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After long while, Li Sicheng let Su Qianci go unwillingly.

“Lock the door and the windows. Be safe at home.”


“Tomorrow, Nanny Rong will come over. Ask her to move your stuff to our room.”


“Stay at home and wait for me to come back.”


“I’m leaving now.”


Li Sicheng rubbed Su Qianci’s hair lovingly before he lifted his luggage and walked to Cheng You’s car.

Watching him go, Su Qianci felt sweet and bitter at the same time. Going back to the house, she took the laptop and went back to her room, seeing two unanswered calls from Lu Yihan, and one from Song Yifan.

She immediately called Lu Yihan back, and he didn’t answer.

Then she called Song Yifan, and he quickly picked up, “Hello, Qianci.”

“Uncle Song.”

“You have a minute? I need to talk to about something.”


“Are you free on the twelfth? How about you come with me to my concert at a capital?”

“The capital?”

“Yes. We will leave Friday afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon, which is the fourteenth,” Song Yifan said, and as if he was afraid that she would say no, he quickly added, “If you don’t have time, that’s fine as well…”

“I’d be happy to,” Su Qianci cut in. “Li Sicheng is not home anyway, so it’s quite boring to stay home alone.”

“Really?” Song Yifan sounded surprised.

“I have no class Friday afternoon. What time do we meet?”

“3 PM. I will book the flight for you.”


“See you then.”

After she hung up, Su Qianci curled her lips. It could be her illusion, but she felt Song Yifan was tiptoeing around her. Was he also suspecting that she could actually be his biological daughter? Lying on the bed, Su Qianci stared at the ceiling blankly. Father, such a distant word…

When Su Qianci went to the University on the next day, many people were looking at her differently. Su Qianci ignored the looks cast at her, checked her cell phone, and found the so-called scandals were already forgotten. On the other hand, the topic #MrsLiPressConference was the hottest. A girl deliberately sat next to Su Qianci, glanced at her phone, and touched a ball pen Su Qianci’s desk.

The pen fell on the floor, and the girl quickly bent over to pick it up, apologizing, “I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to do that.”

Su Qianci turned her head, smiled at the girl, and said, “it’s okay.”

The girl faked surprise and exclaimed, “you’re Su Qianci?”


“Oh my god, I have the honor to see the legendary Mrs. Li. I heard that you are going to have a press conference in a few days. I wish you success!”

“That is so fake,” said a shrill voice, full of contempt. “If you want to go, just say it. That was totally unnecessary.”

The girl was embarrassed, looking at Su Qianci. She thought that Su Qianci would be as cold as a couple of days ago, but Su Qianci simply smiled and said, “If you’re free at that time, please come join us.”

Hearing that, a lot of girls in the class lit up and approached Su Qianci. Su Qianci took out a stack of invitations from her back and said, “I was not prepared a couple of days ago, so I did not invite you. Here are the invitations, and you can bring your friends.”

The invitations were like magnets among the girls and were gone in just a minute. With a smile, Su Qianci had a knowing look on her face. Girls were the creatures of gossip. In this bloodless war, only reputation was at stake. Since Tang Mengying wanted to destroy Su Qianci’s reputation, Su Qianci had to fight back an eye for an eye.

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