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” your new fiancé? ” I asked with a surprise face…

” yes, she’s my new fiancé, my adorable queen and my heart desire, very soon she’s gonna be your step mother when I married her totally ” he replied..

” oh, is he your son? He look so very handsome, what a handsome boy ” the lady complimented on me.

” Ohhh, thanks, you are welcome ” I replied.

Then followed by thought :::

” chaiiiii, this girl Is adoring me oo, she don’t know who I am, very soon I will snatch her from my father, what a beautiful. Why did she even accepted my father? Is it because of money?, Hmmmm ” I thought…

My father noticed my movement and how I stared at her alots, so he told me to leave then, that they would like to have a privacy, and I left them in the sitting room to my room while they continue with thier romantic chat……

Few minutes later, my father summoned me and I went there instantly…

” Peter, am very tired today, so I don’t think I can drive my adorable queen home, I think you should drive her home ” he said while handling the car key to me…

” okay, no problem” I replied happily inside of me because I will chat with the girl and know her house….

We both went out side, she entered the car and I drove her off…

The following were ensued between I and her while we were on the way to her house…

” you look so beautiful and attractive ” I complimented on her.

” Attractive? Hmmmm, You are welcome ” she replied.

” may I know more about you? If you don’t mind ” I said…

” You want to know more about me? Why? ” she asked..

” nothing, just to know” I said

” ok, am Lucy by name, am 24 years old and am your father fiancé, very soon you will be my step son ” she replied.

” Ohhh, 24? You are very very young compare to my father, hope you know ” I asked..

” off course I know, but love don’t care” she replied..

” ok, but you just I don’t my father will marry you let alone me being your step son oo” I said..

” I don’t understand? What do you mean by that? ” she asked with a surprise face.

” ooooh, never mind ” I replied..

” I shouldn’t mind? Just tell me what you mean by that ” she said…

” but I said you shouldn’t mind, just forget about that, can you give me your phone number? ” I ask…

” off course I can, why not? ” she replied..

” ok, thanks ” I said..

” You are welcome ” she replied..

Few minutes later, we reached her house And I dropped her.. She gave me her phone number and I asked if I should visit her on coming Sunday then and she agreed…………………

Immediately I reached home, I met my father absent, so I picked up my phone and called Angela…

The following were ensued after greetings were exchanged.

” so you decided to call me today right? ” she asked.

” yes my heart desire, I just want to say hi to you and asked if you will be free tomorrow so I can pay you a visit ” I replied.

” your heart heart desire? Hmmmm, ok, I will be free tomorrow, you can visit me tomorrow if you wish ” she replied.

” wow,, thanks, that’s good, but where will I locate you? ” I asked.

” in my house off course, where do you before?$ She asked.

” I was thinking may be somewhere like a restaurant, plaza and lots more ” I replied.

” plaza? I haven’t been to any plaza before oo, my dad will not even allow me self ” she answered

” hmmmm, some fathers ehnnn. Ok, no problem, but hope I won’t be confronted? ” I asked..

” I don’t know yet but just come if you wish and I believed my father won’t tell you anything ” she answered..

“Ok, thanks, expect me by 5pm tomorrow ” I said.

” ok, no problem, till you come ” she replied.

Call ended .

The following day around 5pm, I bought some gifts then heads straight to Angela’s house with my father’s car unknown to him.

I followed the address she ( Angela) gave me and I reached there successfully.

The following were ensued after pleasantries were exchanged..

” where are you parents and siblings? ” I asked her.

” ohh, my father went to somewhere, but he will return soon, the two of my sibling went to an evening lesson, but my mum is inside sleeping , I think I should go and wake her up ” she replied while standing up.

” not at all, don’t wake her up, let her rest. I will go to her before i take my leave ” I said.

” hmmmm, sure?, ok, no problem ” she replied..

” yeah, but am still afraid of your father ooo, vigilante? Hope he won’t confront me? ” I asked.

” LOL , so you could be these afraid? Dont worry, he won’t tell you anything, perhaps ” she replied.

” perhaps? You aren’t sure? ” I asked..

While we were talking and playing , a man from no where with a vigilante cloth burst into the compound and asked

” young man what are you doing in my house with my daughter ” he asked with serious face….



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