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Great Stamina

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"Madam," called Yang. Su Qianci was dazed. She walked over and said with her brows knitted, "How do you know I'm here?"

Yang blinked at her. Obviously, it was Li Sicheng.

Su Qianci frowned, looking disturbed. She had just left the campus and told no one that she would be here. How could he possibly find her? It felt like she was being followed. Fortunately, it would be one more week until Li Sicheng got back, so Yang was the only one who saw her with Lu Yihan. Otherwise, the ridiculous man would have the wildest imagination. Still, Su Qianci told Yang, "Don't tell him about my meeting with Lu Yihan."

Yang heard that, and suddenly had a strange look on his face. He winked at her again.

Su Qianci suddenly felt her heart had missed a beat.

"A secret?" A deep voice sounded in the back of the car, suppressing something. Su Qianci's expression immediately changed.

It's him? He's back?

Su Qianci quickly looked to the backseat, however, her eyesight was blocked.

"Qianqian, let's go." As Lu Yihan said that, Su Qianci felt the temperature had dropped.

The window in the back rolled down, and a face appeared in front of her. Narrowing his eyes, Li Sicheng asked, "Where are you going?"

For some reason, Su Qianci felt anxious. She just did not want him to think too much, but she had no idea that Li Sicheng was sitting in the backseat. This way, she could never clear her name in front of him.

"I…" When she was trying to explain, she suddenly thought of the crazy lovemaking between Tang Mengying and him. Banging Tang Mengying at night and following her the next day in Kingstown? Great stamina! The guilt and nerves Su Qianci was having suddenly disappeared. Under Li Sicheng's scorching gaze, Su Qianci smiled. "We're going to eat. Does Mr. Li care to join us?"

Li Sicheng was briefly mesmerized by her smile, and then his eyes became cold. Initially, he thought he would get an explanation from her. As long as it was reasonable, she would be forgiven. However, she just so blatantly said she was going to eat with another man. "There's food at home."

"But I asked a friend." Su Qianci looked at her wristwatch and said, "I'm sorry. He has been waiting for me. Suit yourself, Mr. Li. I'll go now." Then she left for real.

Li Sicheng's calm eyes were filled with anger.

What is this woman's problem? Now she doesn't even want to pretend anymore?

"Su Qianci!" Li Sicheng couldn't help exclaiming, "Get in the car!"

"I said I have plans." Su Qianci looked cold and distant. "I need to go."

Lu Yihan saw how Su Qianci's look had changed and felt dazed. It was so cold. Lu Yihan had never seen Su Qianci like this before. He couldn't help glancing at the Maybach and saw Li Sicheng who was in an equally bad mood.

Are they fighting? And I am the cannon fodder again?Oh my god, I need to find better friends.

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