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Heart Blood Essence

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship travelled across the limitless ocean with its fastest speed for about ten or twenty thousand miles before diving into the depths of the ocean.

Zhao Feng then ordered the ship to slightly change direction and dive even deeper.

Without having precise coordinates, finding a ship was like finding a needle in the ocean. Furthermore, this particular ship specialized in stealth.

Within the ship, Zhao Feng let out a breath.

“Master, if we use the ghost-corpse Cursed Array, we have nothing to fear from a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.”

The skeletal Division Leader said, but Zhao Feng shook his head, “It’s best not to cause too much trouble.”

Ever since he injured Lord Hu Suo, the intent of Death within him became stronger. He didn’t want to fight any more Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords head-on, so he simply ran away.

The clash from before also showed that there was an obvious difference between the skeletal Division Leader, Zhao Feng, and a Great Origin Core Realm.

“Skeletal Division Leader, here’s that thing you wanted.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand and gave the pile of broken Dark Jade Skeleton bones to the skeletal Division Leader. This pile of bones came from a Sovereign skeleton.

“These bones have been fused with Mystic Dark Crystal Bone and a few other rare treasures.”

The skeletal Division Leader was overjoyed. It was hard to find even a piece or two of Mystic Dark Crystal Bone in the Azure Flower Continent.

“Thank you, Master. With this Mystic Dark Crystal Bone, my bones will become even stronger.”

The skeletal Division Leader immediately entered seclusion after receiving the resources.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was extremely suitable for ghost-corpses and those that cultivated bone-strengthening. Now that the skeletal Division Leader no longer needed to craft ghost-corpses, it had more time to cultivate.

Zhao Feng started to think. The skeletal Division Leader was still under his control, so raising its strength was fine.

Furthermore, he had the Ancient Dream Realm to help him, as well as a large amount of resources from the Purple Saint Ruins. In terms of cultivation speed, he wouldn’t be any slower than the skeletal Division Leader.

On top of that, they just got the heart blood essence of the limitless ocean whale, which increased one’s foundation and state of existence.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng felt a powerful Great Origin Core Realm aura appear above before it flashed away. It seemed to be from the Third Elder of the Gan Cloud Pavilion.

A thousand miles away in the limitless ocean:

“You better not let me catch you, brat.”

The elder wearing the shirt flew across the ocean with the two juniors. The two youths didn’t dare to say anything as they felt the boiling anger of a Great Origin Core Realm.

However, the elder knew that the chance of finding a single ship in the limitless ocean was slim to none.


The Great Origin Core Realm aura flew further and further away.

Within the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, in the depths of the ocean, Zhao Feng and company sweated coldly. They were almost found by the elder.

Several hours later, the Blue Lightning Sea Ship had travelled some distance and there were no signs of trouble. Zhao Feng felt that it was time to let the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship return to the surface and start flying.

“Captain, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship has been eroded by the sticky acid from the limitless ocean whale’s body for several months. The hull has been damaged, resulting in slower speed and weaker defense.”

Loulan Zhishui reported. This was concluded after giving the ship an all-round checkup.

“Can we fix it?”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed. The ship was already slow, and if they didn’t fix the damage, it would only get worse and slow down even more.

“The ship is a type of machine that requires arrays, blacksmiths, and the Laws of Metal. Even if we have the resources, we can’t fix it.”

Loulan Zhishui shook her head.

Some of the sailors weren’t actually professional sailors, but they had finally come close to being real sailors after using this period of time to train. However, it would be hard for them to repair the ship.

“We need to find an island and a blacksmith to fix it.”

Loulan Zhishui suggested.

“Looks like that’s the only thing we can do.”

Zhao Feng sighed helplessly. The destination he was heading toward was extremely far away; without the help of a ship, it would waste a lot of time that he could use to cultivate.

Therefore, it was better to just spend some time to repair the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

“I can use this chance to increase the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship’s speed as well.”

Zhao Feng decided. This meant that Zhao Feng needed to find an island similar to the Eight Desolate Island in the Thousand Flowing Islands Zone and upgrade the ship.

“Thousand Flowing Islands Zone…”

A map surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind. The size of the Thousand Flowing Islands Zone was much bigger than the Tianlu Islands Zone.

There seemed to be three island zones nearby and seven or eight small islands the size of the Eight Desolate Mountain scattered about.

“Hmm…. Void Ocean Spiritual Palace?”

Zhao Feng found a unique existence called the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, which had a different symbol than all the others.

“Void Ocean Spiritual Palace? What’s that?”

Zhao Feng asked Loulan Zhishui, but she said that she hadn’t heard of it before either.

It was one of the old sailors that replied, “The legendary Void Ocean Spiritual Palace?”

The old sailor soon gave them information about the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was a high rank market and a small-sized restocking point.

“Apparently, the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace has a supreme status within the limitless ocean because its controlled by the Spiritual Sacred Lands. Putting aside pirates, even one- and two-star sects don’t dare to offend it….”

The knowledge of the old sailor was limited.

Spiritual Sacred Lands?

Zhao Feng instantly understood that the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace definitely wasn’t a normal market.

There were only three Spiritual Sacred Lands throughout the Cang Ocean: the True Martial Sacred Land, the Floating Dream Sacred Land, and the Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land.

Spiritual Sacred Lands were places that surpassed normal island zones, and they apparently even had three-star forces.

No wonder the Purple Saint Partial Spirit put a special mark on the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“Then our destination will be the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. We’ll try our luck there.”

Zhao Feng confirmed the route.

With their current speed, they would need about ten days to reach it.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng sat down and merged his consciousness into his interspatial ring and found the heart of the whale.

“The heart of the whale will lose its energy if its left out for too long. I need to take out the heart blood essence as soon as possible.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

Half a day later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship entered a quiet part of the ocean, and Zhao Feng looked around to make sure that there were no powerful beasts nearby.

He then took out the enormous heart and started to harvest the heart blood essence.

The skeletal Division Leader, the little thieving cat, Loulan Zhishui, and the other sailors all helped. After all, the state of being of the whale that died was close to the Void God Realm, so it contained a lot of heart blood essence.

Another half a day later, the heart blood essence was successfully harvested and stored within a dark green gourd. This gourd was found by Zhao Feng in the scorpion cave the first time he entered the Purple Saint Ruins.

The gourd was a unique item that could keep items fresh, including eroding acids. It could even store souls. Apparently, a Void God Realm King had put his soul into the gourd and stole a body a hundred years later.

Di! Da!

The heart blood essence was soon safely stored in the gourd. The gourd kept the items inside fresh, so Zhao Feng relaxed, knowing that the heart blood essence was stored in it.

He then put the last drop of the Elixir of Life into the gourd as well.

At this moment, everyone looked toward the gourd with fiery hot eyes.

“Everyone can have a bowl, and the vice-captain can have a barrel.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. He estimated that the amount of heart blood essence could fill up a small room.

“Thank you, Captain!”

Loulan Zhishui and company were all extremely grateful. The heart blood essence was a legendary item.

Furthermore, the state of existence of the whale that they took it from surpassed normal limitless ocean whales. The already legendary heart blood essence would be a superior-quality item.

Even one bowl of the stuff could transform one anew after scrubbing it all over their body. They could also dilute it and use it multiple times.

Loulan Zhishui’s state of being and foundation would rise drastically after using a barrel of heart blood essence.

The skeletal Division Leader also received a barrel, and its bones would strengthen even more after using it in conjunction with the Mystic Dark Crystal Bone.

“Captain, if you have any extra heart blood essence, you can merge it into the ship and make the ship’s aura become closer to the ocean. At the same time, the aura will frighten off other beasts.”

An old sailor suggested.

“I’ll think about it.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. That suggestion could be carried out when they repaired the ship.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng soaked in a barrel of heart blood essence, and a warm sensation came from his blood and bones.

As time passed, the warm feeling became stronger and stronger until it became scorching hot.

An hour later, Zhao Feng’s body, including his organs, was completely cleansed. Even though his body had already reached the level of a Sovereign, he could still feel the pain and pressure from the heart blood essence.

At the same time, he could feel his state of being become cleansed as well, and a numbing sensation passed through his body.

If it was a normal True Lord Rank that soaked in an entire barrel of heart blood essence, their bones and flesh would be ripped apart, and they might even die.

Luckily, the sailors all used diluted heart blood essence, or they used just a small quantity.

It could be said that everyone was affected by the heart blood essence, but those with weaker foundations and cultivations received a better effect.

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