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Designed For Her

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Li Sicheng curled his long fingers, crushing the cigarette between them. F**king open relationship! Suddenly, his phone rang, and it was Cheng You. "Mr. Li, the drawing for the jewelry you asked to be custom-made is ready. You should be able to receive it by next month, for Mrs. Li's birthday."

"Okay," Li Sicheng answered absentmindedly.

Cheng You could tell that Li Sicheng had now completely lost interest in this set of jewelry that he had been excited about initially. Feeling anxious, Cheng You asked, "Do you want to see the drawing?"

"Feel free to decide for me."

"Okay." Cheng You felt even odder. A few days ago, although Li Sicheng had been busy, he was quite excited about the jewelry. How come everything suddenly changed? "I think it looks good. Then I'll ask them to produce it?"

"Okay." Li Sicheng hung up and leaned back on the couch, puffing out a plume of smoke. Under the warm lighting, his eyes looked even deeper. Having pondered for a while, Li Sicheng texted Cheng You, "Send me the drawing."

In addition to going to classes, Su Qianci spent the rest of her time working with Lu Yihan. In the beginning, her entrepreneurship skills completely shocked Lu Yihan. Lu Yihan had thought that Su Qianci only wanted to be an investor and did not care about management. However, he was completely blown away by her. Su Qianci did not feel proud of herself, since after all, she had lived five more years than her body.

For the following two weeks, Su Qianci never saw Li Sicheng at home. She had been afraid that her mind might run wild if she saw him all day, but it turned out that the thought of him was equally disturbing when he was out of sight. After the Cold War between the couple had been going on for twenty days, Su Qianci got a call from Captain Li.


"Qianqian, did you eat?"

"I did."

"I heard you and Li Sicheng are in a fight?"

Su Qianci paused and replied, "No, we're not."


"Really. Who told you that?"

"Oh, I heard from Nanny Rong that the boy hadn't been home for more than two months. In August, I know he was on a business trip. But this month, he has been living in a hotel. Are you going to keep lying to me?"

Hearing the accusation from Captain Li, Su Qianci suddenly felt deeply touched. No matter in her previous lifetime or this one, grandpa had always been the only relative that truly cared about her. He was also her role model. However, Su Qianci still denied it. "No, we are not in a fight."

"So the boy is ignoring you?"

"Grandpa, there is nothing like that going on. Maybe Nanny Rong has the wrong idea, but we are good."

"I think you are just trying to protect him. Okay then. The national holiday's coming. Do you have any plan?"

"Not for the time being."

"How about a trip with me?"

Su Qianci was dazed, asking, "You want to travel?"

"Yeah. I heard the Maldives is a great destination. I should probably see it before I hit it. Come with me!"

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