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Oniobong turned me over and sat on me, my p---k wan even tear my boxer.

She then got hold of her gown and pulled it over her head, she wore white bra. Her bre-asts no big, I wonder wetin the bra dey hold sef.

Everything just go gather for her yansh, she unclasped her bra* and allowed it fell on my face and I chuckled.

Oniobong: you no go su-ck that one?

Me: which one?

Oniobong: she push her head toward the br-a I have removed from my face that one?

Me: no sugar dey there.

I raised my hands up and got hold of the tons of big flesh on her chest, the ni-pples na head turner. Very red and alluring, I come dey suspect over su-cking. She fair well well oh, what do I know? even though fifty boys don su-ck am. I go gladly become number fifty-one if she no mind.

She slapped off my hands and stood up her both legs crossing me, she then pulled down her g-string pa-nt. Me sef wonder why she wan pull the innocent thing wey nodey block anything at all, I pushed down my boxer as the torment was much.

She get red toto, very red toto. After she removed her pan-t, her eyes caught a view of my now expose ere-cted di-ck.

She bent to su-ck it, I no dey in the mood to put my mouth anywhere.

Me: wetin you wan do?

Oniobong: you be small pikin.

Me: I nodey like su-cking oh.

Oniobong: naso I dey appreciate good di-ck.

I don make up my mind say I nodey su-ck anything sha.. She bent in between my legs and then spit on my di-ck.

Je-rked it slowly slowly, admiring the creature of invasion.

After two more strokes she buried her head on it and took me inch by inch, as she started bopping on my amu. I lost my real voice, that sweet sensation don come again when I remember she say six rounds. I pulled her head up and I quickly got up.

I motioned her to lie down, she did and I went to get condom.

Oniobong: I nodey like condom oh, skin to skin.

Wetin h-orny guy wan argue, I came back and lifted her two laps on my shoulders.

I pressed it forward and her yansh pushed up, I then mounted her in that position her red toto asking me to go ahead ahead.

I started slamming in fast and making sure I brushed her cli-t in every thru-st I made, she was we-t and welcoming as I pounded in with reckless abandon.

Oniobong: aaahh! Oohh! fas…ter, ha..rder upon say I dey hit her harder oh

Me: aaahh! ahhh!

She insisted I should cu*m in her, I no even get choice as she have crossed her two heavy legs around my waist, we did two more there and one in the bathroom.

Before we close, I laid on the bed tired and se-xualy finished by Oniobong.

She even told me to get ready for more after I drank four cups of water, I laid on the bed trying to understand which spe-rm I go use for that more.

I drifted to land of sleep.

I find myself in a bush, not just any bush. A pit that has no grasses at all, I looked up and saw trees with grasses at the top.

I heard a loud scream of a voice and I struggled to get out of the pit, I finally did after dirtying what I was wearing.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry to the direction of the scream, I halted where I see a girl in a cage backing me.

Me: wetin you dey do there?

The person turned and I was taken aback because it was Soapy, tears were rolling down her eyes.

Soapy: whyyy!! she scream at me

I woke up immediately breathing heavily.

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