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Me: make we meet for where? I type and send

Switched off my data avoiding Favour, that girl don dey suspect something.

I wanted to prepare okro soup that night, there was no light and everybody wey dey stay for that area know say them no go even flash am till four days past.

I wonder who be the mad person wey bring that idea to ration light, is like that person needed to be dealt with like em be thief or worse. I went inside and wore something appropriating and got out of the yard.

I know say Elizabeth there road side na no go area ’cause of Favour, I decided to use my right and go to the petipeti market along the road.

I just dey mind my business when I see that small girl with big yansh coming from the other end, time to show her seniority.

There was a stick pinned and a cut square shaped plank at the top and a boldly written words “don’t dump refuge here”.

And there was a school with broken fence at my left, and behind the smally with big god is a Yoruba church.

One even dey close to my fence, I for sabi Yoruba by force but nobody to help me interpret.

Me: my beautiful friend.

She be wan snub me pass, but I blocked her way.

Small girl: you wan come fine trouble again.

Me: na crime to trip for fine girl like you?

Small girl: so you nodey fine greetings again?

Me: hiaa… You still remember.

Small girl: laughing yes na.

Me: forgive me, no vex. My name na Victor, so wetin me this angel wey dey mesmerize me name?

Small girl: she blush wey the angel?

Me: na she just ask the question.

Small girl: Anita.

Me: I go save you my love for my phone instead of Anita.

Anita: surprise who give you my number?

I brought out my phone and gave it to her, her eyes grew big when she see Iphone. At least she godey use am snap picture, Iphone 6. Half bread is better than none.

Anita: typing the number na your phone be this?

Me: yes, you like am.

Anita: she nod the camera good for snapping.

Me: where you dey stay?

Anita: see my house.

She pointed at a gate aligned at my right side, she referred to the black rather than the first gate wey be red.

Me: my house dey for the road wey enter inside, the first black gate. You fit dey come to snap picture, my love.

Anita: I no be your love oh, I get boyfriend.

Me: I go kidnap you from am.

Anita: kwa.. You be kidnapper?

Me: no na, you be like gold. I nofit see gold allow am go.

The girl just dey bring up plenty topic I almost forget say I suppose go buy something.

The moment the gate made a sound, I no care to know which one wey open.

I faced were I was walking to, and started moving before them go unleash dragon on me.

Me: I go call you oh.

I said aloud not looking back, I swung the can I held in my right hand to purchase fuel.

Anita your yansh go hear am, I thought about the appropriate style I go take sample that thing wey dey give that small girl wey be seventeen years old morale.

Doggystyle or scissor? Which one go go, make em that day first reach.

I went to one of the shop along the road I needed for the soup.

My phone rang and I picked the call.

Me: bro, how far na?

Victory: where you go? you just carry key commot..

Me: no vex, I go buy soup things. I wan go buy fuel.

Victory: come Lizzy their shop, I dey wait there.

I carried all things I bought and headed to Lizzy’s shop. That road no good at all, I just dey jump pot holes upadan… A whole street with levels suppose be tarred, but no way them wan share money instead of asking the companies to develop.

The moment I got closer, I sighted mg brother sitting down on a bench outside.

I x-ray the surroundings if I go see Favour then tell am make we pass another side, the coast was clear.

I got closer and Favour jumped out from the shop like frog wey snake dey pursue, no way to escape as our eyes jammed.

Favour: ehem.. Victor, come buy biscuit for me.

Naija girls ehnn… How you dey no even enter her mind first, na biscuit. Matcheeeww…!!

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