a powerful background, he lost interest.

These two are only casually interested in me. They have no intentions of truly befriending me.

Zhao Feng felt. No matter how polite or respectful they were, they came from Sacred Lands and three-star forces, so they felt superior.

The feeling of slight underestimation passed through Zhao Feng’s heart briefly. However, he had to admit that there was still a big difference between him and the geniuses with Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines.

The two didn’t speak much about the situation within the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“My bloodline comes from the Black Dazzling Race, and it specializes in strength and defense.”

Jiang Fan smiled. The Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was one of the peak existences in the Fan Universe. Even the Eight Great God Eyes were related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

After talking for a while, the two started to lose interest and departed.

In another corner of the arena, the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion let out a breath. He was worried that Zhao Feng would befriend those two. That would mean he would need to be wary. However, from the current situation, it just seemed that those two just wanted to chat a bit with Zhao Feng.

“After all, they’re most likely some of the best even among the Sacred Land. As soon as they leave, I can attack that brat without worry.”

A faint smile appeared on the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion’s lips.

Right at this moment:

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Feng led the group and left the arena.

Xiao Ma’s eyes glanced over the two geniuses from the Sacred Land, and he felt regretful for Zhao Feng. The chance of befriending those two was so easily passed up by Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng was willing to befriend them, he might be able to form a connection with the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

For the rest of the day, Zhao Feng and company walked around the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace for a while before entering a hotel.

When they arrived in the hotel, the sailors could do whatever they wanted, whether they wanted to exchange resources or use this chance to strengthen themselves with the heart blood essence.

“Xiao Ma, the next issue we’ll need from you…”

Zhao Feng spoke slowly.

“Please speak, Captain.”

Xiao Ma was instantly excited. This Captain could certainly hold his breath; all he did so far was walk around for an entire day. They were finally getting to the main point, so Xiao Ma was excited. Usually, the more important the task, the bigger the exchange, thus he would receive greater rewards.

“The first task is to repair the ship.”

Zhao Feng told him the situation of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

Limitless ocean ship!

Xiao Ma’s eyes lit up. He had seen the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, and he knew that it was of high quality. The value of such a ship was extremely high, and anyone who had a limitless ocean ship wasn’t simple. Even some Sovereigns didn’t have a limitless ocean ship.

“The second task is to sell some resources and buy some things….”

Zhao Feng took out a list.

When Xiao Ma saw the list, his heart started to thud and he could no longer focus. Most of the items on the list were no only of large quantity, they were also rare, including several treasures only in the legends.

Any single one of such items was worth his entire fortune.

Zhao Feng smiled.

In reality, most of the items on the list were written by the skeletal Division Leader, and they were focused on the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

According to what the skeletal Division Leader said, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array had the potential to become even stronger. If each cursed ghost-corpse could reach the half-step Origin Core Realm, the power would rise dramatically.

Apart from that, the array would also become dramatically stronger if it devoured a hundred Sovereigns.


Xiao Ma took in a deep breath after looking at the list, and he suppressed the joy and excitement in his heart. Although this employer didn’t have a cultivation at the Origin Core Realm, the wealth he had definitely surpassed most.

Not many people even at the Sovereign level were as rich as Zhao Feng. At least, Xiao Ma hadn’t seen any yet.

“Xiao Ma, do you have any questions?”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

Xiao Ma paused and started to think.

“If Captain is willing to pay a certain price, it’s best to ask for a master that specializes in arrays. I can recommend…”

Xiao Ma analyzed and suggested.

“Forging array master?”

Zhao Feng asked. He realized that a forging array master specialized in both forging and arrays, meaning that one could fix limitless ocean ships single-handedly, and Xiao Ma had several recommendations.

“If Captain is going to sell these resources, the rare materials can be sold for a higher price in the auction that is coming up. As for the resources you want to buy, I can go ask around….”

Xiao Ma continued.

Zhao Feng stopped him halfway.

“Zhishui, you and Xiao Ma will work together from today onward, and you two will be responsible for the two tasks.”

Zhao Feng immediately gave all the trouble to those two.

“Understood, Captain.”

Loulan Zhishui and Xiao Ma said.

Within the hotel, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

This time, he didn’t enter the Ancient Dream Realm. Instead, he focused on completely merging and absorbing the remaining aura within him.

For the next three days, Xiao Ma and Loulan Zhishui started to get busy and even told some sailors to help. The two would then ask Zhao Feng when it came to important matters, and thus the selling and buying of materials and resources started.

Part of the resources he was selling came from the Purple Saint Ruins, while others came from spoils of war from killing people.

On the third day, Xiao Ma successfully managed to contact a forging array master.

“Captain, this is the famous Master Wei from the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, and he’s helped repair the ships of many two-star sects.”

Xiao Ma said in a respectful tone.

“I’ve heard of your famous name for a while now.”

Zhao Feng humbly said as he inspected this Master Wei.

Master Wei had a cold attitude. He went straight to the point and asked to see the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

“This is a pirate ship, but the materials aren’t bad….”

Master Wei was slightly surprised. Under Xiao Ma’s continuous asking, he finally managed to squeeze in some time and came to take a look.

At first, he was suspicious about how rich Xiao Ma said his employer was, but after seeing this ship, he didn’t underestimate him anymore.

Of course, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was only decent in his eyes. It wasn’t among the best.

After being silent for a moment, Master Wei spoke, “I have three suggestions: a low, middle, and high suggestion.”

“Oh? Let’s hear it.”

Zhao Feng was interested.

“The low suggestion is to fix the ship and only slightly increase its attributes. The price of the materials will be comparable to a False Earth-Grade item.”

Master Wei said before looking at Zhao Feng. The value of a False Earth-Grade weapon wasn’t low. Ten Broken Moon Clans combined weren’t even worth that much.

Zhao Feng shook his head. It was obvious that he didn’t want it.

“The middle suggestion is to repair the ship and increase its attributes by a lot. However, the cost will be comparable to several complete Earth-Grade weapons.”

Master Wei smiled faintly.

Several complete Earth-Grade weapons.

Xiao Ma was already started to sweat coldly.

Zhao Feng didn’t say anything and signaled for Master Wei to continue.

“The high suggestion is to completely change the ship. It’s not much different from making a new one. This will need a lot of people and will cost a lot. I won’t be able to complete it alone, and the cost of this is enough to make a normal one-star clan go broke….”

Master Wei shook his head and smiled.

The cost of the high suggestion was enough to make a normal one-star clan go bankrupt. Xiao Ma and Loulan Zhishui couldn’t help but click their tongues.

Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change, “I’ll choose the middle suggestion.”

In reality, it wasn’t impossible for him to go for the high suggestion, but the price was too high for his liking, and it couldn’t be completed within a short amount of time.

However, this already surprised Master Wei. Usually, only peak one-star clans had the wealth to choose the middle suggestion. Even some Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords could only just barely manage to afford it, but Zhao Feng seemed slightly unwilling when he chose this suggestion.

Zhao Feng then told Master Wei about merging the heart blood essence of a limitless ocean whale into the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

“You have heart blood essence?”

Master Wei was surprised and excited. It was obvious he was moved by it.

“This idea is good because the heart blood essence contains the energy of an ocean animal, and it can make the ship more in tune with the ocean, strengthening its resistance against erosion while also increasing its speed at the same time. It will also be able to make other beasts retreat, hence making it easier to travel.”

Master Wei kept on praising.

“But that would require a large amount of heart blood essence.”

He then shook his head and felt that it was unrealistic.

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