My WhatsApp Visitor - S01 E71

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I got up from the bed and left Oniobong snoring snake-like, make I call am hissing. Maybe she dey form the snoring, na she sabi.

I carry my phone enter parlour to try and call if Sandra line go go.

I called her line but it was switched off, I got tired of calling and went inside back to see Oniobong awake. She was naked, how I no notice when I left the room. Maybe I no commot with naked eyes but clothed eyes by Soapy.

My p---k rise in my boxer till it form a tent at the front, Oniobong giggled.

Oniobong: I wan baf oh.

Me: me too.

She walked ahead and I followed her bumbum, I pulled my boxer and threw it to wherever my hand can. And headed inside the bathroom, thankfully there was water in the tank.

My brother and I do fix the shower a day ago, so she turned and water started pouring on our bodies.

I went for her left bre-ast and squeeze roughly, place my mouth on the right ni-pple and su-ckled on it. She mo-aned and rubbed my head.

I kissed down to her cleavage and dragged my lips to the navel region, head na no go area.

I placed my both hands on her waist and turned her, she placed a leg on the WC and I bent her by placing a hand on her back.

Her pu-ssy m----s was telling me welcome, our bodies were we-t. I inserted two fingers and fin-gered for awhile, I pulled out my fingers and then pumped in with one thru-st.

I grabbed her waist and b-anged her hard and fast, I occasionally spanked and grabbed her a-ss cheeks.

Oniobong: harder aahh! yeee! give it to me.

Me: aaahhh! aaahhh!!

I didn’t cu-m for some time in that position, so she took it upon herself to give me mouth action which I later cu-mmed on the floor.

Em hard to see Naija babe wey go swallow your cu-m oh.

We cleaned up and I cooked red oil rice with cat-fish and big big crayfish foe both of us.

After we finished eating, I escorted her out of the gate and called my brother.

Me: monkey where you dey?

Victory: I go watch match.

Me: yeeee! Man U dey play today.

Victory: no Man Di-ck nodey play today.

He hissed and ended the call, no need na. Las las Man U dey use to fu-ck us fans up.

I went inside and switched on my data, my target na Victory.

I scrolled to her message and opened it.

Victory: we never start to date, I nofit come. But meet me today so that we go talk.

This one grabbed boyfriend, sorry for her toto.

I no know say opposite na the case, I see pepper I swear.

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