Rude Mr Popular

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Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him)


Sofia Regans

The bell rang signifying it was the end of class. I picked up my bag and connected my earpiece listening to Shayne’s song.

He was the most popular song artist and he was highly respected in the country. I was one of his fan. I was soon engrossed in the music and started dancing.

“Hey Sofia”. My friend Tina called

“Hey”. I greeted

“Guess what?. She screamed excitedly

” what?”. I asked

” Shayne will be coming back to the state”. She said screaming

” really”. I asked

” yea, you will have to watch it , it will be shown live on television “. She said

” oops”. I said , you will have to gist me tomorrow.

She nodded

I was sad, we don’t own a television, I was so poor…

” let me introduce myself “.

I am Sofia Regan , I am 18 years old and a finalist in a public high school. I stay with my mother and Little sister. My dad is late….

My mother is a cripple having lost the ability to walk because of an accident. She is a weaver and she use the little money she gets from weaving to cater for us……

My little sister Bella is 9 years old , she is my gist mate and still in elementary school.I did all odd jobs in order to support my family..

I love listening to music , it helps me free my mind from worry. Shayne is my favourite artist, he is so cute and has a great voice ….



Rude Mr Popular - S01

Rude Mr Popular - S01

1 month ago