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Couldn't Wait To Unbuckle His


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Bo Xiao glanced at her and said softly, “Darling, it must be an illusion.”

Rong Anna frowned and looked back, seeing Su Qianci circled by a lot of people. With a smile on her face and light make up, her features looked dedicate and harmless, like the girl next door.

Sensing Rong Anna’s gaze, Su Qianci looked back at her and smiled.

Rong Anna arched an eyebrow and chuckled. “It is indeed an illusion.”

“They are somewhat similar, but a lot of people have features like that. It is only natural that you would feel this way.”

“That’s right.”

At the music fair, many celebrities would play on the stage. During their performance, Su Qianci couldn’t help feeling nervous since she was about to go up as well.

Bo Xiao played before they did. He played together with Rong Anna. Bo Xiao played the piano, while Rong Anna played the violin. The music was smooth and sweet, one of Bo Xiao’s bests. However, his collaboration with Rong Anna was not that great, because Su Qianci had heard better from him in her previous lifetime.

It was soon their turn. With a blank mind, Su Qianci was worried that she might make a mistake because of her nerves. Luckily, no one seemed to be noticing a stranger like her. Everyone was cheering loudly at the band.

The music fair was soon over. The band of Song Yifan clearly became the most discussed. Su Qianci simply hid behind Song Yifan silently. Saying goodbye to the musicians at the airport, Su Qianci went back to Kingstown. It was October 14.

“I’m back. Will arrive at Kingstown at 5 PM.”

“Okay. We’ll follow the plan.”

Out of the airport, Su Qianci declined Song Yifan’s proposal to drive her home and waited for Yang. However, after ten minutes, Yang was still not there. Su Qianci then got a call from him and learned that the car had a breakdown on the speedway. Su Qianci had to find a taxi herself.

The airport was not that far from where Li Sicheng and she lived, just about half an hour by car. However, it took the taxi driver more than forty minutes. Seeing the number on the meter getting higher and higher, Su Qianci suddenly understood why it was.

“Sir, please hurry. It’s getting late.”


In the end, the taxi driver did not take her home, but left her several blocks away from the house. The reason was that the car was out of gas. Super angry, Su Qianci took her suitcase and started to walk home. It was past 6 PM and it got dark early as the summer had passed. As Su Qianci was walking, the light was dim.

It was dinner time, so the street was pretty empty. As she walked, Su Qianci felt someone was following her. She paused and looked back but saw nothing strange. As she continued to walk, the feeling of being stalked was even more clear.

Su Qianci became alert, took her phone, dialed the emergency number and put her finger on “call” just in case.

With her suitcase, Su Qianci turned around the corner. Suddenly, she heard heavy breathing, smelled alcoholic, and then was hugged by someone.

Su Qianci screamed, “Get off me!”

However, that person pulled Su Qianci into a dark alley. The alley was dark and deep. The drunk man pushed Su Qianci to the ground and couldn’t wait to unbuckle his belt…

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