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The Wallpaper On Lu Yihan's Phone

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With a loving look on his face, Li Sicheng said goodbye and hung up, after which he saw two unanswered calls and a text message. They were all from Tang Mengying.

“Can we talk?”

Li Sicheng simply ignored it, tossed his phone aside, and continued his work.

Lu Yihan’s injury was not fatal, but it was not to be trifled with either. After the surgery, Lu Yihan passed out. It was impossible for Su Qianci to leave him alone since she was the reason that he got hurt. However, it was not wise for her to spend the night alone with him either since she was married. After some searching, Su Qianci found his phone.

Hitting the power button, she saw a smiling face. It was her in high school, having no taste at all. With a head of small curls, she had all sorts of nail polish on. She was chewing a gum almost at all times. Only Lu Yihan dared to correct her with normal aesthetics. Su Qianci felt very impatient at the time but was still positively affected by him. This was a photo of her in senior year. She looked much younger, with a ponytail. However, she was not looking into the camera. The quality of the picture was not that high. Three years back, the phone camera was not as well-made as it was today. However, when did he take this photo?

Su Qianci was surprised to see her own picture and looked at Lu Yihan who was lying in the bed. Without his glasses, his features looked chiseled. His face pale, Lu Yihan was breathing evenly. He took her photo as his wallpaper… What did that mean? Su Qianci felt she must be reading too much into it, shook her head, and swiped on the screen. However, there was a password. So, she had to wait until Lu Yihan woke up.

However, at some point, Su Qianci fell asleep. When she woke up again, she was lying on an empty bed with a blanket on top of her. Su Qianci sat up and looked around. The light was turned off, but it was already morning. Su Qianci searched around for her phone and found it was past 5 AM. “Dear God!” Su Qianci exclaimed, waking Lu Yihan who was on the neighboring bed.

Lu Yihan looked up. “What is it?”

“I slept here!” Su Qianci was full of regret. “How did I fall asleep?”

Lu Yihan let out a sigh of relief. “Oh, I thought it was something important.”

Su Qianci was a bit mad, suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Why did I sleep in a bed? Did you carry me over?”

“Yeah.” Lu Yihan tried to sit up, teasing, “I have no idea that you have gained some weight. It almost killed me.”

“What the hell?” Su Qianci couldn’t help saying, “I am just 100 pounds.”

“Oh, I thought it was double that.”

“Shut up!” Su Qianci quickly put her shoes on and said, “You call your brothers to take care of you. I have to go. The press conference is today.”

“Okay,” Lu Yihan nodded and said. However, he lamented, “A great networking opportunity… I wanted to show up at your press conference, but now I can’t go.”

“There will be another opportunity,” Su Qianci said. “Very soon my husband will have a big event again.”

“What event?”

A wedding!

Feeling sweet, Su Qianci left a cliffhanger. “Secret! I must go for now.”

Seeing her leave, Lu Yihan looked down at his phone.

He knew that she saw it…

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