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Unplanned Revenge

“O how can wicked men seem so steady and untouched with such black hearts, while poor innocents stand like malefactors before them! -Samuel Richardson

[Mike’s Point of view ]

*A few minutes before the Shoot


For some strange reasons, I decided to isolated myself from the crowd to have a better view of the event. I excused Cassandra and went backstage. I was enjoying the excitement and the cheers of the birthday attendees.

Gerald said something to the DJ and the microphone was given to him. Then the attendants became quiet.

I could tell Gerald was vibing my sister considering the way he was using superfluous words on her.

The crowd was cheering them up. Then something else captured my attention. It was a a young lady. She was holding a bag with a huge bulge . It looked so conspicuous. Perhaps odd. Intuitively, I followed her. There was something about her I couldn’t lay my hands on. She wasn’t cheering the couples. She was just manuevring her way through the crowd.

I silently followed her .To my biggest amazement, She removed a semi-automatic modern revolver- Wesson Model 686 and aimed it at my SISTER!!!

Most of the attendees were oblivious of the danger because their attention was focused on the romantic theatricals being demonstrated live on stage. Even the media men focused their camera lenses on the love birds.

“Hmmm”. Honestly, I didn’t know where I got the strength and speed from. All I knew was I ran like a flash of light, kicking through the mass of crowd, not mindful of the insults they rained on me for disturbing their show.

I saw the lady about to pull the trigger and I knew I couldn’t get there in time to knock the gun out of her hand. I needed an extra 4 seconds to reach her but by then she could have released the bullet.

I had only one Option left. I shouted ” GUN!!! GET DOWN, ROSALINE.!!!!


The lady pulled the trigger and shot my sister. She fell down flat on the platform. There was a great pandemonium as people ran helter- skelter to save their lives.

In the midst of the confusion the gun lady turned his attention to Gerald and was about to pull the trigger. I pounced on her like a lion pouncing on a zebra.

She pulled the trigger anyway and missed Gerald. Sadly the second bullet hit the Governor himself.

I struggled with the lady in order to take the gun from her. She was quite strong, like a trained assassin.

After series of struggles, I managed to extricate the gun from her. To my amazement, she removed another gun from her side pocket. A smaller gun and was about to shoot me but I was quicker and shot her first with the fgun I took from her during our struggle. She screamed and fell on the ground writhing in throes of death.

I took a critical look at her. Then I exclaimed , PAMELA!!!


Pamela was the lady Zolabin sent to poisoned my Alvaro drink way back in high school. She ran away, setting me up to be arrested in my Aunt’s house. She was the reason I was arrested by the Nigerian police and locked in a cell. She was the reason I got separated from Rosaline in the first place. Had it not been for her, Rosaline wouldn’t have been kidnapped and sent to Zolabin. I felt no remorse for her. She can die for all I care. I looked at her body without pity. The wages of sin is DEATH.

The bullet wound was glaring.

I heard someone saying, “Call the Ambulance,the Governor is shot.”

When I turned around the whole place was almost empty!

All the “birds” have been scattered and they have flown back into their “nests” for protection.


The ambulance came in with an aggressive speed. Every head

turned to follow the red and blue streak, fully aware of what had


I watched in shock disbelief as they carried the Governor and my sister on a stretcher into the ambulance. Tears trickled down my eyes, my head

burning with questions. Where was the security men when Pamela passed the gate and infiltrate the anniversary. Did she purposely come there to shot my sister or the Governor or both ?

Why was my sister the target this time around,not me?”

“Who’s related to the girl?”the paramedic asked, looking at me.”We need someone to come with us to the hospital.”

“I am,” I sadly responded. I entered the Ambulance and it headed towards the hospital.

To think Rosaline’s life now hanged on a thread made me shivered.

I should have forsaw it long ago that the enemy could strike when I least expected.

“God, help me, Rosaline cannot die.”

(A few minutes later. …)

The paramedics quickly parked the Ambulance in front of the hospital and took both the Governor and my sister out, and hurried them through the double doors.

I held onto her hand as I ran to

keep up with the rushing nurses. “Sir, nobody is allowed to go further, “the receptionist said as the security held me back.

Her hand slipped from my

grip and at that moment,I felt like

my life had slipped away from me. Soon her stretcher disappeared into the emergency ward.

This couldn’t be happening. “God, is she going to be okay?”

I kept walking up and down the veranda,my eyes desperately

looking for anyone to walk out of the emergency room.

Gerald, the Governor’s Son was also at the hospital. He was crying. It was unclear to me whether he was crying for her Father, the Governor or my sister, his love.

I thought the latter made more sense to me. I knew men are usually foolish when it comes to the issues of love.

My eyes landed on the hospital chapel and I found myself

walking closer to it. I stood at the entrance of the chapel, watching people pray for their loved ones, tears dropping from their eyes, as they kneel down.

I walked over to the altar and knelt, unsure of where to start. My voice shivered and shook when I managed to say,”Lord, Don’t take her away from me, please.”

I tried to say something else, but no word left my knotted throat. I walked back to the waiting area with the hopes of hearing some

thing good.

The door swang open. I looked at the doctor walking out of the room.

My heart skipped a hundred beats as he walked towards me.

My breathing stiffened, my lungs refusing to accept any air coming

into them.A soft hand suddenly squeezed mine as we waited for what he had to say. I turned round and saw my lover ~ Cassandra.

“Don’t be afraid, she won’t die, ” she reassured me.

I looked at her, hoping against hope that she will survive.


Will Rosaline Die?

What happened next?

Watch out for EPISODE 28


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