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“Skeletal Division Leader, quickly kill these beasts and expand the array!”

Zhao Feng’s voice was filled with decisive killing intent.

The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was filled with blood as the beasts died within it.

The energy these True Spirit Realm beasts provided was of an extremely high quality. In just a short while, the hundred beasts all died and the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array increased.

“What a cruel move.”

The skeletal Division Leader waved the black flag excitedly in order to direct the power of the array.

The fifteen cursed ghost-corpses became stronger and stronger as they absorbed the energy from the dead beasts.

At this moment in time, the portion of vines enveloped by the array soon rotted.

However, with the Origin Lifeforce, the sea of vines kept growing even though a portion was destroyed.

Although the array managed to suppress the normal vines, it couldn’t threaten the vine king in the middle, but that was already enough for the Purple Saint Partial Spirit to reveal a look of joy, “Using those beasts to feed the array and increase its power…. This Zhao Feng is really cunning.”

Back at the mountain outside:

“This brat is so infuriating.”

“Hmph, don’t worry. Over half of his beast army has died; he won’t be able to last much longer.”

The three experts discussed.

The three sects hated Zhao Feng. A measly True Lord Rank could turn the tide even against three Void God Realm Kings. They had to admit the opponent was terrifying.

Grandmaster Yin Kong was also paying attention to the blue-haired youth in the image. This clash between the blue-haired youth and the three Void God Realms made Yin Kong admire the youth.

“Grandmaster Yin Kong, get ready to send the second drop.”

Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ voice sounded.


Grandmaster Yin Kong agreed and started to send over the second drop of Origin Lifeforce.

Within the center of the mysterious canyon, the air of death and the power of the curse from the array had enveloped everything within three miles and began fighting the vine king in the middle.

“Unfortunately, only fifteen ghost-corpses were crafted. The range of the array is too big to threaten the vine king.”

Zhao Feng controlled the remaining beasts while paying attention to the situation.

There were only one or two hundred beasts left. A portion was responsible for clearing out the vines while the rest were spare food for the array.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng sensed a disturbance in space.


An enormous source of lifeforce appeared in the center of the vines.

In that instant, Zhao Feng caught sight of a liquid similar to the Elixir of Life, but its size was much bigger.

“Not good, a second drop of Origin Lifeforce.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit warned.

The first drop already made the Demonic Hell Vines grow furiously and created the vine king, and now there was another drop? Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader both felt their scalps tingle.

As expected, the suppressed sea of vines started to expand crazily, unable to be stopped.

The vine king in the middle was already dozens of yards long, and its aura surpassed normal half-step Origin Core Realms.


The Demonic Hell Vine king’s vines were like dragons. Every swish could kill normal True Spirit Realms, and hundreds of vines were thrashing around at once.


The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was instantly smacked by the vines and its power started to decrease.

“Master, the array won’t be able to last very long if this continues.”

The skeletal Division Leader yelled as the pressure increased.

“Human, save me!”

The Towering Tree Yao was also being attacked by the Demonic Hell Vine king.

They were at the same level in terms of lifeforce for now, but the Demonic Hell Vines could devour and absorb life and continue growing.

Unfortunately, the Towering Tree Yao was becoming food for the vines.

Not only could the Towering Tree Yao not fight back, it was also countered by the opponent.


Zhao Feng’s expression dimmed. Insanity appeared in his eyes as he ordered the remaining beasts to charge into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s strength increased dramatically, but even then, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array couldn’t stop the growth of the vines.

Above the mountain:

“Hahaha, the brat’s array can’t do anything anymore, and without the beasts, resistance is futile.”

“Looks like another drop or two of Origin Lifeforce will allow the Demonic Hell Vine to reach the Origin Core Realm level.”

The eyes of the three experts twinkled with excitement.

From the beginning of the inheritance opening, Zhao Feng seemed to always have the upper hand. Unknowingly, the experts of these three sects were all wary and hateful toward him.

Even the three Void God Realm Kings didn’t dare to ignore Zhao Feng anymore.

“Zhao Feng, I admit I lost to you last time, but now there’s several Void God Realm Kings and an array grandmaster. You can’t escape this time.”

A young female in the crowd murmured to herself. She was extremely pretty, like a falling leaf in the wind. However, her eyes were full of killing intent as she watched the blue-haired youth in the image.

It was Ye Yanyue.

In the past couple years, she focused on cultivation due to what happened in the Purple Saint Ruins.

Half a month ago, when she knew that the youth in her nightmares had appeared once more, she hurried over.

Others that came over included the Core disciples of the three sects that entered the Ruins back then, such as Lu Tianyi, Chi Gui, and company.

Amongst them, Lu Tianyi was the strongest; he broke through to the Origin Core Realm not long ago. His status among the Core disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was within the top three.

“Saint Moon Aunt Goddess, one or two more drops of the Origin Lifeforce will allow the vine king to reach the Origin Core Realm.”

The golden skeleton was filled with expectation. Once the vine king reached the Origin Core Realm, it would have several new powers and abilities.

“Zhao Feng, if the Demonic Hell Vine king reaches the Origin Core Realm, even normal Sovereigns would need to retreat from it. Within the entire Purple Saint Ruins, no one would be able to threaten it anymore.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded, and the heart of the skeletal Division Leader clenched.

At this moment in time, it was difficult for the skeletal Division Leader to even hurt the vine king by itself. Once the vine king broke through, the result would be unimaginable.

Of course, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader didn’t fear the current vine king, they were more wary of the entire sea of vines instead.

The sea of vines blocked both Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader at the same time.

“If another drop or two of Origin Lifeforce appears, then all our efforts will have been for nothing….”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath. This time, his opponents were the members of the three sects’ upper echelons, and maybe even Void God Realm experts would appear since one of the requirements of being a two-star sect was having a Void God Realm expert.

His fear came true.

Zhao Feng suddenly sensed a disturbance in space once again.

“I can’t let it happen…!”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was pushed to its limit. In this instant, his left eye seemed to become a grand ocean as it unleashed unimaginable potential.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the lake expanded to eighteen yards, and the whirlpool in the middle spun at a high speed as it radiated light.

“Lock on!”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye used a technique similar to the Golden Sun Family’s Sacred Eye bloodline to lock on to area around the drop of Origin Lifeforce.

Once this power was used, the area that was locked on to would become restricted.


An invisible force passed through the air that locked on to the space around the disturbance, and a mysterious drop of liquid appeared that was the size of a thumb and radiated limitless lifeforce.

“It’s appeared!”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng’s heart and the God’s Spiritual Eye were both thumping heavily, and he restricted the space where the drop of liquid appeared.

The skeletal Division Leader and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit could see this change clearly.

This was the moment of destiny.

Once the Demonic Hell Vine gained a foothold in the ruins, it would become a pathway for the three sects, and the result of that would be unimaginable.


The vine king sensed the existence of something similar to the Origin Lifeforce and grabbed toward it with its vine appendages.

Zhao Feng had locked down the lifeforce of the Origin Lifeforce with his eye-bloodline power, but its aura was still released.


Insanity appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he instinctively tried to move the drop away.

As long as the item wasn’t too big, Zhao Feng could move it without much difficulty. The problem was that the vine king was already extremely close to the drop and could “block off” the area with just a thought.


Countless vines sealed off the space around the drop of Origin Lifeforce.

As long as a single vine touched it, the Origin Lifeforce would be absorbed, and all their effort would become useless.

It’s over.

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart fell while the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s heart reached her throat.

No matter where the drop of Origin Lifeforce moved, it wouldn’t be able to escape its fate.


Zhao Feng gritted his teeth as his face was filled with insanity and he almost lost his mind.

His left eye spun like a small whirlpool and, in this critical moment, a whirlpool suddenly appeared around the Origin Lifeforce.


The drop of Origin Lifeforce suddenly disappeared just as the wave of vines charged over.

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