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In The Hospital Again

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When she was still hesitating, Su Qianci suddenly felt a twitch in her stomach. Turning pale, she felt something was flowing down her legs. Su Qianci immediately knew what was going on. She had not had her period since she lost her baby. But it hurt so much… Su Qianci covered her stomach and slowly squatted down, putting her laptop on the floor.

By the dinner table, Li Sicheng was slowly eating the congee that she had made with impeccable manners. After he finished the congee, Su Qianci was still not there. Li Sicheng frowned and looked back, seeing that she was obviously not well. "What's wrong?" Li Sicheng put down the bowl and walked over.

"It's okay. Don't come near me." Su Qianci waved her hand, but the cramps were giving her a hard time.

Li Sicheng had already put a hand on her forehead. "So cold, are you sick?"

Su Qianci shook her head again and again. "It's okay." However, she felt like she was about to collapse. She needed to go back to her room and get a tampon immediately, but… Seeing his nervous look, Su Qianci breathed even more rapidly. She bowed her head and whispered, "Could you give me some space? I think I just got my period."

Li Sicheng was dazed and had some rare embarrassment on his face. He frowned at her pale skin. "Does it hurt a lot? I will help you go to your room."

"It's okay. Just turn around. Don't look at me."

Li Sicheng knew she was shy and turned around.

Su Qianci let out a sigh of relief. Resisting the pain, she stood up. However, she suddenly blacked out and fell to the side.

The noise made Li Sicheng look back immediately. He was shocked to see Su Qianci lying on the floor unconscious. Li Sicheng immediately squatted down and patted her face. "Su Qianci?" Her body was cold. Covered in sweat, yet her body temperature seemed to have dropped. What the hell? Isn't menstruation something normal to all women? Why does it look like that Su Qianci was about to die… Li Sicheng immediately took Su Qianci in his arms and quickly took her to a hospital.

In the emergency room, the doctor found the patient was only having menstruation and became impatient. "What's your relationship to the patient?"


"Husband? She is married and has these symptoms?"

Li Sicheng's pajamas were stained with blood. Facing the doctor, he pursed his lips and became silent. It was the first time he had ever experienced this.

The doctor curled his lips, wrote a prescription and said, "This condition is either caused by too much sex, or too little. Just pay more attention in the future. All right, after the drip, she is free to go. Here's the bill."

Li Sicheng nodded.

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