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Sovereign Ambush

On top of the mountain, Zhao Feng watched Yu Xingchen and Yu Tianhao depart with a solemn expression.

Ever since coming back from the inheritance, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds. His cultivation, comprehension, soul, and eye-bloodline had all risen in power, and in the last year, he managed to cultivate a portion of the purple Destruction lightning.

He believed he was unbeatable across the entire continent against anyone under the Origin Core Realm, but this battle put a stop to his arrogance and overconfidence.

“No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better out there. Who knows how many powerful geniuses are out there? I’m only a junior at the peak of the Azure Flower Continent.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes became resolved.

Only by improving and stepping forward would he be able to catch up to the legends.

“Zhao Feng, how are your injuries?”

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo rushed over. They were already grateful that no one was seriously harmed or killed in the battle just now.

“I’m fine.”

Zhao Feng smiled as a ripple of water spread across and healed his body.

Most of his injuries had recovered by now.

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other in surprise. If the battle continued, Zhao Feng’s advantage would become bigger. At the least, the possibility of surviving would be higher.

Zhao Feng resumed his position as Deputy Patriarch after this battle, but his job was much easier than Tiemo’s.

Furthermore, the Iron Blood Religion already ruled the Canopy Great Country. At least on the surface, no force dared to challenge them.

This meant that Zhao Feng could spend more of his time on cultivating and perfecting his eye-bloodline.

Currently, along with the rise in his cultivation, his eye-bloodline power was increasing. However, due to the restriction of his cultivation, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques couldn’t progress much further.

“I’ve already learned every secret technique of the three major eye-bloodline families.”

Zhao Feng finally found what was stopping him. Being in the Azure Flower Continent, it was hard for him to learn any new eye-bloodline techniques.

Of course, his main focus was still the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet.

He had already comprehended one tenth of the purple-colored lightning and, although that number seemed small, Zhao Feng’s Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning techniques could already kill normal half-step Origin Core Realms very easily.

Apart from that, he didn’t relax on comprehending the Ice Imperial Spear either.

The Ice Imperial Spear was more complete compared to other Earth-Grade weapons, so Zhao Feng could comprehend it to a further level than others.

However, he didn’t dare to fully summon it.

In theory, because his soul-strength was comparable to a Sovereign’s, it wasn’t impossible for him to use the Ice Imperial Spear, but a considerably complete Earth-Grade weapon would be too shocking if it was revealed. Therefore, Zhao Feng didn’t dare to use it.

In the blink of an eye, half a year went by.

Due to the restriction of the Azure Flower Continent, Zhao Feng’s abilities were consolidated but made no major improvements.

“Master, in the past half a year, the resources we’ve gathered have almost been used up.”

The skeletal Division Leader’s voice sounded through the Dark Heart Seed.

“How’s the progress?”

Zhao Feng merged his consciousness into the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

Inside the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was damp, black mud, and five True Lord Rank ghost-corpses stood in a row, their auras ranging from the early-stage to the late-stage True Lord Rank.

These five True Lord Rank ghost-corpses originated from the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground and were different from normal ghost-corpses.

The original two dark-silver ghost-corpses Zhao Feng possessed were on the other side, and their auras were almost at the late-stage True Lord Rank. However, with their poison that could kill those below the Origin Core Realm, they couldn’t be measured by normal standards.

This meant that Zhao Feng already controlled seven True Lord Rank ghost-corpses. If others were to know this, who knew how stunned they would be?

One had to know that the entire Canopy Great Country only had five or six True Lord Ranks.

“5% complete.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, as if dissatisfied. His own two dark-silver ghost-corpses weren’t counted in the Hundred Corpse plan.

“Master, it’s not my speed. There just aren’t enough resources.”

The skeletal Division Leader said bitterly.

Zhao Feng didn’t doubt it. Although he had the main resources, the other materials required were still rare in the Azure Flower Continent. Even with the Iron Blood Religion’s strength, it wasn’t enough.

“We’ll get some more later. How’s your recovery going?”

Zhao Feng changed the topic.

The skeletal Division Leader’s aura wasn’t much different from a true Sovereign’s.

“I’ve recovered 60-70% of my peak battle-power and I can spar with normal Sovereigns, but I won’t last long against stronger ones like Yu Xingchen.”

The skeletal Division Leader replied.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng was satisfied.

Even though the skeletal Division Leader had only recovered 60-70% of its strength, that already exceeded normal half-step Origin Core Realm experts.

If he didn’t use the Earth-Grade weapon, Zhao Feng figured that he probably wouldn’t win against the skeletal Division Leader.

In the blink of an eye, another three months passed.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s Hundred Corpse plan had reached 6% completion, adding another one.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t enough resources. If we could make ten or more, we could form the Hundred Corpse Curse array, and fifty of them could restrict even a Sovereign’s strength. A hundred could even threaten a Sovereign’s life.”

The skeletal Division Leader said regretfully. The flames in its eyes jumped around and it was curious what plan Zhao Feng had to get more materials.

At least in the current state, it wasn’t possible for Zhao Feng to complete the Hundred Corpse plan in the Azure Flower Continent.

Zhao Feng kept it a secret and didn’t dare to let wind of it get out.

On this day, Zhao Feng headed toward a large-scale auction in the Purple Rising Great Country as there was news that there were materials that Zhao Feng needed being sold there.

In a desert, with a complex valley up ahead.


Zhao Feng turned into an arc of lightning that sped past the hills.

Normal True Lord Ranks could continue flying for several thousand miles, but as Zhao Feng’s soul was comparable to a Sovereign’s, his resonance with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was ten times stronger than normal True Lord Ranks. At his level, he could fly for tens of thousands of miles with ease.

At a certain moment, a large thousand-yard-high mountain that pierced the clouds appeared in sight.

“This is the Cloud Gazing Mountain, which is an important landmark of entering the Purple Rising Great Country. One can see for thousands of miles when standing on it.”

A map appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind. Such a tall mountain was pointed out in the map.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly twitched as he glanced toward the peak of the Cloud Gazing Mountain.

“Who’s there!?”

Zhao Feng felt a cold air that made him feel uneasy.

Just as he was about to use his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect it.

“Three Eyed Divine Light!”

A bright beam of light that seemed to be able to burn everything in its path whistled toward Zhao Feng.

“It’s you… Three Eyed Saint!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye sent out a cold beam of light that easily broke through the Three Eyed Divine Light.

A golden-haired youth appeared from behind the clouds; it was the Three Eyed Saint.

Zhao Feng obviously didn’t put a measly Three Eyed Saint in his eyes, but his expression was still solemn as he looked into the clouds.

A freezing power seemed to pour across the air, and it was as if Zhao Feng had entered Antarctica.

“Mystic Ice Queen!”

Zhao Feng exclaimed.

A beauty wearing a crown and holding an ice staff descended from the sky.

The Mystic Ice Queen seemed to become the center of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and the coldness she brought spread across dozens of miles.


Water within a radius of ten miles started to freeze, and even Zhao Feng’s blood had signs of freezing even though it had the ability to absorb coldness.

“Sheng’er, you can just watch from the side and lock on to Zhao Feng with your Sacred Eye bloodline.”

The Mystic Ice Queen’s eyes flashed with killing intent as she ordered the Three Eyed Saint.

She had already thought about Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning. Maybe he had some other kind of method of escape as well.

“Mystic Ice Queen, you still haven’t given up and are going to help the Three Eyed Saint?”

Zhao Feng’s expression was cold. This was the first time he was facing a Sovereign head-on.

“Zhao Feng, if you hand over the secrets of and whatever you got from the mysterious inheritance, maybe I’ll let you live.”

The Mystic Ice Queen waved her hand and summoned a howling gust of icy wind that descended from the sky, enveloping Zhao Feng.

The powerful wind was enough to rip normal True Lord Ranks into pieces, and it restricted Zhao Feng.

“Let me live? Mystic Ice Queen, Three Eyed Saint, if you stop now, there’s still hope for you.”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly.


The Mystic Ice Queen pointed forward, and the surrounding wind started to close in on Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, you brought this upon yourself.”

The Three Eyed Saint circulated his Sacred Eye bloodline and locked on to the area Zhao Feng was in.

He didn’t aim to kill Zhao Feng; he was only responsible for restricting his movements.

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