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Ebere and Ulumma were in the forest tracing their way home and battling with evil forces that didn’t want them to go to Umuozara.

One of such was Nne Mmiri.

She appeared in anger before Ebere and Ulumma who were resting under the shade of an Udara tree.

“You betrayer! You traitor!!”She screamed at Ulumma who bowed immediately leaving Ebere confused.

“Greetings dear mother”She said

“Shut up! Don’t greet me.. Nwaala how could you betray me like this? How could u flaunt my orders just to be with mere mortals? How could u chose these mortals over me who trained and nurtured you for years, gave you powers and immortality? How could u Nwaala?”Nne mmiri was raged

“Honestly I don’t know mother. I’m sorry this is how things turned out but I have that heart not to hurt anyone. They shouldn’t pay for the sins of someone else.. Nne please understand this..”

Nne mmiri walked around in anger

“I hate you Nwaala, I hate you so much for this!”She screamed.

“Now this is your reward”She stretched her hand forward, lightening came out but Nwaala was quick enough to dodge.

Ebere hid behind the tree watching the drama.

“Mother am sorry!”Ulumma cried.

Nne Mmiri stretched her hand forward again and struck Ulumma but she shielded it with both of her hands.

“You’re opposing me with the same powers I gave you? Funny!”Nne mmiri laughed.

“Am taking back everything I’ve given to you”

Nne mmiri started drawing out all the powers from Ulumma who fell on the ground tired and weak.

“Now take this..”She struck her hands forward

“Nooooooo”Ebere jumped out and waved it away with her left hand.

Nne mmiri paused and took a glance at Ebere.

“Who are you?”She asked

“I don’t know.. But I command you to leave here this minute!!”Ebere shouted and Nne mmiri swerved around shouting and soon vanished.

Ebere quickly ran to Ulumma who was on the ground looking lifeless.

“Sister, I did it.. I used my powers to defeat her.. I can’t believe this.. Did u see it?”She asked excitedly.

Ulumma nodded weakly

“This is a sign that Umuozara is in great danger.. We have to return quickly.”

Ebere agreed.. “Now you’re too weak to walk, it’s my turn to carry you”

Ulumma only smiled and nodded…



The Villagers were surprised seeing Olaedo sitting on the Throne and the Ichies all lying on the ground with one dead.

“What’s going on here? Papaaaa”One young maiden ran forward.

She’s Ofor’s daughter..

She started shaking him vigorously while crying.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh.. Silence”Olaedo said to the crying girl.

She then turned to Ijiriji

“So you have the mind to come into my territory? To do what exactly if I may ask”Olaedo said with her hands across her breasts..

Ijiriji looked around

“I know you.. Ajonwa, daughter of evil.. daughter of Nne mmiri, why are you tormenting this people for what they know nothing about? The perpetrator is already dead and I believe that is his reward for the evil against your Land and the earth goddess so what more?”

Olaedo laughed wickedly

“Have u come here to play the judge?”

“I have come here to ask you politely to leave..”Ijiriji said

Olaedo laughed loud and long “Very funny”

Ijiriji hit his staff on the ground thrice and Olaedo staggered as the ground was becoming too hot for her.

“Leaveeee”Ijiriji screamed

Olaedo staggered the more and was trying to hold herself but couldn’t.. all the powers she tried to use against Ijiriji but to no avail..

Ijiriji finally struck her with his staff and an earthquake swallowed her and everywhere became calm.

The villagers jumped up in Joy singing, shouting and dancing.

Prince Afamefuna stood on one corner looking at everything and everyone in confusion. He still hasn’t regained his senses from Olaedo’s charms.

“Rejoice Umuozara for your problems are all over now”Ijiriji declared and more dancing continued.

Suddenly a heavy wind blew and Ijiriji fell flat on the floor, DEAD!!

“I am the Daughter of evil, I cannot be defeated easily”Came Olaedo’s voice from behind.

The villagers all ran helter shelter out of the palace..


Quick Question Why do you think the great Ijiriji of Mbanta, known far and wide couldn’t defeat the powers of Olaedo and Nne mmiri?




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