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Olaedo had killed Ijiriji of Mbanta and taken over the Land as earlier planned. She had forced the Ichies to crown her King and they quickly did so without any form of complaint.

Prince Afamefuna was under her, she did to him as she so pleases.

She turned the Land into a nest of suffering and calamities and there was no one to stop her.

The Villagers resulted into running away from the Land and when Olaedo noticed this, she closed the boundaries and anyone caught trying to run away would be burnt alive.

Umuozara cried and begged the gods to have pity on them but all to no avail. They ran to Onu-agbala but he remained as adamant as ever..

They were living in hell and had to just endure it.

Olaedo was now the judge and ruler of Umuozara.

“Why did u burn down your brother’s barn?” Olaedo asked..

“My Queen, he took the maiden I want to marry away from me”One of the men said

“That’s a lie! Nkiru and I have been together for years now”The other one protested

“That’s not true and you know it!”

“Shut up both of you!!!”Olaedo shouted at them.

They kept quiet

“Both of you are shameless indeed.. Fighting over a girl.. A mere lady.. Is she that beautiful?”

They didn’t reply.

“Well, both of you would remain my slaves over here till you die.. You’ll warm my bed anytime I want and do whatever I ask you to OK?”

They nodded.

“Now you, follow me.. And you, follow that guard, he’ll show you to your Hut and I’ll send for you when I want to”She said and moved to her chambers with one of the men following her.


ONE HOUR LATER.. (At Olaedo’s chamber)

“My Queen please have mercy.. Am sorrryyyy”The young man cried

“Sorry for what?”Olaedo asked. She was lying naked on her Mat and has been forcing the guy to have sex with her for more than one hour.

“I’m drained and tired please.. My waist hurts.. Please have mercy”He cried

“You’re so lazy and stupid.. Get out and call in your brother”She growled

“Thank u.. Thank u.. “He limped out immediately.

“Mortals… They’re too lazy!”She lamented adjusting her naked body.

Just then, Nne mmiri appeared and Olaedo jumped and bowed immediately.

“Welcome mother..”

“You’re here enjoying like mortals.. Satisfying your flesh when there is war?”Nne mmiri asked

“I’m sorry mother but.. I thought I’ve defeated all obstacles”

“shut up! Nwaala is still hale and hearty.. And there’s this other maiden, her earthly sister Ebere. She possesses so much power now. I eliminated her but I can see she didn’t die after all and she’s so endowed with powers now so there’s extra work to do”

“What do u want me to do mother?”She said still bowing down

“I’ll endown you with more powers to defeat them all. Nwaala has betrayed me, she has joined forces with mortals to taunt me so I want you to make her pay for her betrayal..”

“It is done mother”

“Now take this”Nne mmiri handed over a black egg to Olaedo which she swallowed.

“Now get ready.. They’re almost in Umuozara..”She vanished


Ndi Ichies held a secret meeting at the Onowu’s house..

“Ichies, please what do we do to halt all these? Do we just keep quiet and watch a maiden destroy the Land of our fore father’s?”Onowu said in almost a whisper as if frightened that someone else might hear him.

“There’s nothing left to do.. We’ve tried but all to no avail”Odogwu said in defeat

“If the great Ijiriji of Mbanta could not defeat her, who then can?”Dike asked

“I vividly remember Onu-agbala made mention of some persons who he called the saviour who were on their way to defeat her and save the Land” Ndulue said

“Yes.. That is true.”Onowu concurred

“So what do we do about it now?”Odogwu asked

“I’d suggest we head to Onu-agbala again. Please and please, we shouldn’t give up, we should go to him again and beg”Dike said

“True, and let’s take along some gifts to smoothen the mind of the gods”Onowu said

They all agreed and decided to go there immediately.


They arrived Agbala shrine and met Onu-agbala chewing colanuts.

They quickly went on their knees..

“What do you people want again? I have given you the message of the gods so why not let me be?”Onu-agbala asked

“Onu-agbala we are sorry.. Help us beg agbala.. Forgive us, a father beats his child with the left hand and draws him back with the right hand. We are nothing but children before agbala, plead with him to forgive us. He has beaten us enough.. We have learnt our lessons and have changed genuinely”Onowu said still on his knees with the other Ichies.

“Please Great one, we are sorry”The others chorused

Onu-agbala sighed deeply and turned towards the Shrine.

“Agbala, you have heard them. They are truly sorry for disobeying you and am sure they’ve learnt their lessons never to bite the hands that feed them. Agbala nnem, we are sorry.. Gbahara, gbahara anyi oo(forgive us o)” He knelt down and bowed.

The Ichies bowed too pleading and crying for forgiveness..

After over 10minutes of pleading, the ground shook greatly. Lightening and thunder struck and everywhere became dark and gloomy.. The Ichies were frightened, maybe Agbala was now more angrily with them but after over 2mins, everywhere became calm.

Onu-agbala stood up smiling and exposing his blackened teeth.

“Rejoice Ndi Ichies, Agbala has forgiven Umuozara”

The Ichies couldn’t hide their joy, they heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“So does this mean all these calamities will stop and the evil maiden will go?”Ndulue asked

“The people to save this land are near already. Agbala has their back now and would fight alongside them so fear not, keep your hopes high for I see the storms calming down, Umuozara umbrella is on the way..”

Ndi Ichies nodded their heads in excitement..


QUICK QUESTION do you think Umuozara would be truly delivered this time around?


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