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[ A Sex spoon with Funke ]

When it was 4pm on a dot, I went to a chemist and bought five cond*ms, then heads straight to Funke’s house with my father’s car.

But immediately I entered the car and was about booting on the engine, ” where are you going? ” my dad asked me from where he was upstairs.

“Ohhh, I forgot to tell you, am going to a friend’s house. It’s just a Sunday visit or parole” I replied him.

” ok, this is 4pm on a dot, I want you to return the car before5pm, i want to visit my fiancé tonight with The car, don’t stay for too long ” he replied.

“‘ your fiance? Which fianc? “‘ I asked him.

” never mind, what do you want to know? Like I said Earlier, your time starts now ” he replied.

” but can’t you use this car? ” I asked him while pointing at another car ( one if his car)

” I said is that particular one you are carrying I want to use, that one over there is dirty” he replied.

” hmmmm ” I said then start the engine and hits my way.

” which fiance again.? I know it must be Funke he wants to plead with. hmmmm let him not come and catch me there ooo” I soliloquises while driving the car..

Immediately I reached her house, she came out wearing a smile on her face. We hugged each other tightly then we both went into her sitting room. She went straight to her kitchen to get me food despite my resistance.

Immediately she went into the kitchen, I touched my pocket to know if the cond*ms are there, I apecly touched both of my trousers pocket and I was shocked and felt like crying when I couldn’t find it I initially, auspicious for me, I found it after I critically check my pocket, I was very astonished…

Few minutes later, she returned from the kitchen with a plate of rice and two spoons with some beef, she then placed it on a table before me.

” hi mr. P, here is my delicious meal for you, you have not taken anything edible in my house since we know each other, so you can’t escape today’s own” she said to me while smilling.

” lol , you are funny… Am satisfied with the aroma of the food already, so am not eating again, am okay ” I replied to her.

*****In my mind, she should return The food to the kitchen SL we can have sex fast because the urge of having sex with her then was too much in me, but all seems avortive ******

” if you play with me ehnn, which one is you are already satisfied with the aroma of the food? Common take your spoon ” she said tome while taking her spoon.

” hmmmm, You are funny oo, will you feed me? ” I asked her.

” feed you kee? Are you my son? i won’t feed you oo” she replied.

” eiya, please na, ” I said to her

” OK, I will, but I will only give you three spoons” she said to me.

” three spoons is too small now, make it then” I said to her.

” hmmmm, OK, come closer na” she said to me.

I go closed to he’d and she started feeding me like a kid, initially she took a spoon, then gave me two spoons and I was very happy. She gave me ten times then…

” I have reached my limit oo, now it’s your turn” she said to me.

” my turn? I don’t understand. ” I asked her with a surprise face.

” Ohhh, I mean its your time to feed me Likewise ” she replied.

” LOL 😂, OK, am good at that ” I said to her.

So I took the spoon from her and started feeding her. I gave her like five spoons and she started feeling shy.

20 minutes later we we’re done eating so she returned the plate to the kitchen and returned to me.

Then followed by naughty chats::

” Ohhh, the food was so palatable, You can cook oo” I said to her.

” hmmmm, thanks for your compliment ” she replied.

“OK, I have one thing to tell you ” I said to her.

” what’s that? Why are you feeling shy? ” she replied.

” OK, but I don’t want to say it loud, I want to say it in an ear shot ” I said no her.

” hmmmm, ok, come close to my ears and tell me ” she replied….

I moved close to her ears pretending to be telling her something then dodged her ears and started kissing her. Initially she was amazed but she later freed up her self.

She complied with the kissing and the kissing got imtensed. Before we know, we both fell on the enlogated coush in her sitting room and we started playing romantically. I fondeld her until she started maoning. I later located her breast and started s-----g it passionately as if my life depends on it. I was completely lost, and the urges of having sex with her escalates the more I romance her, same thing is applicable to her.

I moved to her abdomen, to her waist , then trying to pulled of her pant. She stopped me, then I said ” you promised me”

She remained silent then I tried the second time, this time around, she resisted me not and I was so happy. I pulled of her pant completely and started masturbating her c--t. The tempo of her moaning sounds esacalets the more I touch her sensitive part. I later configured two of my fingers then inserted it straight into her warm wet p---y and started finger f-----g.

I Iater brought out my erected D--k, opened her legs wide to my delight and free entrance without obstruction when all of a sudden……………….. ……………….

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