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Playing Together With Her Idol

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Feeding the unkind gaze, Song Yifan glanced at the direction of Li Sicheng. Immediately, their eyes met. Song Yifan clearly saw the warning and displeasure in the pupils of the cold man and was slightly surprised. If he had remembered correctly, this young man must be the new business legend Li Sicheng.

On the other hand, when Su Qianci saw the unkind look from Li Sicheng, she felt uneasy. She had completely forgotten that Li Sicheng was present as well. He did not seem to be pleased about that. But there was no way that Su Qianci would give up the opportunity to play next to her idol.

She only had this one chance in her two lifetimes combined. In addition, she did not have the best luck, so there might not be another chance for her in the future. Gritting her teeth, Su Qianci turned her back toward Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng's eyes became darker. This woman has some guts!

Song Yifan saw that and knew that Su Qianci and Li Sicheng knew each other, smiling at Li Sicheng kindly.

However, the smile was of a different meaning in Li Sicheng's eyes. This old man was trying to… challenge him? Turning his head, Li Sicheng saw Sheng Ximing. It seemed that the two middle-aged men were trying to work together to keep his wife away from him? Was that a coincidence? Lucky customer? Li Sicheng did not believe it. However, Li Sicheng could not think of what the two men saw in Su Qianci…

"Ms. Su, do you know how to play Qi Xuan?"

Song Yifan's voice was unique and a bit coarse in a charming way, making Su Qianci feel like she was about to melt. She nodded again and again. Su Qianci wanted to say something but was too excited to put her feeling into words.

Song Yifan looked at Su Qianci softly. She looked so much like Rong Xuan! No wonder Sheng Ximing had acted that way. "Let's start then."

There was a lot of noise in the restaurant. Everyone wished it were themselves who could play with the famous pianist.

Su Qianci nodded and sat next to Song Yifan. Qi Xuan was the masterpiece composed by Song Yifan himself. It brought him great honor and fame. With the familiar music, everyone became quiet, listening quietly. Song Yifan was playing the bass clef while Su Qianci the treble clef.

The first half of the tune was mainly composed with the lower sounding notes, so Song Yifan was playing. After he finished, Su Qianci hit a key.


Someone immediately cried, "That girl doesn't know how to play. It's the wrong note."

A lot of girls holding a grudge immediately nodded.

"Don't force it if you don't know how to play. That's quite a shame."

"If it were me, I would have done that perfectly."

Song Yifan frowned and glanced at Su Qianci. However, Su Qianci ignored everything and looked at the keyboard attentively. Her fingers are lean and long, making her a natural for piano. The music soared. The music written for love and loss penetrated everyone's heart. Those who were making sour remarks gradually became silent.

Song Yifan was the most touched. He gradually stopped playing and looked at the girl he had met for the first time.

As if there were no one around her, Su Qianci played quietly. Although she had little makeup on, she looked stunning. This face was almost the exact same as the one he had remembered. Song Yifan's eyes suddenly lit up.

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