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A 7-days thorough cleansing of the Land was conducted by Onu-agbala in which every household must produce a he-goat and 5 tubers of yam.

At the end of the 7th day, a huge celebration was thrown as the stream which had dried up mysteriously suddenly began to glow again. The everyday deaths stopped abruptly too.

There was massive jubilation in the Land as those who ran away during the calamities started coming back.

“Agbomma, I’ve really missed you my love.. You look so ravishing now. Your mother’s place is really good o”Ikenna said admiring his lover who had left the land with my mother during the calamities.

“Yes dear.. And I’ve really missed you too. Hope you haven’t been floricking with all these other maidens while I was away?”

Ikenna laughed

“No. How would I? How can I eat frog when I have chicken?”

Agbomma laughed and they continued their gist..



The wives had come back from their various parents houses.

That evening, they sat at the Obi eating yam and palm oil together.

“Adaugo,, easy with the way you’re packing the onions! Ahahn!! You’re eating like a hungry goat”Omasili screamed

“It is you that eats like a hungry goat! I wonder how your wretched parents were able to feed you and your children throughout that period of pandemic”Adaugo fired back

“You are stupid for involving my parents..useless thing..”

“Can you two just shut up!? It’s barely 24hours since you arrived and you’ve not seen each other for months yet no change? Mind you, we are in a new phase of life now so if you do anyhow and Nnanyi catches you, your punishment would be severe”Ekemma cautioned

“Then tell her to stop poking her nose into my affairs. Can’t she just mind her business?”Adaugo yelled

“I just asked you to stop eating like a frustrated goat.. What’s bad there?”Omasili asked

“That’s why I was not in support of eating together with you when Mama nnukwu brought the idea. Youre nothing but a kill joy!”Adaugo said angrily

“And you are nothing but a wretched cow!”Omasili yelled standing up and moving towards Adaugo who also stood up advancing for a fight

“Well, when both of you are done fighting, get ready to answer to Nnanyi because I will personally tell him”Ekemma said walking away..

At the mention of telling their Husband, Adaugo and Omasili started following Ekemma and begging her..


THE PALACE (the Prince’s Hut)

Ebere and Afamefuna sat down on the raffia mat talking.

“I am so ashamed of myself. I can’t believe I let myself to be used like that.. I vividly can’t recall my mother’s death but I’m sure that witch has a hand in it.. I was supposed to protect my people b

ut instead I allowed myself to be used to destroy them..”Afam cried in regret

“Calm down.. All these isn’t your fault. We were all victims of circumstances. It was bound to happen, moreover you don’t know anything about this and you don’t have a hand in it.. Just thank the gods that everything is now over”Ebere consoled..


Prince Afamefuna, Ebere, Ulumma and 4 guards went to Onu-agbala’s shrine to consult him on what next to do concerning the coronation of a new King.

“Greetings mouth piece of the gods”Afam greeted

“Welcome Prince.. You all are welcome”Onu-agbala said

“We’ve come to hear from the gods if we can go ahead with my coronation or there’s something else we need to do.”

Onu-agbala nodded

“You are not like your father. You put the gods first and I must commend you for that,..”

“Thank u”

“To your question, yes you can go on with the coronation because everything is stable now.. Rule your people with levity and kindness. Seek advice from wise ones and I assure you that your regime will be successful”

“Thank you very much, we really appreciate”Ulumma said

Onu-agbala stared at her intensely.

“You..Who are you?”

Ulumma became confused

“Uhm.. I don’t know, I don’t understand”

“Who are your parents?”He asked

“I don’t know, my identity is confusing”Ulumma said slowly

“You smell of royalty.. There’s a web of royalty surrounding you.. Hold on”He said and went into the inner shrine to make consultations.

The rest stared at each other in silence.

After over 15minutes, Onu-agbala came out

“This is our lost Princess..!!”he pointed at Ulumma

Afam and Ebere looked at Ulumma surprised

“Yes.. She is the child of the late Eze.. The woman he raped years back gave birth to her and dumped her at the bank of odoh river 3 days later.. She died 7days later.. Nne mmiri was on a tour to odoh river on that particular day and saw the baby whom she carried back to her Land and trained as her own..”

After the revelation, All three became speechless.

“So you’re my sister?”Afam said

“Obviously”Ulumma said

At this point, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as Afam embraced her..

Ulumma joined in the embrace…


Joy and productivity returned to Umuozara as Prince Afamefuna was crowned King alongside Ebere who was now Lolo Ebere.

The people danced in Joy..


Someone was at the far end of the Village square where the celebration was taking place..

“Umuozara, I am not done with you yet.. Ulumma, Afamefuna and Ebere.. Wait for me.. My come-back would be massive.. I’ll avenge the death of my mother.. You all should wait for me.. I’ll be right back!!”

It is OLAEDO(AJONWA)!!!!!!!!!


Another battle, Another calamity, Another saviour!

Olaedo is coming in full force.. who will save Umuozara now?

All will be answered in “WEB OF CONFUSION SEASON 2”

Watch out!!


Who has been your favorite character so far?

Say a word of prayer for the Authoress(I don tire)




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