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She Is Paying

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Tang Mengying was so angry that she wanted to go after Su Qianci, but Su Qianci pointed at Tang Mengying and said to the waiter, “She’s paying.”

The waiter quickly stopped Tang Mengying and brought the bill.

Su Qianci stepped out of the café and Yang drove her to the airport directly. Song Yifan had been waiting for her at the gate of the airport. Seeing Su Qianci getting out of the car, he felt relieved and went up to her. “You’re here?”

“Sorry, I was running late. Why are you waiting here? It is so hot outside.”

Song Yifan smiled timidly and took Su Qianci’s luggage.

Yang felt a bit surprised, but at the same time, he sensed crisis. Was this old man trying to flirt with Mrs. Li? He needed to tell Mr. Li about it. After Su Qianci and Song Yifan went inside the airport, Yang quickly called Li Sicheng.

Song Yifan’s band was not only renowned domestically, but also oversees. They were clearly proud of their own reputation. Although Song Yifan’s colleagues did not say anything against his proposal of inviting a girl to join the concert, they were complaining inwardly. However, the moment they saw Su Qianci, they all understood why Song Yifan had invited her to such an important concert. This girl looked so much like the woman in the photo…

At the airport, Su Qianci met all of Song Yifan’s colleagues and found that they were very easy to get along with. When they reached the capital, it was dusk. The city was covered in gray fog, unlike the crisp air in Kingstown. After getting off the plane, someone immediately came to pick them up, and took them to a dinner party.

Song Yifan knew that Li Sicheng had always tried to protect Su Qianci and rarely took her to these events, so he proposed to send Su Qianci to the hotel first, but Su Qianci said it was not necessary.

After drinking for a while, the host looked at Su Qianci and asked, “This is?”

“Mr. Song’s guest. Her family name is Su.”

“Su Qianci?” The host was clearly well-informed. Recently, the Li family had been on the news quite often, so he had recognized her. “Mrs. Li?”

“Yes,” Su Qianci nodded and said.

“What an honor! I had no idea you would be in the capital.”

What surprised him even more was that Song Yifan was connected to Su Qianci. Since Song Yifan was not married himself, he wondered…

“Just hanging out with Uncle Song.”

“Oh…” The host smiled and change the subject.

When the dinner party was over, it was 9 o’clock. Song Yifan booked a fancy suite for Su Qianci, which made his colleagues, who could only stay in standard rooms, feel quite envious. Su Qianci had no idea that she had special treatment.

The next day, Song Yifan took her to the Capital Opera House to see the band practice. After watching for a while, Su Qianci borrowed a backup violin from the violinist in the band and played along with them. Her favorite instrument was the piano, followed by the violin. When she put down the violin, everyone was looking at her.

“Well done!” said the violinist who was a woman. Others also applauded.

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