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Eze Omekannaya had ascended the Throne for 2 years now and married to Akunna but she was yet to conceive..

Everyone pressurized him to get a second wife who would bear him children but he refused.

They actually thought it was the fault of the Lolo but No! Eze Omekannaya was Impotent!! He couldn’t make love to any woman let alone get her pregnant.

Akunna wasn’t aware of this until the night of her marriage to Omekannaya.. She had sobbed and sobbed in pains when he’s manhood couldn’t rise to perform.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this? Why??”She sobbed

Omekannaya moved to console her

“I’m sorry my love.. I knew you’d have left me if I told you the truth before now. I love you so much ND I can’t bear losing you”Tears dropped from his eyes

“Who says I cant still leave you now?”She asked in tears

He quickly knelt down before her

“I’m sorry my love, please don’t do this to me. Why would people say? Oh please..”he cried

“how did this happen? And is there any solution?”She asked.

“I’ve been taking herbs from herbal doctors from faraway villagers. And I don’t know what happened but I just woke up one morning to find out I’m dead down there”he sobbed

After deep thoughts, Akunna said

“If you had just woken up to find out you can’t make love to a woman anymore, it means it is not ordinary. We have to seek for consultations first and know the problem before a solution can be given”

Omekannaya agreed with her and the next day, they went over to Onu-agbala’s shrine.

“Omekannaya, you are carrying a deadly curse on your head..”Onu-agbala said after consulting the gods.

“How do u mean?”he asked

“Remember the girl you raped when you were still a teenager? She placed a curse on you before she died. You denied the pregnancy and threatened her with it.. She actually died 7 days after childbirth”

Akunna was shocked. She couldn’t believe Omekannaya was a rapist

“Oh my God! Rapist? So u are a rapist!! You are terrible!”She screamed

“I’m sorry. It was just teenage lust. I’m a changed person now.”he sobbed

“There is actually a solution to it”Onu agbala said and their faces lit up with hope.

“Public confession”

“what do you mean by public confession?”Omekannaya asked

“Gather your people, confess to them.. Then go to her family, seek for forgiveness too, then come back here with two goats to atone for your sins, after that you’ll be set free”

“I should gather my people? Like the whole village?”


“is there no other option?”Omekannaya asked


Omekannaya heaved a sigh, thanked Onu-agbala and left with his wife.

Getting home, he sat down in deep thought..

“What are you thinking about? Won’t you immediately do as Onu-agbala told u?”Akunna asked

“How can I gather the whole villagers and confess to them of being a rapist? How do u think they’ll look at me thereafter? There won’t be respect for me anymore, nobody will fear me..I’ll lose my authority as the Eze”

“No! They’ll rather love you for being a humble king, for you to lower yourself and confess publicly.. They’ll love you more”Akunna protested

“But you know that is a lie.. I can go and apologize to her family but not to the whole village”

“Omekannaya, why are you making things difficult for the both of us? What have I done to deserve this humiliation? Why can’t you just do this and let us enjoy the joy of marriage? Whyyyyy??”She started crying

Omekannaya consoled her “Don’t worry, I’ll look for a solution to all these”

And so, 2 years on.. King Omekannaya still refused to do as he was instructed by Onu-agbala.

He went to other villages to seek solution and was given all sort of remedies but none worked for him. All these was hidden from his Ichies and the villagers as a whole. It was only one of his trusted servants “Kalu” who accompanied him wherever he went to that knew about this with Akunna.

One day, Kanu spoke to the King when they were alone in the Throne room.

“My king, permit me to talk to you freely”

“Sure, go on”He urged

“I’ve watched you over the years as you struggle to overcome this ailment of yours. You’ve been a good king to me and that is why I want to tell you this..”

“What is it? Go on..”

“I know of a place where you can be healed permanently”

Omekannaya sighed

“Where else can I be healed? Ive gone far and wide but all to no avail so why would this particular place be different?”

“I’m sure of that.. I have a friend who travels far and wide and I’ve heard him speak so much of this place”

“So, where is this place?”

“It’s a far journey though.. It is called “Ndi mmiri” headed by a powerful Queen who never ages”

“Uhmm.. Interesting.. So how do we get there?”

“If you permit me, I’ll invite my friend here.. He’ll explain better”

And so, the next day, Kalu invited his friend over who explained everything to the King and a date was fixed for them to make the journey.

“I don’t agree with this whole arrangement.. For goodness sakes, my mind is not at peace with it. Take the simple route, swallow your pride and apologize to the people so all these would end! I’m sick and tired already.. Omekannaya I am tired!!”Akunna screamed.

Omekannaya had told her all about his intended journey to Ndi mmiri land.

“I assure you that this would be the last journey I’ll make concerning this issue.. Everything would soon be resolved, I’m sure”

“Hehehe.. Omekannaya, if this journey doesn’t yield the required result I’ll leave you for good..”Akunna said but Omekannaya assured her once more.


Eze Omekannaya, Lolo Akunna, Kalu and Ibeh(Kalu’s friend) journeyed to Ndi mmiri land for 6 nights before they finally arrived.

They were wowed by the beauty and magnificence of the place.

However, they were welcomed warmly and given a guy to dwell for the night in preparation to meet with the Queen the next morning.

Omekannaya and Akunna were ushered into the Queen’s presence the following morning and her beauty would be explained another day.

“You’re welcome Mortals..I know why you are here by the way”She said smiling

Omekannaya and Akunna exchanged puzzled glances.

“You..”Nne mmiri pointed at Omekannya

“Sinned against the earth goddess by raping a maiden of the Land, she placed a curse on you and so you’re impotent right now and needs remedy”She smiled

They were surprised

“yes yes.. You are right..”

“Good. You have come to the final place, your problems would be solved permanently”Nne mmiri said

“Thank u so much”they chorused

“But there is something you have to do”

Nne mmiri told them that omekannaya would make love to her first before making love to his own wife thereafter and they would conceive but however, the first child they’d have should be returned to her after 2 full moons (2months) as that was her price but they (Omekannaya and Akunna) would still have other children as much as they wanted but that first child must be returned to her.

When Omeka told her his manhood doesn’t even rise,

Akunna and Omeka went out to discuss the issue.

“It is ridiculous! I can’t accept it, I should let you make love to another woman? and also give out my first womb opener to someone else?”Akunna asked

“Please.. Let’s just do this.. Let our coming here not be in vain”

“Isn’t Onu-agbala condition better than this?”

Omekannaya went ahead to convince his wife to see reasons with him and at the end, she agreed.

Long story cut short, Prince Afamefuna was born and the king vehemently refused to keep to his own part of the deal despite pleas from Akunna and warnings from Nne mmiri.



everyone was speechless after Ulumma concluded the story. The king has indeed committed a great sin against the earth..

“Now, it’s going to be about finding our way back to the gods..” Ebere declared


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