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The Ichies rejoiced at the news of the coming saviour and the forgiveness of Agbala.

They prostrated before the Shrine chanting praises and thanks to the gods.

“What do we do next?”Onowu asked Onu-agbala

“Am not in any position to salvage the calamities in the Land. Just go to your homes, relax and watch. It’s the battle for the gods.”Onu-agbala told them.

They thanked him profusely and left happily.


The next day, Olaedo summoned a meeting of the Ichies.

“This is the first official meeting I’ll be heading since I ascended this throne. Right or wrong?”She asked piercing into their eyes.

The Ichies looked at themselves and nodded in affirmative.

“Good.. There will be rules and regulations that will guide the Land from now henceforth and I just want to dish them out to you old men first before I make it an official law in the Land. Not like I need your opinions though but just to fulfill all righteousness..”

The Ichies just looked at themselves and didn’t say anything..

“Okay.. Number 1, all harvests must be divided 50-50 and one part sent to the Palace..”

“ehhh?!!”The Ichies screamed in horror

She ignored their scream and continued.

“There shall be no marriage between anybody in this Land except approved by me. That is to say, if a person wants to get married, they must come here together so I can access and approve their relationship before they finally marry because the rate of broken marriages and clashes in this Land is becoming alarming and am seriously concerned about it and wish to stop it..”

“All these are ridiculous laws! Why does anyone have to seek your consent before getting married? Why do u have to give you 50% of our harvest when we give the gods 10% only?”Odogwu asked in anger.

The other Ichies tried to signal him to keep quiet but he refused their glances and continued.

“Honestly, this is ridiculous. What is all these?”He screamed

Olaedo rose in fury

“Are u trying to dispute my law?”She asked

“Please he’s sorry”Ndulue said

“Shut up!”She growled at Ndulue

“I wasn’t talking to you so just shut up..”

She turned to Odogwu who was burning in anger..

“For talking back at me, you’ll be locked up in the Palace prison without food for water for 7days!!”

“ahhhhhh”the Ichies screamed.

Odogwu looked unmoved.

A guard came in to take him away.

“One thing I know is that, this will not last forever. One day, it’ll end”He said before he was hurled away.

“Now, you all get outtttttttt”she growled at them..

They quickly stood up and started walking away but was halted by the Presence of Ebere and Ulumma who stood in front of the Palace glaring daggers at Olaedo.



A young man came running to the market. He stopped beside Asa who had come to buy few things from the market.

“Daada, your daughters are back!”he screamed out of breath.

Asa turned sharply

“isi gini? Who is back?”

“Ebere and Ulumma.. I saw them with my two naked eyes, they were heading to the Palace!”He said excitedly

“Ebere and Ulumma? Palace?!”She threw all the things she had bought and started running to the Palace.

They had drawn the attention of many at the market and so, many people started running with Asa to the Palace to really know where they had been.



“and what are you two doing here?”Olaedo asked pointing at Ebere and Ulumma

“So this is what you’ve turned this village to within this short period of time.. I see you really meant business”Ulumma said pacing around

“I ask again, what are you doing here? I’m losing my patience already”Olaedo said..

Just then, Asa ran in with so many people behind her, men, women, young men and maidens..

“Ebere! Ulumma!!!! Lekwa umu m o (see my children o)”She ran to them..

Ebere and Ulumma hugged her simultaneously as she busted into tears of joy

“Where have u two been? I almost died thinking I’ve lost two of my children..”

“We’re sorry nne.. We’re back now and it’s all for good”Ebere said

“How is Lotanna?”Ulumma asked

“He’s fine.. He is with my mother”

“Can you please take your family reunion to your compound?”Olaedo shouted..

Ebere disengaged from the conversation and moved towards Olaedo.

“Your time is up my dear.. The suffering and pain you’ve put this village to has to come to an end.. You and your evil mother..”

“How dare you? Who are you anyways and what gave you the guts to speak to me in such a manner as this?”Olaedo growled

“Ebere biko let’s go home..Ulumma beg your sister to stop, let’s go home”Asa said visibly scared.

Ulumma just stood one side smiling..

“You asked who I am..”Ebere walked forward towards her in confidence

“I am Ebere, daughter of the gods.. The chosen umbrella for Umuozara”

As she said this, the earth shook in full force.. there was commotion everywhere as the villagers and even Olaedo staggered trying to gain posture. Only Ebere and Ulumma were not affected.

Soon, everywhere became calm.

“Now who are you?!”Ebere asked Olaedo mockingly.

Just then, the Prince came to the scene. He looked so tattered and dirty like someone that has been starving. He looked at them like morons. That’s what Olaedo has turned him into.

This angered Ebere the more..

“How dare you turn the crowned Prince into such a caricature?”Ebere screamed running towards the Prince who was looking at her confused.

Olaedo became furious and struck Ebere but she quickly stopped it with her hand and struck back.

Olaedo dodged by bending down, the force hit the Palace throne room and the Hut scattered.

All these while, the villagers had taken cover faraway still watching the drama and praying for Ebere not to be defeated.

“I will kill youuuuuuuu”Olaedo shouted in fury and hit her two hands on the ground.. Ebere began to shake and turn around to the effect of Olaedo’s powers. And then fell down flat on the ground.

The villagers began to scream and cry because their only hope has been defeated again.

“Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa”Olaedo laughed hard.

“Who dares cross the path of Ajonwa, daughter of evil? Not even you so called daughter of the gods. You are too small”She laughed in mockery.

Asa ran forward towards Ebere who was lying lifeless in the ground.

“Ebere don’t do this to me. Please wake up let’s go home”she cried.

Ulumma who was standing by the corner screamed “No Ebere! Noooo! Don’t let her defeat you! don’t let her win.. remember our mother, remember the Prince.. you’ll be letting the whole village down.. you are the daughter of the gods.. You cannot be defeated! Stand up and fight!!”Tears was dropping from her eyes.


QUICK QUESTION How can the chosen one of the gods be defeated so easily? do u really think Ebere has been defeated?

Sorry for the late post.. My pink jet arrived on my birthday (Tuesday)..Congratulate me o


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