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Killing a Sovereign

On one side was the Sovereign, and on the other side was the Three Eyed Saint who had fully locked on to Zhao Feng.

Under this situation, even if Zhao Feng used his Wings of Wind and Lightning, he wasn’t certain whether he could break through and escape or not, but Zhao Feng didn’t seem to have any intentions of evading in the first place.


A dark layer of mist surrounded Zhao Feng.


A skeleton of gold and silver suddenly appeared, with flames burning in its eyes.


The Mystic Ice Queen’s heart shook as she looked into the flaming red eyes.

An eroding mental energy force washed over the area, and even someone as strong as the Mystic Ice Queen felt uneasy.

After all, the skeletal Division Leader specialized in mental energy techniques and, at its peak, even other Sovereigns would lose in terms of mental energy.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader faced the icy wind that was closing in.

“Zhe zhe zhe…. The inheritance technique of the Mystic Ice Palace.”

The skeletal Division Leader laughed as a bone-whip appeared in its palm. Streaks of purple-and-red flames danced across the sky as it appeared.


Any ice that came close would be shattered into pieces by the skeletal Division Leader’s whip, but the Mystic Ice Queen’s attack was continuous because it kept absorbing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby. It wouldn’t be destroyed so easily.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Destruction!”

Zhao Feng didn’t dare to hold back against a Sovereign as a faint purple core appeared in the middle of his palm and started to spin.


The purple light released a destructive aura that destroyed the nearby ice.

At this moment in time, the combined strength of Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader succeeded in blocking the Sovereign’s attack.

The skeletal Division Leader had already recovered 60-70% of its strength, which was enough to block half of the attack. The whip in its hand flew out, releasing lines of flames.

Even if some of the Mystic Ice Queen’s attack hit the skeletal Division Leader’s body, there wouldn’t be any problem for it, as its body could take a majority of the damage from a normal Sovereign’s attack without any trouble.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng had to circulate his wind and lightning as much as he could just to barely block the eroding force. However, even when his body became cold, his bloodline could absorb some of the coldness and use it to recover.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh. There was still a difference between the skeletal Division Leader and him.

“So, it’s just an injured Sovereign.”

The Mystic Ice Queen snickered coldly and pressed her hand down. A large mountain of ice instantly formed and crushed down from the sky.

The ice mountain seemed to make the earth tremble. It was like a force of nature – a power that humans wouldn’t be able to fight.

Not good!

The expressions of Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader changed dramatically.

Every action of a Sovereign would be the center of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and merge with nature.

Zhao Feng couldn’t breathe, and he felt as if the ice mountain was blocking every possible route of escape. Furthermore, the Three Eyed Saint was still annoying him from the side.


The terrifying power and coldness of the ice mountain shook the two figures below.

The skeletal Division Leader barely managed to block the blow while Zhao Feng almost spat out blood.

At the last moment, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye turned ice-cold.


A magnificent figure wearing a crown, holding a black sword, and sitting on an icy throne appeared. At the same time, the coldness near Zhao Feng was slowly being absorbed by it.

But even then, Zhao Feng could only manage to stop the erosion of the cold.

The ice mountain’s power was already enough to instantly shatter a half-step Origin Core Realm, and at this critical moment:

“Three Eyed Divine Light – Golden Crow Smothering World!”

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye glowed.


A flaming crow shot through the sky toward Zhao Feng. The Three Eyed Saint’s hatred of Zhao Feng was immense, so his attack was firmly locked on to Zhao Feng.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!”

Zhao Feng had to use this technique to block the Three Eyed Saint’s attack, but that meant that Zhao Feng had reached his limit, even though the skeletal Division Leader had taken most of the pressure.

At this moment in time, joy flashed through the skeletal Division Leader’s eyes.

“If Zhao Feng dies here, the Dark Heart Seed won’t be an issue anymore.”

Of course, the skeletal Division Leader didn’t dare to act weak, as the sensing abilities of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye were extremely sharp.

All it hoped for was for the Mystic Ice Queen to apply more pressure.

The higher the danger, the more likely he was to escape Zhao Feng’s control.

“Ice Imperial Spear… appear!”

The half-transparent figure of a spear materialized in Zhao Feng’s palm.


An indescribable coldness froze the area and everything nearby.

The ice mountain above started to break into pieces.

With the Earth-Grade weapon and his full battle-power, Zhao Feng was slightly stronger than the skeletal Division Leader.


Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader attacked together to block the Mystic Ice Queen’s attack.

“Skeletal Division Leader, how much of a chance do we have to kill the Mystic Ice Queen?”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded through the Dark Heart Seed.

Kill a Sovereign?

The skeletal Division Leader almost flipped over and its face twitched.

“Master, we might not even be able to save our own lives. As for killing her, the possibility is almost zero. If I was at my peak, we would have a 10-20% chance….”

The skeletal Division Leader’s eyes were full of anger, but he was also puzzled.

How could Zhao Feng not know this already?

Of course, Zhao Feng did know. The skeletal Division Leader and him together would need to pay a heavy price in order to fend off the Mystic Ice Queen, and even if they succeeded, the skeletal Division Leader would become weak once more.

“Hmph, how dare you not pay attention when fighting me?”

The Mystic Ice Queen raised her hand and an even more powerful whirlwind appeared.

The skeletal Division Leader’s heart tightened. The pressure they were facing this time was much higher than before.

“Hehe, you’re indeed worthy of being a Sovereign. It’s better this way.”

A faint laugh came from the blue-haired youth next to the skeletal Division Leader.

Laugh? He can actually still laugh?

The skeletal Division Leader’s face went green. If Zhao Feng died, he would most likely too.


The skeletal Division Leader realized that Zhao Feng wasn’t using his Earth-Grade weapon anymore.


A jade carving appeared in his hand.


The Mystic Ice Queen in the air felt her heart jump and she became somewhat uneasy.

“Jade Dragon Protection – open!”

Zhao Feng’s jade carving suddenly gave off a bright light, and a green dragon appeared.


A deep roar sounded across the sky, and the dragon radiated an unparalleled power.

“What is this…?”

The skeletal Division Leader and the Mystic Ice Queen felt an indescribable pressure on their souls.

In that moment in time, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within several hundred miles seemed to be restricted by some power, and every being within thousands of miles felt a pressure on their soul.

“Kill her!”

Zhao Feng channeled the Jade Dragon Protection and pointed toward the Mystic Ice Queen.


The large green dragon charged toward the Mystic Ice Queen, causing the Yuan Qi nearby to shake.


The whirlwind broke the instant the dragon touched it.

The two weren’t even on the same level.

“No, don’t~~~~!”

The dragon’s attack wasn’t fast. It was actually quite clear where it was headed, but the Mystic Ice Queen couldn’t dodge it.

When one’s strength reached a certain level, logic would no longer apply.


The Mystic Ice Queen screamed as her powerful defense was ripped apart like paper.

Even someone as strong as a Sovereign was killed by this dragon.

“Palace Master!”

The Three Eyed Saint not far away was so scared that his soul might’ve dispersed at any moment, and his face went pale-white.

A Sovereign who stood at the peak of this continent had been killed by a jade dragon carving in Zhao Feng’s hand.

“The Jade Dragon Protection’s power is obviously stronger than Ye Yanyue’s Void God Protection.”

Zhao Feng suppressed the shock in his heart.

At the same time, the color from the jade dragon carving faded by half and a crack appeared on it.

The Jade Dragon Protection could be considered a type of Void God Protection, but it was more unique and contained the bloodline of a true dragon.

The skeletal Division Leader watched with an open mouth and started to sweat. It never would have thought that Zhao Feng had kept this card hidden in order to kill a Sovereign.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng put away the jade dragon carving and casually looked at the skeletal Division Leader.

The skeletal Division Leader felt a coldness extend from its feet across its entire body.

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