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Keep The Money

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When Su Qianci fell asleep, she was still feeling terrible.

However, in the second half of the night, she felt something warm was attached to her stomach, easing her pain and helping her sleep soundly. When she woke up the next day, it was 8 AM. Seeing the time, Su Qianci immediately jumped.

Dammit, she had a class today that was taught by a strict professor, who would definitely have a roll call. If she was found to skip the class, it would be terrible. Su Qianci quickly got up. Her cramps were much better than yesterday.

Quickly changing into a new outfit, Su Qianci saw Nanny Rong handing her a glass of warm water. "There is no rush. Mr. Li had already told the professor that you are sick."

Su Qianci was dazed. "Where is he?"

"He's at work. But I just checked with him and he said he would come back after he's done."

Hearing that the professor had been taken care of, Su Qianci felt less nervous and slowed down. After drinking the water, she immediately lay down on the bed again and slept. When she woke up again, it was past noon. Su Qianci ate briefly and turned her laptop on, opening the chat.

Lu Yihan had already sent her the proposal.

However, what caught Su Qianci's attention was a friend request from L.

Who is L?

Su Qianci checked the profile of this person and saw no information filled out. However, it was a user who had registered eight years ago. Su Qianci hesitated and clicked yes. Then, she began checking the proposal that Lu Yihan had sent her. When she was halfway through the proposal, Su Qianci saw a message from Lin Wanting, "Su Qianci, are you there?"

Seeing her name, Su Qianci felt a bit distant. After the incident at the reunion, Su Qianci had heard about what had happened to Lin Wanting. She was miserable. But she deserved it. Still, Su Qianci replied, "Yes."

"What's your account? I will give you the money back."

"How come you have so much money?"

"I will get married. Didn't you know that?"


"Thanks to you. If it were not for you, I wouldn't be able to marry into the Ding family. If it was not me who went into the room with Ding Haibo there, you should have been ruined. Don't you think you should thank me? Although you did that to me, I'm still inviting you to my wedding. Next month on the tenth." Lin Wanting said a lot, and Su Qianci could feel that each word was carrying resentment and remained silent. "You don't dare to face me?"

"Do you know how to spell shame? Keep the money for your future injuries. I heard Ding Haibo is quite a player."

Lin Wanting banged her keyboard and bristled. "Bitch!" Taking a pen, Lin Wanting stabbed it into a photo of Su Qianci's on the desk. However, another photo that was even more damaged was one of Liu Anan. "If I don't get you both killed, I will never let go of this!"

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