My Father’s Fiancee - S01 E12

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**** several days later †*****

I dressed up one day then heads straight to Lucy’s house..

She was so surprise when she saw me….

The following were ensued after pleasantries were exchanged…

Lucy: this boy ehnnn. I thought you wont even think of visiting me just like You said ooo. And you did… Hmmmm.

Me: Ohhh, I just decide to pay you a visit today.. Hope you are doing well?

Lucy : yes oo, am doing pretty good, And you?

Me: Same…

Lucy : ok, I must confess, you look so handsome hundred times over than your father..

Me: Ohhh, sure? And you are so beautiful too.

Lucy : hmmmm…..

Me: ok, am I kinda having a little feelings for you of which I don’t know how to terminate it nor know how to declare my intention to you……

Lucy : ohhhh, are you that shy?

Just tell me, I promised to do it.. What q handsome boy… Your dimples are killing me…

Me: sure…. I wanna tell you that I I I love………

Lucy: I love you too. I have been staring at you for a long time now but it’s just a taboo for a girl to work up to a girl and told him that she loves him.. I was carried away by your handsomeness the first time I set my eyes on you. I was blaming my self for accepting that aged man which is your father as my fiance While a handsome boy of my age is his son.

Me: wow .. I can’t believe. You mean you love me too?

Lucy : yes …

Me: wow, I am the happiest person on earth today.

Lucy : same thing is applicable to me.. Am very astonished…

Me: ok, thanks. I just wanna tell you that whatever you see in my father’s house that got you attracted to him is equally mine. I won’t even mind to give to you all my father’s property…

Lucy : wow, nice meeting each other.

Me: thanks… But can you prove your love for me?

Lucy : prove my love for you? I don’t understand..

Me: don’t you know how to prove love?

Lucy: hmmmm, ok I can… Why can’t I…

She moved close to me and pecked me passionately…

Me: is that all?

Lucy : what exactly do you Want me to do? Just tell me.

Me: ( feeling shy) something like kissing and lots more.

Lucy: kissing ?? Ok, that’s never a problem…

She moved close to me agian and started kissing me, so I hold her tight there and started fondling her passionately and romantically. We where in the process when all of a sudden her phone started ringing and I was very furious.. She told me to excuse her while she picked up the phone…

The following were trashed out between her and the caller…

I never knew it was my father then.

Caller : hello my adorable queen, my heart desire and my one and only…

Lucy : hmmmm.. Stop teasing me na… Do you wanna tell me anything crucial? I was doing something before you called me.

Father : OK, am sorry, I don’t think I will still visit you today again because Peter went out with my car since and he has not returned. The only car at home right away is very dirty and I don’t want to go out with it. Sorry… Hope to visit you tomorrow.

Lucy : KKK, no problem..

Father : thanks, but do you know his whereabouts? As in haven’t you set your eyes on the car since morning?

Before I could signal Lucy not to tell him my whereabouts, Lucy told him..

Lucy : ohh, Peter is here with me, he visits me.

Father : Peter is with you there right away?


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