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Use All Means To Find Him

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The man became silent again. After long while, he said, “No matter what you believe, I helped you yesterday. You get some cash to me, even a couple of hundred would do. I need to find a safe place to lay low for a while. Li Sicheng is f**king making me homeless.”

Tang Mengying scoffed, but she knew that the man would not lie to her. “Where are you? I will have someone get the cash to you.”

He quickly told Tang Mengying the address, and she asked her chauffeur to send the money. However, she had no idea that there was surveillance outside the Tang household. This hacker was not as good as Luo Zhan, so when he hacked that video file, there was no way he could avoid being hacked back. Since he was hired by Tang Mengying, he would definitely come to her when he was desperate.

Li Sicheng had calculated every detail and asked Cheng You to watch the Tang house. Anything happening would be notified and reported to Cheng You and Li Sicheng.

“Go after him,” Cheng You said concisely.

Then she quickly called Li Sicheng’s number and briefed him on what had happened. Li Sicheng’s voice was freezing cold. “Use all means to find him.”

“Will do.”

After a whole day of class, Su Qianci walked out of the campus and saw Li Sicheng’s black Maybach. Her classmates walking beside her all recognized the car and looked envious. “Your husband is here picking you up again.”

Su Qianci smiled and walked to the car, sitting in the front. “Why did you come?”

“Taking you back to the old house,” Li Sicheng took Su Qianci’s bag and buckled her seatbelt, saying with a gentle voice. “Mr. Song Yifan went to visit grandpa, mom, and dad. Grandpa hoped that we could have a meal together.”

When he was in Maldives, Captain Li had never thought of eating together with Song Yifan. However, after the press conference a few days ago, his attitude toward Song Yifan had completely changed. After all, he was no longer a stranger. Whether he was Su Qianci’s biological father or not, Song Yifan’s protective attitude earned Captain Li’s respect.

When Song Yifan saw Su Qianci at the old house, he looked pleasantly surprised. Immediately standing up from the couch, the elegant pianist looked helpless for once. “Su Qianci, you are back?”

Her heart warm, Su Qianci nodded. “Here I am.”

Seeing the lovely scene, Captain Li grinned and said, “Yifan, you must have missed your daughter. You two spend some time together and I will go lie down a bit. An old man could not sit for too long.” Then Captain Li got up.

“I will walk with you,” suggested Song Yifan.

“I’m all right. You talk to Qianci and I can take care of myself.” Captain Li immediately left with his cane.

Sitting with Su Qianci, Song Yifan obviously looked nervous. He looked at Su Qianci and asked with guilt, “Did you blame me for speaking like that in front of the media? It was an emergency, so I didn’t think too much before I…”

“That’s okay.” Su Qianci’s tone sounded the same as always.

Song Yifan let out a sigh of relief. However, he was still nervous to look at her. Seeing the fruit on the table, he suddenly said, “Are you thirsty? Can I peel an apple for you?”

Then, Song Yifan took a knife and an apple from the fruit basket he brought as a gift, starting to peel it.

“I’m good… Dad.”

Song Yifan’s hand trembled and the knife fell to the floor.

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