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I started moving my fingers in her pu-ssy in and out very fast, shifted her handless gown and her braless small left bre-ast surfaced.

She even get sense not to wear bra because nothing the bra go even hold.

Anita: asshh! oohh! sto..p aaab…eg

Pushing me away, I forcefully bent down and captured her er-ected ni-pples and started su-ckling like a little baby, dipping in and out of we-t we-t toto.

Anita: oohh gosshh!! yo..u are killing me mo-aning loudly

Why I no go kill her when she dey resist fu-ck wey she want, I moved away from her left ni-pples. She sighed in disapppintment. She looked at me with raw lu-st and disappointment in her eyes.

I held her pa-nt and tried to pull it down her waist, she grabbed my hand and I pushed her arm away and pulled it off from her legs.

I spread her legs wide and brought out my hard rod, she tried to crawl away.

Anita: stop stop stop! I no want, abeg no do.

I ignored her and dragged her both legs and spread them wide, I aligned my hard p---k to her we-t opening and buried my di-ck inch by inch.

Me: aaahhh! assshh!! I start grunting

Anita: aaahh! Oh gawd!! Sto…p pl… aaahh!

The girl tight gan and it surprised me, I think say her big yansh and her bad mouth na because of the big p---k wey she don fu-ck, reverse na the case.

Na conji dey make her behave like village witch sef.

I started moving my waist and then gave her long thru-sts, I go lift my yansh go up and pulled it down with heavy slam.

She will mo-an and scratch my back weeping lowly.

I pulled away and knelt in between her legs, I lift her up but she resisted.

Me: why you dey fear na?

Anita: I no wan fu-ck till I marry.

And you no be virgin? aunty how manage na?

I sighed.

I forcefully lifted her up and tried pulling her gown, she wrestled with me. I sweat tire before the gown kukuma commot from her body.

See figure eight with flawless skin, I turned her over. She tried getting up but I pulled her down and grabbed her waist with my both hands.

Anita: sto..p na.. Oohh! mommy ohh!

Me: shut up na!

I lifted her waist up and adjusted her both legs to allow me kneel in between them.

I spat at my p---k and rubbed it then located her tight pu-ssy from behind and thru-sted in with my hard di-ck.

Anita: aaahhh! sto…p oohh gawd!!

Me: aaahh!

I held her waist tightly and started moving fast and hard, making her to grabbed my bed sheet and moa-ned loudly.

Our skins were making kpaakpaa sounds, my balls sac was just wiggling front and back.

Anita: oohh! Don’t st..op aahh! har..der fa…ster

Me: aaahhh! yes!! yess!!

I fu-cked her till she started crying like human being wey dey wan caste out demon from her body, her tight pu-ssy tightened around my di-ck as she started crying and mo-aning loudly.

I felt the sweetness get to my brain and I quickly pulled away.

Me: aaahhh! aaahhh! I start shooting my cu-m on the marble floor

She shook and vibrated burying her face on the pillow, I watched my bedsheet soaked with her w-et. See washing wahala, I sat tiredly catching my breathe.

I wore my boxer and got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, I poured water on my body and came out to see her face still buried to the pillow.

I moved closed to her and tapped her twice.

Me: baby, go and take your bath.

She didn’t answer me, I lifted her face up but she refused. Which kind small pikin be this na?

Me: why you dey shame na? you know say you be my girlfriend now.

She lifted her face up finally smiling.

Anita: I be your girlfriend?

Me: yes na, go baf.

I gave her my spare towel and she went to the bathroom, while I went to the kitchen to prepare something for her.

I came back with the garnished indomie, we gist and ate like couple. I even feed her, when we are done her mom called her to come home.

I got up and followed her to the sitting room, suddenly a knock landed on the door.

If na Favour or Oniobong na big disaster, I no wan loose this sweet yansh oh.

Me: who be that?

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