My Madam And I - S01 E84

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I felt so down after meeting with Ruth. i didn’t know how to break the story to Sandra who obviously wouldn’t see it as the best news ever. so i took a long walk the evening of the next day to clear my head. I got home later that evening to find Ruth discussing with mum in a very serious manner. I walked in circumspectly cautious of every note on their faces that would give me a clue on what was going on.

“mike! you’re home. Ruth has been waiting for you”. mum said with an expressionless face.

I nodded a greeting to Ruth and sat beside her. She gave me a suspicious look that sent the chill down my marrow.

” aren’t you happy to see me Mr man?” she said smiling.

I returned a fake smile and waited for mum who stood the moment i sat in to leave before i turned abruptly to Ruth.

“what have you been discussing with mum?” i wholeheartedly inquired from Ruth.

She smiled and sat comfortably on the chair looking at me from the side of her eyes. I was suddenly uncomfortable with her visit and a cold sweat ran down my spine.

“are you scared to see me mike?”. She said still maintaining her relaxed position.

I suddenly became cautious of my apprehension and decided to relax a little. Ruth seem to feel in control and was obviously enjoying my tension. I was going to say another word when i phone stopped me. It was from Sandra. I looked at Ruth with a side of my eyes and answered the call.

” hello” i said , trying to sound casual……you are where?”. I looked at Ruth who was concerned to know who i was talking with.” okay. am coming”. i hung up and stood up looking at Ruth thinking of what to say to her.

” whats it mike?”

” em…lemme.. em… see someone downstairs”.

She looked suspiciously at me then focused on her phone. I immediately walked out conscious of her eyes behind me.

Sandra stood in front of a black SUV with a dark shade on and clad in a pink jumpsuit. She glowed in her usual boisterous smile the moment she spotted me coming.

” my Mr handsome” she said and made to hug me.

I turned to look at the window upstairs to check if Ruth was watching. But i was too late to spot anything before Sandra grabbed me abd landed a kiss on my lips.

” i got this ride today”. She said excitedly still clinging on my neck.

I became aware of the car and gently broke loose from her grip and looked at it admiringly while Sandra displayed a wide grin.

” can we take a ride?”. she said tossing the car key at me and entering the front passenger sit without waiting for my response.

I looked at the window expecting to catch Ruth peeping but found it closed.

” sweetie!!” Sandra screamed.

i immediately joined her and engaged the engine. we drove round the town while i contentiously check my time, reminding Sandra once in awhile of my intention of going home to finish a chore but she nodding and said nothing about it.

We finally ended up at the beach which was quite a distance from home. Sandra immediately ran out of the car towards the water while i turned off the engine and followed after her still worried about Ruth waiting for me at home.

Sandra had a great time. At least i pretended to, so as not to hurt her feelings. I insisted on going home, so she asked me to drop her off at her place. i smelt another crazy idea brewing but i yielded all the same.

We arrived her place, i stopped the engine and made to come out of the car so i can meet up with R uth who had left me two missed calls.

” where are you rushing to?” Sandra asked, looking steadily at me.

” i told you i have got something to do at home”. i said in a hash tone.

She smiled and handed me a file. I looked at her suspiciously, she smiled and nodded. I Opened the file to find a car document in my name. I opened my eyes in surprise. She smiled at me and started alighting.

” now you have a car, rush home and finish your chores” she said and walked in.

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