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Grandmaster Yin Kong

The Demonic Hell Vines were finally suppressed for the first time.


The horde of True Spirit Realm beasts crushed and ran over the vines.

The waves of Demonic Hell Vines quickly showed signs of stopping.

“They’ve finally stabilized.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit let out a breath. At this critical moment, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye managed to turn the situation around.

Controlling several hundred True Spirit Realm beasts was something that normal beast tamers couldn’t even think of.

In the air above the mountain:

“Even if he already dominated them earlier, a measly True Lord Rank can’t control four or five hundred True Spirit Realm beasts easily.”

The scenery within the phantom image caused the expressions of the three experts to freeze.

They obviously would never have imagined that the Demonic Hell Vines would be trampled by an overwhelming amount of beasts.

“The seed of the Demonic Hell Vine wasn’t there for very long, so its power hadn’t fully awakened. On top of that, it was killed before it fully grew.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess murmured as they watched everything within the image.

“Hehe, numbers can be useful in some situations.”

The blue-haired youth looked down from the sky as he controlled the beast horde.

What was even more incredible was that these beasts were actually split into groups and supported one another.

Some beasts specialized in tunneling and killed the roots of the vines. Flying beasts were responsible for rescuing beasts that were trapped by vines.

These scenes caused the three sects’ experts to watch with gaping mouths.

“Such control. This brat’s eye-bloodline isn’t simple.”

The golden skeleton sighed.

A few years ago, Zhao Feng displayed special eye-bloodline techniques and mental energy skills when he fought the disciples of the three sects.

This time, Zhao Feng once again showed the world his God’s Spiritual Eye’s power.

The three Void God Realm experts had to admit that it was hard to find such an eye-bloodline even among the three sects.

Within the mysterious canyon, in the process of fighting the demonic vines, the army of beasts suffered some losses, but Zhao Feng didn’t feel any pain since there was a large number of beasts within the Purple Saint Ruins. Even if he didn’t sacrifice any, these beasts would fight with each another.

“Zhao Feng, not bad.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded.

“Human, I thank you once more.”

The Towering Tree Yao said. Because it was at the center of the mysterious canyon, the Towering Tree Yao was the first to be attacked by the Demonic Hell Vines.

The insane growth of the vines made the Towering Tree Yao face disaster.

Zhao Feng was expressionless as he floated in midair.

Would the three sects give up so easily? Zhao Feng didn’t think so. The Purple Saint Ruins contained items that would make the eyes of any two-star sect members go red.

Above the mountain:

“The Demonic Hell Vines are the first step of our plan. If they fail, then the plan will be affected.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess said faintly. She had become the leader of the attacking force, and the other two Void God Realm Kings looked to her for decisions.

“The ‘Spatial Splitting Array’ has been prepared, but it can only send in small items as of right now. The risk will be high if we send in people at the True Spirit Realm….”

A voice sounded from the other side of the mountain.

A mysterious cold silver array appeared in the air that was held by dozens of array masters. The three at the very front were all array grandmasters, and a youth with silver eyes in the middle was the one that spoke.

The array masters, and even the other two array grandmasters, looked toward the silver-eyed youth with respect.

“Array Grandmaster Yin Kong, hopefully you can stabilize the Spatial Splitting Array as soon as possible, but right now, can you please send a couple drops of Origin Lifeforce over?”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess spoke.

Even the three Void God Realm Kings were respectful toward this silver-eyed man.

He was Grandmaster Yin Kong, one of the four grandmasters of the Tianlu Islands, and a specialist in spatial arrays.

On top of that, this Grandmaster Yin Kong was said to have a powerful eye-bloodline that was apparently related to space.

“Origin Lifeforce?”

Grandmaster Yin Kong was slightly surprised.

The Origin Lifeforce was similar to the Elixir of Life, but the difference was that the former contained limitless lifeforce.

Legends said that one drop of it could turn dry, dead earth within a hundred miles to a lively, rich field that could supply lifeforce for a thousand years.

From this, one could see how terrifying a drop of Origin Lifeforce could be.

And currently, the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess wanted to send these drops of Origin Lifeforce to the Purple Saint Ruins to support the Demonic Hell Vines.

Thinking up to here, Grandmaster Yin Kong’s heart shook. Once the Demonic Hell Vine absorbed the Origin Lifeforce, the result would be unimaginable.

“Saint Moon Aunt Goddess, you’re really daring to spend so much. A single drop of Origin Lifeforce is rare even in the Sacred lands.”

The demonic lord surrounded in black mist couldn’t help but say.

“Send it one drop at a time or else it’ll be too wasteful.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess said.

In the mysterious canyon, the Demonic Hell Vines were losing momentum and had retracted to only a one-mile radius. If this continued, the vines would soon be killed entirely.

The skeletal Division Leader let out a breath. It had become easier to control the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

Right at this moment:


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to sense something as a terrifying source of lifeforce appeared in the middle of the vines.

In that instant, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught traces of spatial movement.

“Zhao Feng, watch out! That’s a drop of Origin Lifeforce, and it contains an enormous source of lifeforce that will help the vines grow.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit panicked.

As soon as her sentence finished, the Demonic Hell Vines that were on the verge of defeat suddenly expanded like the tide.

In just the blink of an eye, the radius of the vines quickly expanded to two or three miles and kept on going.

This scene made Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader jump up in fright.

“Stop them!”

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader went to work. The former controlled the army of beasts while the latter controlled the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.


A chaotic and bloodthirsty aura suddenly appeared in the middle of the vine-ocean, as if a powerful existence had awoken.

“Demonic Hell Vine King!”

A monster made of several hundred dark green vines formed the shape of a squid that had several hundred tentacles, the longest of them reaching thirty or forty yards.

The size of the Demonic Hell Vine King that just formed was already almost as big as the Towering Tree Yao.

Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader both heard the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s warning.

Under the Origin Lifeforce, the demonic vines would not only quickly expand, a vine king would also form within the core.

“Kill the vines before that thing fully grows. Once it reaches the strength of a Sovereign, it’ll be troublesome.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit quickly said.

At this moment in time, the Demonic Hell Vine King was comparable to a half-step Origin Core Realm, but its lifeforce was almost at the Towering Tree Yao’s level.


The beasts that Zhao Feng controlled were instantly sucked dry of their blood by the thick vines as they got close. Instead of being injured, its strength became stronger.

“This won’t work. Beasts that haven’t reached the half-step Origin Core Realm will just act as fertilizer.”

The skeletal Division Leader panicked.

The range of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was too big, so it couldn’t threaten the Demonic Hell Vine King.

Above the mountains, the image finally made the three Kings happy.

“It’s indeed worthy of being Origin Lifeforce. Just a drop can turn the tide. If we send in a couple more, wouldn’t the vine king reach the level of a Sovereign?”

The golden skeleton laughed.

“Zhe zhe, that brat’s beast army is helping the vines grow now.”

The demonic lord gloated.

In the image, Zhao Feng’s army of beasts could only deal with the outer demonic vines, unable to come close to the vine king.

“As long as the vine king reaches the Sovereign level, the outcome will be decided. Even other Sovereigns would have to retreat from it.”

The Saint Moon Aunt Goddess smiled. Her eyes turned toward Grandmaster Yin Kong and told him to get ready to send in another drop.


“What’s that brat doing!?”

Exclamations came from the spectators.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At least a hundred beasts suddenly charged into the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

“Zhao Feng… you…”

The skeletal Division Leader jumped up in fright from Zhao Feng’s actions, but he remained unmoved and sent in another hundred.

After sending them in, the beasts didn’t move. They allowed the air of death to erode their bodies before finally turning into puddles of blood.

The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s power suddenly doubled.


A wave of vines was turned into rotting, dirty liquid.

“Instead of feeding them to the vine king, it’s better to give them to the array. Skeletal Division Leader, kill the beasts and increase the range of the array!”

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