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Someone Wanted To Harm Her

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The party began at 7 PM. Smooth music was played in the venue. The band was located in the center of the hall, attracting a lot of attention.

“Isn’t that Song Yifan? And that is his violinist. And that…”

“It’s so impressive that Li Sicheng could even have them play!”

“I’m sure his fortune is beyond our imagination.”

Although the discussion became louder and louder, given their social status, the guests were not too surprised either. Since Li Sicheng was absent, everything was arranged by Cheng You and the event would be hosted by Captain Li. A lot of celebrities that were rarely seen appeared at the same place. The reporters felt excited, writing everything down professionally.

With a yelp, people cast their gaze at a young and handsome man walking inside with his date. One of Su Qianci’s classmates exclaimed excitedly, “Ou Ming!”

“That is Ou Ming. He looks even better than a magazine.”

“Who is that girl next to him?”

Under everyone’s glance, Yu Lili was holding Ou Ming’s hand, smiling fearlessly. Yu Lili looked around in the crowd and did not see the one person she wanted to find. With her brows knitted, she turned her head and found Ou Ming was looking at her with a half smile. Yu Lili’s heart stopped and quickly looked away.

Ou Ming approached her, breathing into her ear and asked in a low voice, “Who are you looking for?”

Yu Lili felt a bit uneasy. Did Ou Ming already know whom she was trying to find? Yu Lili straightened her face and moved away from Ou Ming, saying resolutely, “I’m looking for Su Qianci!”

Ou Ming’s eyes dimmed as he arched an eyebrow and watched Yu Lili going away.

Committed to her excuse, Yu Lili went inside, found Su Qianci, and greeted, “hey, Qianqian!”

Su Qianci was standing next to Captain Li, talking to an old acquaintance. Hearing Yu’s voice, she turned back and smiled. “Lili, you’re here.”

“Lu Yihan is not here for your party?” Lu looked around.

Su Qianci shook her head. “He’s injured and is in the hospital.”

Yu Lili was startled and became nervous. “Injured? Car accident? Or stricken by a lightning bolt?”

Su Qianci explained what had happened briefly, which made Yu Lili terrified.

Suddenly, Yu Lili’s face darkened as she said, “I feel like things are not that simple. It is a good neighborhood where you live, so it is highly unlikely that a rapist would appear near there. Is it possible that…”

Lili’s words gave Su Qianci an epiphany. Since yesterday, she had thought she simply had bad luck. However, Yu Lili reminded her that it might not be an accident.

Lu Yihan lived far away from Li Sicheng and her and would not go look for her without something important. So, how did he end up at that place? Lili’s words were like a thread, connecting the things that she failed to understand together. Someone wanted to harm her!

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