The 99Th Divorce - S01 E130

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There Will Be Another Child...

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Closing the chatting window with Lin Wanting, Su Qianci collapsed on the bed again.

Li Sicheng came home early that day. It was not even four when he arrived. Pleasantly surprised, Nanny Rong saw him walking into Su Qianci's room. Su Qianci did not lock the door, so it was easy for Li Sicheng to go inside and find that the woman was asleep still. Hugging her comforter, Su Qianci was breathing evenly, with lots of skin exposed. Her white slip dress was pulled up, showing her white thong, looking seductive.

Li Sicheng held his breath and walked up. He slowly lifted her leg, wanting to put the comforter over her, but clearly Su Qianci did not want to cooperate. Feeling someone was trying to take her comforter way, she groaned and held it tighter.

Li Sicheng, afraid that she was about to wake up, paused, and stared at her. Clearly, Su Qianci did not notice that someone had sneaked into the room, still sound asleep.

Li Sicheng let out a sigh of relief and then suddenly found that his forehead was covered in cold sweat.


He was entering the room of his wife, why did he feel like a thief? Li Sicheng felt frustrated and give up the idea of tucking her in. Seeing how sweet she was sleeping, he was reminded of the embarrassing scene of him carrying her into the hospital.

For no reason, he bristled and sat down next to her, waking her. "Get up!"

Su Qianci was woken up but still in a haze. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Li Sicheng's cold face and suddenly became sober. Very soon, she realized that her position was giving Li Sicheng a great view.

"Ah!" She quickly took her leg back and became completely sober. Holding the blanket, Su Qianci quickly moved back. Blushing, she exclaimed, "When did you come? This is my room!"

Li Sicheng was displeased by her overreaction and stated calmly, "Everything in this house is mine."

Su Qianci paused as he had stated a fact. "But this is my room now. You should at least knock before you enter."

Li Sicheng nodded and then commented, "But you are mine as well."

Su Qianci was dumbstruck.

Li Sicheng frowned and said, "At least for now."

Seeing his calm face, she almost thought she had heard him wrong. However, she very soon realized that he meant she was his lawfully married wife for now. But everything would be over soon. Only nine months left…

"Freshen up and come to the old house with me," he commanded.


"My big brother is back. You were… not around last time. So now I'm taking you to meet him."

"Last time?"

When was that?

"When you were in the hospital."

"Oh…" Thinking of the baby who had been killed before being born, Su Qianci was slightly depressed. "I will."

Li Sicheng gazed at her deeply and suddenly felt slightly bitter.

In fact, as long as you're willing, we could have another child…

However, she was in love with Lu Yihan…

Feeling irritated, Li Sicheng stood up and said, "I'll wait for you outside."

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