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Ruth left me in a precarious state with Sandra. I couldn’t look her in the face i buried my face in my hands less concerned of my nude. Sandra remained in her standing position with her hands folded across her breast. She suddenly sat on the armrest of the couch beside me. I raised my head slightly and turned to her, our eyes caught each others and i quickly retrieved it.

“Mike!” she called.

I remained motionless.

”What have you to say concerning this?”. Her voice was strained and low.

I looked pitifully at her and tried to speak up but was constrained by my low self esteem.

“mike, am talking to you”.

I nodded and faced the floor.

“how can you be nodding?! speak up will you?!”. She yelled.

I shook to the sound of her voice and said.

“yes she is”.

Sandra stood up and walked silently to the window and was pacing out. Then she asked in a low subtle tone.

“and about last night, did you keep me stranded just because you wanted to sleep with Ruth? i want the truth please”. Her eyes were still looking out.

I didn’t know what to respond. so i kept mute looking behind Sandra.

“please answer me”. Her voice depicted hurt.

I felt crushed inside and couldn’t find a lie to defend myself so i remained quiet.

“Mike, could you please answer me?” she said again in a low tone.

I caught her wiping off tears from her eyes. This broke my heart . so i stood up and went to her slowly not minding i was Unclad.

“its you i love baby, its you i want to be with, i only did what i did out of pity for Ruth. i knew her long before i knew you, she has been supportive to my family all the while you were absent. please am sorry”. i said kneeling and held her across her waist.

“mike”. she called.

i looked up and was expecting a two edged sword to precede my anticipated statement from her.

“let go of me”. she said slowly.

i refused and fastened my grip on her.

” Let go of me!” she yelled and sprung up with her hands struggling to break from my grip.

She succeeded in breaking free and moved away from me. I noticed she had tears lodged in her eyes. I slowly stood up facing her. She looked at me for a while a started crying. I made to hold her but she restrained me with a hand.

“to think I was going to break the news to you after sex”. She said.

I looked stunned and gave her a questioning look.

“ it doesn’t matter anymore, just get out of my house” she said coldly.

I made to move closer to her but she went to the door and opened it avoiding my eyes.

“Please put on your clothes, your unclothedness disgust me”. She said still avoiding me.

I sluggishly went to get my clothes and slowly put it on.

“Please hurry up”. She said

I was already done and went closer to her.

“ am very sorry. Please forgive me.” I said

She looked me in the face with hate and disgust beaming profusely.

“ mike, you are an opportunist and a gold digger! You don’t deserve my type. I was only charmed by your good looks and foolishly thought I had a future with you. But for you to ignore my call and oblige another woman while I am waiting shows where your heart lies. Get out and never cross my path. If I ever see you around my house I will send my boys after you”. She said in a cold tone.


“Am sorry” I said.

She pushed me out and was about to close the door before she extended her hands. I looked at her puzzled wondering what she means.

“The keys”. She said.

I pitifully handed it to her. She snatched it from me and banged the door to my face.

At home Ruth was absent. I searched the whole house but she wasn’t there. So I dialed her number in anger, it rang and she didn’t pick up. Just then mum walked in and saw the look on my face.

“mike, whats it ?” mum asked.

I looked maliciously at her then walked out on her to my room. She followed me and retorted.

“mike, I said whats the problem?”.

“Both of you have succeeded in spoiling my dream. Both of you have succeeded in sending Sandra away. Now you can go ahead and get married to your best daughter in-law cause I am not interested anymore. Am going to send her all the money she had spent on us”. I raged.

Mums face was lightened up with a note of excitement. And this greatly puzzled me.

“that a good news”. She said grinning.

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