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“I cannot be defeated… Neverrrr”Olaedo continued to brag and laugh.

The people cried in defeat and confusion.

Ebere was still breathless on the floor with Asa and Ulumma beside her..

Suddenly, Ebere opened her eyes with full force and rose up with strength.. Asa and Ulumma jumped up in fright…

She swiped her hand towards Olaedo and she fell down because she wasn’t expecting the sudden attack.

Ebere raised her hand up and Olaedo was raised up too… Ebere was controlling her with her hand..

She dropped her hand in force and Olaedo crashed to the ground in force too.

She did this three times and by now, Olaedo was already bleeding from the effects of the hits.

She was lying down on the floor and Ebere moved towards her..

“You have no right to hold this Village hostage irrespective of the crime committed by the Late King. They know nothing about it and cannot be punished for it.. You went too far this time trying to prove a stupid point. If you have evil powers and want to exercise them, you are free to but not at the detriment of my people and not in this village!!”Ebere said

Olaedo was swerving her hand trying to command her powers. Ebere noticed and bent down beside her.. On Olaedo’s waist, there were strings of jigida (waist beads).. Ebere quickly cut one particular gold shiny one and Olaedo screamed in pains and tears.. That contained her powers..

Turning to the happy crowd of people behind her, Ebere asked “What do we do to this tormentor of ours?”

“Kill her!!!”

“Bury her alive!!”

“Roast her to death!!”

“Castrate her!!”

Everyone began to shout their suggestions and the place became noisy.

“SILENCEEEEEE”A voice howled and everyone turned to see who it was.

Lo and behold, it was Nku, King of the dark forest.

“Great one!”Ulumma greeted bowing down

“I greet you great one”Ebere bowed too..

The rest of the villagers seeing this, bowed in reverence to Nku.

He hit his staff on the ground.

“You have done well Daughter of the gods”He said to Ebere who nodded

He turned to Olaedo who was lying on the floor in pains.

“You evil child.. Call on your mother to come and help you if she can. Tell Her Nku the king of the dark forest call on her to come.. We have unsettled scores”

Olaedo kept wringling in pains and started murmuring.. Suddenly, The ground shook and Nne Mmiri appeared in all her might.

The villagers ran back in fright.

“I’m here Nku, how dare you interfere in my affairs even after I warned you?”Nne mmiri said in anger

“And who are you to stop me? Nne mmiri, you have bitten more than you can chew and your time is up.. I’m here to end your evil regime! Now take this..”He stretched his staff forward and fire began to emit from it towards Nne mmiri.. She screamed in pains and the fire raved her whole body.. Soon, she turned into ashes!

Seeing this, Olaedo screamed loud in agony and vanished too.

“Hahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaa”Nku laughed in mockery, stepped forward, dipped his hand inside his raffia bag, brought out a small calabash, packed the ashes and put back inside his bag.

“The deal is done, the Land is free..but make sure the mistake of the late King isn’t repeated.. “He spoke to the people generally who bowed in thanks.

“Thank u Great one.”Ebere and Ulumma thanked him

“Nwaala, you did a great job here and I must commend you for that..”Nku said

“I did it for love, I love my earthly parents so much and I couldn’t embark on the evil journey Nne mmiri sent me”

“No.. It’s your destiny, and you are of this Land. You were just being used as a tool to destroy your own people”

“How??”Ulumma asked surprised

“Nne mmiri picked u up years ago at the bank of odu river and brought u up as her own.. When the king’s mistake came up, it was a good avenue for her revenge and she chose you knowing you will be destroying your own kingdom without knowing it..”

Everyone was shocked to hear all these..

Ulumma stared into space for a while

“Who are my parents then?”

“That you’ll soon find out. I leave you In peace”With this, he vanished.

The People began to rejoice and dance at the victory..

Suddenly, a young man from the crowd asked

“What did the late King do? So we won’t repeat such”

Ebere sighed and looked at Ulumma..

Ulumma turned to the crowd

“It all happened 25 years ago…”


What have you learnt from this story so far??


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