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The Torture And Capture

<Third Person point of View >

Thunder and Flexion decorated Sabina’s face with heavy monstrous punches. She tried to

absorbed the pain but It sunked deeper into her skin. It felt very excruciating. Blood oozed from her mouth and nose. She felt drained of energy.

“I’m Sorry, Mike ” she eventually apologized.

They pushed her head into a basin of water. Her breathing began to fade. Sabina shook her legs and hands vigorously. They pulled her head out of the water and back into the water. Her mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth to prevent her from talking. Her hands were tied behind her back.

The men never relent in torturing her.One of the men brought a rope and passed it through a hook attached to the ceiling. Her hands were tied behind her back with part of the rope. The rope was looped around a hook that hung from the highest ceiling. It was pulled from the other side.

The intention was to hang her hands from the ceiling, with that rod so the her toes would barely touch the floor.

She was hung from the hook. For six hours, she was not given any water. She was stripped naked at the full glare of Mike’s Gang.

One of the thugs said, “wow, she was beautiful beneath”

She was subjected to brutal beating, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, auditory overload, rectal rehydration, waterboarding and stress positions, as well as other forms of treatment designed to humiliate and denigrade her.

After hours of torture, she was put in a cell ” the TAC CELL.” It was a small cell.

Inside the room it was dark. There was no light. The air was foul.

In the dark room , Sabina wailed.

It was a prolonged cry of distress and anguish.

The cell was virtually empty. There was nothing in it except a small mattress.

The last stage of her punishment was electrocution. She was forced to sit on an electric chair. Her hands were strapped to the chair at both sides. Left and right. Tons of electric currents were discharged into her body. She screamed loudly in agony.

After the electrocution, Mike told Sabina, a broken lady now,” I’m sure you enjoy our wonderful treatment. That was exactly what I felt when you sent me to Zolabin.”

She was whisked and thrown into a van. Thirty minutes later, she was pushed out of the moving vehicle closer to her hotel. It was done-Injustice Avenged.

[Mike’s Point Of View ]

Forson Adeyemi’s Issue

Forson Adeyemi was my classmate in primary and secondary schools.

He bribed the Immigration officials to release me for him to be used for money rituals.

I remembered when I was rescued that day by my friend and class mate Forson, I was so excited that true friends really exist. It had never occurred to me that someone who knew me so well could trick me into believing his lies. How could I have known my own friend wanted to use me for money rituals. Back in school he was one of the weakest students in class and I used to help him solve Mathe


I consulted Sheila and asked her to help me in this regard. She said she could only help me if we could capture Forson and brought him to her.

It was around 4.30 a.m.We set off to Abeokuta. That was where Forson’s Magnificent mansion was located. By 6.00 a.m we reached his house. We mounted a surveillance to see if he was around. By 6.30 a.m , we saw a Corolla car leaving the house. I glanced through it. It was Forson. For about ten hours we hanged around. By 4 o’clock, he returned. We made sure he entered the house and relaxed for one hour. Then Thunder knocked on the gate. A slim looking security man came out of the house.

Thunder: Good morning , Sir.

Security man: Good morning.

Thunder: Is your boss in the house?

Security: No. Why?

Thunder : I need to see him.

Security: Why do you want to see him.

Thunder: I said I NEED to see him. Not WANT to see him.

Security : Oga. This your big grammar. You no no sey ebi Niger you dey? My Oga travelled.

Thunder: Please, I know he’s in there. Allow ……

The security man wanted to close the gate but Thunder blocked him from doing so with his feet. He then pushed the door hard. It opened immediately jerking the security man off the gate. He landed flat on his back.

After securing him, Thunder signalled to me. I walked majestically through the gate. When I reached Forson’s door, I rang the door bell. He opened the door , saw me and was transfixed. He looked as if he had seen a ghost and it was understandable.

To him, I was dead. “Hi Forson,” I said.

H-H-H-i-i-i, M-m-m-i-k-k-e.

I’m sure you are surprised to see me.”

He was silent.

“Well, I’m sorry to bump in on you.”

But you have to come with me.

Come with you?Why?, he asked.

Hmmm. Today is your Judgement day, I told him.

He attempted to make a call but Thunder gave him a thunderous punch on his face. The phone fell from his hand. Another punch saw him collapsing to the ground.

“I AM THUNDER, no one messes with my boss,” he boasted.

We took him and placed him in our car. Then we sped off straight to Sheila.

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