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On the fringes Of Death

<Third Person point of View >

In the VIP unit of the Hospital

As would be expected, the Governor was given much more preferential treatment than Rosaline. A lot of machines were fixed on him.Doctor Makintosh from Germany switched to operation mood, been assisted by his nurses, each carrying specific instruments. To assess the extent of damage to his internal organs due to the gunshot wound, he performed an x-ray, ultra sound/MRI to show the damage to his lungs, heart, ribs, blood vessels. After that, a bronchoscopy was done to repair damages done to his lungs.

In the Emergency unit of the General Hospital

Rosaline was shot in the chest. Doctor Chinedu had done a prognosis on her to see if the bullet damage the heart or the aorta or another major blood vessel, such as the main pulmonary (lung) arteries. He realized the bullet was embed deep into the chest wall and entered the chest cavity a little bit.

To remove the bullet, he tried to make an in- cision of at least 6 inches after which he deepened it through the underlying tissue and into the muscle where the bullet

was located. The complete operation would take about two hour, and the patient would then be hospitalized for 9 or 15 days.

The path of the small bullet that struck Rosaline was deflected by organs, and was not easy to detect by X-ray. Thus the surgeon Dr. Chinedu had to perform the abdominal test followed by the chest incision.

Although chest and abdominal surgery is often risky,the key thing in such an injury is to stop the bleeding and detect any significant damage. ”With a gunshot wound, it’s safer to operate than not to,”’The risks are continued bleeding and infection, as a result of pieces of clothing carried in by the bullet. Doctor Chinedu stopped the bleeding to avoid damage to the major artery and heart.

Another X-rays was taken for Rosaline. It showed the bullet had entered low in the chest cage. This meant, the bullet had pierced the dome-shaped area below the diaphragm, in the abdominal area, or the lung cavity.

Dr. Chinedu the surgeons entered the chest cavity. He knew from experience those kind of cases often end in death due to excessive haemorrhage. He felt Rosaline’s pulse. Her pulses were weak..

–A few hours later–

[Mike’s Point of view]

I gulped as the doctor got nearer to us, something about his sleek black eyes terrified me. He glanced

at us quickly, his equiposity , very mesmerising to my already disoriented mind. He wasn’t bothered by the fear in my eyes. He took a long gaze at the white sheet pinned to his note pad. With my heart beat increasing every second, I squeezed my own fingers between my Palm and hope that all my negative thoughts were proven wrong. Unable to wait for him to give out the information, I asked “How is my sister , Doctor?”

The doctor looked at me now betraying the concern in his eyes. He said , you need to pray to God. She’s in a dicey situation. It could tip towards a positive result or a negative one because the bullet scratch some vital tissues around her heart. I’m sorry , her chances are really slim,Mike. You need to…..”

I couldn’t wait for the doctor to finish his statement. Fear gripped me. For some reasons, I believed the doctor was only trying to be professional instead of telling me the truth. The truth that my Sister was on the fringes of death and was about to ______. Nooooo,I won’t say it.

I rushed back to the chapel, this time to ask God to forgive me for I was prepared to embark on task#4. I was ready to make my enemies pay for their sins regardless of the the words of pastor John Piper who used the bible to admonished us to avoid revenge. His words echoed through my mind.

<<<flashback <<<

Scripture: Romans 12:19–21

Topic: The Wrath of God

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

<<<>>flashback over<<>>

Sorry, Lord. My enemies deserve to SUFFER!!! With such venom in my heart, I left. Woe to my enemies.

They shall suffer what they deserve. It had began with the death of Pamela. She was on my list but I didn’t realized her death would come in that manner on Somebody’s Birthday. The news about my sister ignited the fire of vegeance in me. I was determined to apply the words; Tooth for Tooth, eye for eye…

It wasn’t long before the media broke the news.


A female assassin shot the governor and ……….”

Now the time had come for me to initialize my actions.


Case #1

Sabina Shehu , the Kidnapper

She was the lady who kidnapped me at the airport at gunpoint and handed me over to Zolabin’s thugs to be tortured.


My plan was to torture her too.

I asked Thunder and Flexion to do a background investigation on Sabina Shehu. After two days, we got her full profile. She was 25 years old, had a 16 year old son, divorced for five years , live in ikeja officially, she was a hotel manageress.

On the set day, Helmer went to the hotel ” Dream Dreams” and asked of the Mangeress. The receptionist asked her why she was looking for the Manageress. Helmer slyly said her boss wanted to book the whole Hotel for a celebration involving visitors from Germany and Britain.

I could hear their conversation from the recording device on Helmer.

Eventually Helmer was able to convince the receptionist who called herself Alice that we were in for business. It took Sabina one hour to eventually met Helmer who escorted her to meet her ” Boss”

As soon as she got close to the car, Thunder pointed a gun at her and commanded her to ” get into the car.”

The moment she got into the car, a sack was put over her head until we reached our basement.

When the sack was removed from her head , she looked at me and exclaimed ” it’s you!!!”

I laughed wickedly and said, “YES,” it’s me. Thank God you are able to recognize me. You kidnapped me that day by pretending to be a prostitute. That was the day I returned from Ghana. You handed me over to my arc enemy Zolabin who made me pass through series of torture.

“I’m sorry, Mike” Sabina said.

Well Sabina, it’s not all that simple. Sorry alone can’t solve this matter. ”

Boys, deal with her, let her pass through what I passed through in the Cobra cell.”Sabina started screaming but it was off no use.


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