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Returning To The Purple Saint Ruins (3)

After passing through the distortion in space, Zhao Feng’s body appeared in a smelly swamp.

“That’s right, this is the place.”

Zhao Feng had a deep impression of the Purple Saint Ruins. After all, he stayed here for several months.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in just a normal part of the ruins was ten times better than that of the Canopy Great Country.

With Zhao Feng’s mental energy level, he could summon thick, dense Yuan Qi toward him with just a thought.

Cultivating here was much better than the Azure Flower Continent.

However, before Zhao Feng could even stabilize his footing, he felt a powerful aura come from below that caused the ground to tremble.


Black tentacles shot out from the swamp below and released an eroding aura that could instantly kill normal animals.


An arc of lightning flashed and the black tentacles missed their target.

The next moment, Zhao Feng was dozens of yards in the air, and he saw an enormous beast below that was half a mile wide.

“Watch out, that’s a Black Swamp Water Beast and its power is at the half-step Origin Core Realm.”

A light voice full of urgency sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Black Swamp Water Beast?

Zhao Feng didn’t panic, nor was he surprised by the voice in his head.


A ripple of water appeared around Zhao Feng that protected him.

The aura of the Black Swamp Water Beast actually made Zhao Feng feel slightly pressured, and the green smoke and its eroding aura were extremely toxic.

“Brother Zhao Feng, you should leave its territory as fast as you can. This Water Beast is huge and it can even kill normal True Lord Ranks with its poison alone. Its battle-power and lifeforce are close to the Towering Tree Yao.”

Zhao Yufei’s voice sounded.

There were many powerful beasts in the Purple Saint Ruins.

When Zhao Feng came here the first time, he acted very carefully and used his God’s Spiritual Eye to scan around.

Even now, there were powerful existences here that could threaten him. The strongest being here was comparable to a Sovereign.

The Black Swamp Water Beast’s strength hadn’t reached the level of a Sovereign, but it was still a peak existence that came close to the Towering Tree Yao.

Whoosh! Whoosh~~~~~

The Water Beast waved its tentacles around and shot out balls of green-and-black light that could explode in midair.


Every ball of green-and-black light could sweep across a radius of twenty or thirty yards, and anything that they touched died.

The Black Swamp Water Beast could shoot out several hundred at once and it was extremely powerful.

“This bastard’s not very friendly.”

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright as lightning covered him and he ran away, but even then, dozens of green-and-black balls of light coursed through the air after him.


The ripple of water around Zhao Feng blocked the damage.

Zhao Feng finally exited the dangerous area, but he didn’t immediately leave.

“Zhao Feng, I suggest you leave as soon as possible. The Black Swamp Water Beast can leave the ground if it wants to, and there are also a couple beast hordes nearby, and even a sleeping Sovereign beast.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s figure surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind.

She had already given a map of the Purple Saint Ruins to Zhao Feng, so as long as he was careful, Zhao Feng would be safe.

“Master, this Black Swamp Water Beast is a great material for crafting ghost-corpses, and its poison is extremely useful for them as well.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s voice sounded from the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.


“Just as I thought.”

Zhao Feng could see that the Black Swamp Water Beast’s entire body was a treasure and could supply a great amount of resources for the Hundred Corpse plan.

Wind Lightning Strike!

Zhao Feng slashed his hand out through the air, creating a large blade of wind and lightning that sparkled with a faint purple.


The blade of wind and lightning radiated a destructive aura and, before the attack even arrived, the Black Swamp Water Beast already felt uneasy and instinctively started to submerge into the swamp.

To increase the power of the Wind Lightning Strike, Zhao Feng put the Purple Destruction Lightning on the edges of the blade so that it would be much sharper.


The blade of wind and lightning instantly cut through the Black Swamp Water Beast before it could react.

The Black Swamp Water Beast roared in anger and pain. Zhao Feng’s slash just now was extremely terrifying and accurate.

If it were a normal peak True Lord Rank or half-step Origin Core Realm in its place instead, they would’ve been killed already, but the Black Swamp Water Beast’s lifeforce was incredible and it struggled furiously.

“Master, it’s best to keep the corpse complete. That way, we can use it to its fullest potential….”

The skeletal Division Leader said expectantly. It didn’t doubt that Zhao Feng had the strength to kill the beast.

“En, make sure that the corpse is complete.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head faintly.

Hearing this, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and Zhao Yufei were slightly surprised.

In just two and a half years, how much of an improvement had Zhao Feng made? It seemed as if he didn’t even put the Black Swamp Water Beast in his eyes.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng’s left eye shot out a brilliant glow of light that passed through the Black Swamp Water Beast’s body.


The Black Swamp Water Beast’s body froze and it didn’t struggle as much.

A while later, the entire swamp was frozen, and the Black Swamp Water Beast’s soul had fallen into eternal sleep. Its lifeforce was so low that it couldn’t even be detected.

This state wasn’t much different from being dead.

Back then, Li Hong was finished off by Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven in the same manner.

“En, nice and fresh.”

Zhao Feng smiled and summoned the skeletal Division Leader to help take care of the body.

The skeletal Division Leader had a weird expression and its face twitched. Amongst those below the Origin Core Realm, probably only Zhao Feng had the ability to freeze a beast at the half-step Origin Core Realm

Zhao Yufei and the Purple Saint Partial Saint were both surprised.

“This Zhao Feng’s potential and growth are shocking.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed. Even with her by Zhao Yufei’s side, the latter had only reached the late-stage True Lord Rank, not much stronger than Zhao Feng.

One had to know that Zhao Yufei’s bloodline was extremely close to nature and her cultivation speed was one of the best even in the outside world.

Furthermore, the environment she was in was far better than the Azure Flower Continent.

Almost half a day later, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader finally finished dissecting the Black Swamp Water Beast.

In this period of time, other beasts approached the area, but they were easily taken care of by Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader.

“Not bad, Zhao Feng also brought a slave at the Origin Core Realm.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said joyfully. At her level and with her special relationship with the Purple Saint Ruins, it wasn’t hard for her to see the relationship between Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader.

“Brother Zhao Feng actually enslaved a Sovereign?”

Zhao Yufei’s mouth was wide open and her eyes bulged.

They wanted Zhao Feng to come back mainly for him to help out.

After all, Zhao Yufei had to spend most of her time refining the crystal key that was at the center of the ruins.

An hour later, Zhao Feng entered the mysterious canyon from back then and slew every beast in his path.

He could even pass straight through beast hordes, and the weird wind around the mysterious canyon didn’t affect him much anymore.

In the depths of the canyon, Zhao Feng once again saw the Towering Tree Yao.

The Towering Tree Yao’s injuries had mostly healed, and new branches had grown out from its wounds.

“Human, you’re back!”

The Towering Tree Yao was happy as Zhao Feng landed on its branches.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng wasn’t even scared of fighting the Towering Tree Yao head-on.

A while later.


A dreamy mist descended from the sky. It was obviously from the Purple Saint Treasured Palace.

The Purple Saint Treasured Palace was a very unique existence. It usually stayed in the core of the ruins and couldn’t stay outside for very long.

Furthermore, every time it descended, it would use the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s power.


Zhao Feng entered the Purple Saint Treasured Palace.

Within a room on the third floor, Zhao Feng once again saw Zhao Yufei and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Zhao Yufei sat motionless, and a crystal key floated in front of her. There was a Flame of True Spirit connecting her and the key as she refined it.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit was floating in midair, and they both smiled as they looked at Zhao Feng.

“Brother Zhao Feng!”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were full of joy, and they seemed to become misty as she leapt into Zhao Feng’s arms.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. This was the first time that he had such a close hug with a female other than Liu Qinxin, but Yufei was like a next-door neighbor and he didn’t dislike it. In fact, there was even an indescribable feeling.

“Two years and nine months…. I haven’t seen Brother Zhao for so long.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s smile made Zhao Yufei’s face go red.

Two years and nine months?

Zhao Feng didn’t think that time had passed by so fast. He was now already twenty years old.

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