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Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline

With his absolute control of the situation, Zhao Feng quickly forced Yu Tianhao into danger.

Something like this had never happened with recent Sacred True Dragon Gatherings, but the existence of these Lord Prodigies was a miracle in itself.

“The Deputy Patriarch’s got the upper hand….”

Everyone below held their breath as their eyes twinkled in excitement.

“The power of the purple-colored lightning is quite strong indeed.”

Zhao Feng floated in the air as his clothes rippled in the wind.

In his seclusion, his understanding and comprehension of the purple-colored lightning had increased by leaps and bounds.

His Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Destruction and his Wind Lightning Eye Flame contained the purple-colored lightning, and the power surpassed everyone’s knowledge.

Despite Zhao Feng’s early-stage True Lord Rank cultivation, either of those two moves could severely injure or even kill someone at the half-step Origin Core Realm.

On the other side.


Within just a breath’s time, Yu Tianhao’s injury worsened. The Wind Lightning Eye Flame’s power travelled into his mental energy dimension and started to burn it.

Both Yu Tianhao’s body and soul were injured. If it were someone without his incredible battle-intent, they would have already been severely injured.

“If this continues, Yu Tianhao might lose very quickly.”

“Zhao Feng’s improvements are shocking.”

The eyes of the two Sovereigns shone.

Zhao Feng’s advantage came from his battle tactics and control.

“Zhao Feng, you indeed haven’t disappointed me.”

The bloodline of the flame-covered black-haired youth seemed to ignite.


A mysterious, cold, and faint figure seemed to merge with Yu Tianhao’s body, covering him in dazzling lights that shot straight up into the sky.

The faint figure that merged with Yu Tianhao could only be sensed through mental energy.


Yu Tianhao spread his arms and the mysterious faint figure did the same. It was as if a god of war had descended onto him.

His every action contained battle-intent that could charge through gods and demons alike.

With a “whoosh,” the Wind Lightning Eye Flame’s power disappeared.

Unparalleled in the World!

Yu Tianhao thrusted out his palm and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi he attracted was more than twice as much as before.

Furthermore, this strike contained a terrifying battle-intent that seemed to materialize into the physical world.

This attack could stun ghosts and gods. It was as if he was a different person from before.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. Before the attack even arrived, the burning battle-intent had started to attack his soul and consciousness, but luckily for him, Zhao Feng’s soul was extremely strong.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Destruction!”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as a faint purple core appeared on his palm, which then started to spin among azure lightning.


Like a mountain splitting, the two forces clashed.

The instant these two powers hit each other, Yu Tianhao’s Unparalleled in the World pressed on toward Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng reacted quickly as a thick layer of water appeared on his body, which blocked the remaining force. But even then, he was pushed back more than a dozen yards.

“He’s injured…. How can his battle-power suddenly increase by so much…?”

Zhao Feng’s breathing quickened. He opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and started to inspect Yu Tianhao. The cold faint figure seemed to have been ignited through a mysterious bloodline and even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye couldn’t copy it.

“Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline!”

Patriarch Hong and Dao Sovereign Baiyun exclaimed.

At this moment in time, Yu Tianhao’s bloodline power had been fully ignited, caused his battle-power to increase dramatically.

Yu Tianhao’s every action contained mental energy battle-intent that could suppress anyone under the Origin Core Realm.

Furthermore, the mysterious bloodline dramatically increased every move’s power.

“Unparalleled secret technique – Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn!”

Yu Tianhao’s black hair blew in the wind as he became covered in a glowing light.

At this instant, both his offense and defense were stronger.


Yu Tianhao sent out several punches, and each of them were like mountains as they broke through everything standing in their path.

“It’s like a god of war has descended onto him.”

Tiemo, Jiang Saneng, and company were stunned.

The hearts of everyone from the Iron Blood Religion jumped up to their throats. They could only watch as Yu Tianhao turned the tide around and forced Zhao Feng back.

A couple breaths later.

Teng! Teng! Teng!

Zhao Feng retreated and the water around him had faded in color.

Even with his purple-colored lightning, he could barely manage to fight back against Yu Tianhao.

“Wings of Wind and Lightning!”

Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit flashed with a faint purple light as a pair of wings was created that were much brighter than the previous version.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning flapped, summoning the Lightning and Wind Yuan Qi within a ten-mile radius.

In that short instant, Zhao Feng turned into a blurry afterimage as his speed surpassed Yu Tianhao‘s.


A figure flashed through the sky.

Zhao Feng’s movement wasn’t just fast. It also contained illusions that came from his mental energy technique.

Even Yu Tianhao, who had his Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline open, couldn’t see Zhao Feng clearly.

Although the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline was strong, its main focus was on strength and defense. There wasn’t much of an increase in speed.


Yu Tianhao once again used the attack that seemed to devour the skies, and a mysterious cold glow crushed everything in its path.

However, his attack didn’t hit Zhao Feng this time.

With the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng’s speed and agility were both much higher. On top of that, his God’s Spiritual Eye could predict what was going to happen.

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Destruction!

Purple Destruction – Claw of Wind and Lightning.

Zhao Feng quickly moved around and counterattacked fiercely between his evasions.

Long-range attacks, close combat… Zhao Feng’s tricks were continuous.

Boom! Bam!

Everyone only saw two figures flashing through the air. Their eyes were blurry and they didn’t even know what was happening.

However, one thing was for certain. The fight had entered a stalemate.

The two Overwhelming Prodigies each had their advantages, so the victor wouldn’t be decided for a while.

“In terms of true battle-power, Yu Tianhao has the obvious advantage, but Zhao Feng controls the situation too well. This is the advantage of his eye-bloodline. He also has the advantage in speed.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun sighed.

“That’s right. Yu Tianhao’s Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline should be incomparable, but Zhao Feng is obviously someone special as well; he can force Yu Tianhao to this step and even somewhat take control.”

Patriarch Hong said.

This battle confirmed that there was no one in their generation comparable to them.

No genius from the past dozens of generations could be compared to them either.

In the clouds.

“Divine Light of Destruction!”

A bright light shot out from Zhao Feng’s left eye that disintegrated everything in its path.

“That… isn’t that the Golden Sun family’s eye-bloodline technique?”

The two Sovereigns were dazed.

The Divine Light of Destruction was said to be able to disperse any technique.

This time, Zhao Feng used the complete version in order to handle Yu Tianhao.


The light hit Yu Tianhao and quickly dispersed his defense.

What disappointed Zhao Feng was that Yu Tianhao’s mysterious figure wasn’t affected since it belonged to his bloodline. No one knew what type of form it really took, just like Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven.

Unparalleled secret technique – Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn!

Yu Tianhao’s bloodline ignited even more, and the intent from each of his attacks charged toward Zhao Feng’s soul.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng had the God’s Spiritual Eye, which gave him a strong soul, he would be exhausted even if he wasn’t injured.

“Yu Tianhao’s getting stronger and stronger. Does his bloodline not have a limit?”

Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn.

Usually, every bloodline secret technique had a limit and a price would have to be paid in order to use it, yet Yu Tianhao seemed to become stronger the longer he fought. It was as if his bloodline was born for battle.

“Looks like I’ll need to use the weapon-shadow in order to defeat Yu Tianhao.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

Thinking up to here, his left eye turned ice-blue.

“Ice Imperial Spear, appear!”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he circulated his bloodline, and a half-transparent shadow of the Ice Imperial Spear condensed.


An indescribable coldness froze everything, including Yuan Qi.


Yu Tianhao’s attack was instantly frozen as it got close; it was like a flame that was instantly extinguished.

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