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A Photo

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Li Sicheng had a rare smile on his face. Gazing at his older brother, he said, "If your girl agrees to marry you, you can display all the affection in the world."

Li Beixing felt suffocated. Only if it was that easy…

Tang Zhenghao did not look pleased at all by the show that his wife and daughters had prepared. Based on what Li Beixing knew about him, there would definitely be a fight in the Tang family later.

"That looks good." Li Sicheng took the menu away from Su Qianci's hand and suddenly thought of something. "Order some warm beverage as well. It would help with your cramps."

Su Qianci slightly blushed, nodded and said shyly, "You order for me." Li Sicheng nodded.

"Oh my god!" Li Beixing had goosebumps and looked at Qin Shuhua. "Mom, what do you want?"

After everyone had ordered, Tang Mengqing was disgusted by Su Qianci's happy face. Why did this woman get to have Li Sicheng? If it was not for her, Mengying would be the one who was married to Li Sicheng! Looking at her sister, Tang Mengqing got a wink from Tang Mengying. Tang Mengqing immediately felt reassured. She knew her sister had other tricks up her sleeve. However, when the dinner was served, the plan Tang Mengying and Tang Mengqing had made was completely useless. They had thought that Su Qianci would not know how to behave at a formal dinner.

However, her manners were impeccable. Mrs. Tang saw Qin Shuhua's look of approval and could no longer hold back. She looked at Tang Mengqing and asked, "Tang Mengqing, did you meet Su Qianci near your high school the other day?"

Hearing that, Su Qianci immediately had a presentiment. Hearing her mother mentioning that incident, Tang Mengqing immediately nodded and said, "Yes. She was having a great time with another man."

Tang Mengying pretended to be mad and exclaimed, "Qianci is married. Stop with this nonsense."

"It's true!" Tang Mengqing insisted. "She was laughing and having a lot of fun with that guy. I have a photo!"

A photo! Qin Shuhua frowned. "What photo?"

Su Qianci's heart sank and glanced at Li Sicheng next to her. Li Sicheng gazed at Su Qianci deeply and then said to Qin Shuhua, "Just a random picture from a rather confusing angle."

Tang Mengying did not expect him to explain on Su Qianci's behalf. It was completely out of Li Sicheng's character. So they were so close now that a photo like that did not cause any suspicion? Tang Mengying felt jealous but did not show anything on her face. "Auntie seems to be curious. Just show her the photo, Mengqing."

"Right," Su Qianci suddenly cut in, "Speaking of, how is Mengqing feeling right now? You should take really good care of yourself the first three months after you lost your baby… I have really learned my lesson…"

Tang Mengqing immediately stood up and bristled, "What are you talking about?"

Tang Zhenghao's face suddenly became gloomy as he asked, "What does that mean? What baby?"

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